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Solar power

Sunday, December 20, 2009

When Leaders Lie.

So a little more than a year after the Democratic party elects a new, hopefully, insightful, better equipped Presidential Leader, then the last two arrogant morons, do we find out that once in office they are all the same. They all give powerful, Patriotic speeches to prove their worthiness. They all tell us that they will lead us to the promised land of a perfect, and not so perfect Nation. They all Bullshit their way into office with lies that can hardly be comprehended. Yet, we vote them in office anyway.
Once in office the door is wide open to graft, bribery, corruption, and unimaginable wealth just for the taking.
Case in point, our current President. I voted for him thinking that he was different. That he is above the greed that rules Washington. That his sense of ethics would rule the day and finally put the "BUM's" on notice.
I was completely wrong!
He is just like the rest of them. Self serving, ego gratifying, mouthpiece for Corporate Greed.
No Change, only more of the same.
No conviction, only compromise so that in the end American citizens lose again.
Washington is all rigged and gamed to allow the show to take place and placate the viewer into thinking, believing and hoping that there is somebody out there thinking about them.
But there isn't!
Washington is for itself.
Today on Huffington Post, and in the New York Times both Arianna Huffington and Frank Rich reiterated exactly where America stands today with the false notion, and flimsy selling of mass marketed products including Politicians, Sports figures,  and Financial Success.
They all cheat!
It is all a sham, and quit shameless.
What do we do next?
Either we accept this, as we have done for the past 60 years or?
What do you think?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just another day in America.

Tuesday morning in San Diego in what to most of the other States what be considered  mild Spring weather conditions is going to be a beautiful day here. The Sun is out, and by 11:00 am it will be in the 70's, short pants temperatures. One would never know that there are problems in the World living here. We are insulated by geography, economy, weather, and State of mind. When I drive down to the beach this morning there are no soup lines, no homeless on the streets, barely a foreclosed home or bank repo. sign visible anywhere. No demonstrators marching in the streets. Nothing, no sign of problems anywhere.
Yet America has ongoing two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an economy that has all but collapsed unless, you are a Wall St broker, Banker, or manufacturer of Military components. Today as we see everyday Washington Politicians banter about professing to know what is good for all of us non-privileged citizens, as they loot the country, take bribes openly from any Corporation that hands them out, while professing that they work so hard at their jobs, and yet again not much gets done. Remember those "Green" jobs that were talked about during the Presidential election? While Congress and the Senate do nothing but fill their own car trunks with buckets of stolen cash, China, and India are making solar panels, wind turbines to sell back to us numb-skulls to buy  in the USA. Kinda like what we see with Wal-Mart now. The markets will be flooded with low cost/ cheap products before we even start to make our own in competition.
The Financial markets, the Banks, and Wall St. are back to their old greedy ways of gambling, buying influence in Washington to kill any type of reform.
Big Pharmacy, the same thing, buy Politicians to kill any reform that allows consumers to have choice, and a lower cost product. Just last night there was a commercial and there are many every night with a product for sleeping through the night, and  at the end of the commercial came the disclaimer, this product can cause "Death" and in some case "Suicide" !!!
Pot, marijuana has never killed a Human being in the History of Humanity, but legal Drug companies can sell this type of shit on the market that kills it's users faster than cigarettes?
And, this has the approval of the FDA on top of it. WOW!
We are now surging again in Afghanistan to appease Corporate sponsors, republicans, and the Military Industrial complex that will cost American taxpayers another $50 Billion a year in "Blood" money. We get nothing in return except a few more parades for the returning dead soldiers, and more photo opportunities for spineless, cowardly Politicians who would never fight in any war, anywhere, including right here in America.
Most every State now is close to bankruptcy, unemployment is still rampant, no jobs being created anywhere, but life goes on.
Today will be a nice day in San Diego, the Chargers are on a 8 game winning streak, the Sun is shinning,
garbage is being collected on time, and I have not a care in the World.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

President Obama - The "current" War President - L.B.J. revisited.

How ironic that the Nobel Peace prize was given to President Obama just a month before he made his war surge speech last night to America and the World. The President did say during the election process that he believed that Bush and Cheney failed miserably by not maintaining a solid presence in Afghanistan after we invaded to track and Hunt Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and forcing the Taliban out of the Government. However, everything changes, all the time and one can always make new choices using new information. President Obama does not want to appear as a typical "limp" Democratic President so he is going to do just like L.B.J. did with the Vietnam war, surge and prove his machoness even though L.B.J. openly spoke out about believing that it was bound to fail in the end. Which it most certainly did!
The American Military won every battle in Vietnam, but lost the war to the Vietnamese people who chose not to fight period.
If anyone thinks that the Taliban, men who are Afghans, born in the country of Afghanistan are going to be forced from their own country to flee and live elsewhere for the rest of their lives, while a foreign, occupying, non-Muslim country invades their Homeland to pillage their resources, than you are deadly mistaken.
These Stone Age Islamic countries will continue to live just as barbaric lives as their distant relatives because this is their choice. Only they now have AK-47's, and rocket launched grenades that were provided to them when American;s covertly funded their war campaigns against the Russians in the 1990's. They will force women to wear the head to toe, Burka, remove little girls from education, execute people in the street and in the open soccer stadiums for trial and judgement against Allah, and Sharia law, and they  will not give a shit what we think one way or another.
Face it, would you flee or fight if another country invades the United States? Would you collaborate with the foreign occupiers/ enemy, or would you be an insurgent?
History will repeat itself again because Human beings are Human. Weapons change, technology changes, clothing changes, cultures sometimes change, but Humans have the same emotions that we have had for quite some time and we react very similar to our ancestors from love, fear, greed, hate, compassion, intolerance, tolerance, racism, kindness etc, etc.......
America must ween ourselves from the Imperial, "Might makes right" syndrome that we have had the past 60 years and move forward away from the Military Industrial Complex that actually runs Washington .D.C. Until we find a way to provide employment, opportunity, and a better quality of life in America without going to war every decade, we are doomed to repeat this again somewhere else, under a different President, making the same false claims of  security.
Going to War is about making a profit. It is about taking natural resources forcibly from other Nations. There is nothing Democratic about this!
Americans should be more worried of poisonous legal Pharmaceutical drugs sold in stores around the country which kills close to 200,000 people every year, and yet they are advertised everyday and night non-stop! Americans should be worried of right wing Christian intolerant, bigoted, racist, religious groups forcing women into bondage as they have done since religion began!
Americans should be worried that in every city is large illegal drug crime gangs operating in the open poisoning your kids!
The Afghanistan invasion like Iraq has been a complete waste of Humanity and resource for Americans, and this was all forced upon us because the past two President's Clinton and Bush, in office for a total of 16 years failed to take out Osama Bin Laden when they had the chance, and that is a fact.
When will Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush/ Dick Cheney, and the Bush regime  be put on trial for this grave incompetence, and dereliction of duty to the American people?
Not anytime soon!

Friday, November 27, 2009

GOP litmus test?

1.) You get all of your "infomation" from FOX news.
2.) You regard the KKK as a right wing progressive party.
3.) Education, knowledge, Science and intelligence are dirty words never to be incorporated into any sentences.
4.) Greed is the "Highest" family value.
5.) Fear, hate, intolerance, denial, bigotry, racism, cheating hypocrisy, stone age religion should be taught in all public Schools.
6.) Females are merely sexual objects that God put on Planet Earth to be used by men.
7.) Women have no personal rights other than what men and religion deem important.
8.) Obtaining wealth can be justified by any means, be it war for profit, Wall St. theft, or Political corruption.
9.) One must be shiny white in color, with the exception of Michael Steele, and Michelle Malkin used as token tools for  false propaganda assimilation.
10.) One must have no compassion for your fellow Humanity and the Environment.

That seems to sum up the entire Republican Party of 2009. When you have airheads like Sarah Palin, the Queen of no substance, Glen beck, the spineless, wanna be Macho Mama's boy and his secret hand holder Sean Hannity, the closet, confused, angry  Catholic, with the likes of Rush, I am not so obese, Limbaugh running your party than we can easily see how Hitler was able to take control of Germany in the 1930's and grind his own country into the dirt using constant fear and hate controlled through the media ( FOX news) on an hourly basis, drilling bigotry and racism into the heads of the ignorant and uneducated using false Nationalism, and the Christian religion, enabled and blessed by the Catholic Church and the "Clown" Pope himself.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is Life so take some time to enjoy it.

Hey Folks, here it is right before Thanksgiving 2009, America is saddled with a war in Iraq and a war in Afghanistan by the previously incompetent Bush/Cheney regime, the economy has yet to hit anything near the bottom, the National debt has sky-rocketed to the moon, Global warming is real and taking effect everywhere, the Republicans are still in complete denial that unregulated greed has a negative and dire effect on the entire planet, but Sarah Palin, the failure of Alaska has a book out about how she can and will back-stab, and brown nose  anybody to get ahead.
Life is good!
If you woke up today than life is not bad.
If you can see, hear, walk, move your arms with little or no pain you are doing fine.
If your kids have food to eat, some form of shelter, free public schools to attend and the love of one or both parents than you are doing well.
In America we have become so accustomed to leisure and comfort we forget or just do not realise how the rest of the Planet has to live and survive.
Perhaps this economic meltdown we are going through right now is just a reminder of how far Humanity has come from our cave man, and stone age relatives coming out of Northern Africa, millions of years ago. Food, the life blood of all living things is very abundant all over the World even though in some parts it is used as a weapon for power to the greedy. That clothing is manufactured for everybody fairly inexpensively on a scale never imagined before. The things that you and I take for granted everyday, a coffee cup, a desk, a computer, my sandals, the light bulb, and the lamp, electricity piped into my home. All this came from Human ingenuity, over a million years. It is so fantastic to be alive today in 2009. Life has been made to be enjoyed. You and I are privileged to be living in America even in a time of turmoil.
Yesterday I went to see the new movie out called 2012, the end, or Armageddon, or Doomsday. It was entertaining with a twist at the end. But in the end Humanity survives, and not because of any God, because there is none, but because we will be around for a while regardless and in spite of our short comings.
 Today be thankful that you woke up. Sure it could be better, but it could also be much worse!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Compromise, and our President.

What does it mean when President Obama decides to compromise the issues that only last year he was so passionate about?
It means that once in the Oval Office, he has lost touch with the very same people who voted him into office. It means that power does corrupt everybody.
It means that there is so much money in Washington to spread around that it can and will influence even the nicest, the most ethical people.
It means that the term "conviction" has two distinct meanings, one for Politicians and one for the common folk.
For the Politician it means to say what you think people want to hear to get what you want.
To the common folk it, it means a certain moral or ethical standing about an issue that defies change, or reshaping, re-structuring or re-configuring.
Obviously  a person can have a conviction about anything and everything, but when speaking about Politicians we can assume that it has nothing to do with how to wear your baseball cap.
Right now in America the big issues at hand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Health care, Immigration, Wall St. and Banking cartel corruption, Political corruption, jobs, swine flu, Renewable energy, World dialogue, Women's issues Birth control and Abortion and for many the gay rights issues seem to be on the menu.
On all of these very important issues the President has taken a stand before election and now is waffling, side stepping, dodging, his previous statements and intentions to appease who?
The Republicans!
The people who claim that he is not a citizen ( The Birthers), the people who yell out in Congress, "You Lie" as in Joe ( the racist, the intolerant bigot) Wilson. The Tea Baggers who had nothing to say when Bush/ Cheney lied America into two wars for profit and added $$ 5 $$ TRILLION to the deficit, and gave $700,000,000,000.00 to Wall St. and Banking cartels to bail out failed Capitalism, and greed?
Mr. President this is who you want to please, these self serving intolerant, this hateful group or klan, these war mongering, brown nosing, spineless cowards who send other people's children to war to die, just so they can make money?
Mr. President do you really think that these people are your allies?
So far it looks that way.
So far on all the issues that I stated you have compromised, not because it is good, but because it is convenient for political gain.
Mr. President you spoke about conviction during your election, you spoke about Honor, about doing the right thing for the people, not the richest people, but for the powerless people. You spoke about change, about giving the common people a voice in Washington.
Where is that voice now?
Where is the man that was going to stand up to Greed and corruption in Washington?
Where is the man who was going to end war?
It seems like that man has bought into the gamed system that he said he would fight!
I am not the only person to feel betrayed and let down. Many now see that politics has no ethics, that it is purely self serving, a show for the masses to keep them in check, otherwise they may take to the streets as our Revolutionary Fore-Fathers did against the British Monarchy in the last 1770's.
Mr. President you were our HOPE for the future?
Sure you took office in the worst possible scenario from the incompetence of the Bush/ Cheney regime, but you knew that going in.
What now?
More of the same with different characters?
Mr. President you were the people's choice and reason to go to the voting booths last year on election day. Do you think that they will return knowing that not much has changed. That compromise is the basis for all of your decisions?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Politicians, the most corrupted people in America.

Today I read in the Huffington Post with Paul Reickhoff as one of the leading spokes persons for the American Veterans, that the Washington politicians have not voted yet for the budget for the Veterans Administration that ended on September 30, 2009. But that these same politicians voted to make sure they got paid and gave themselves a pay raise!
These same politicians that created the Bush/ Cheney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that sent your Sons, Daughters, Mothers and Fathers to harms ways, and possibly to their death, these same bums that lied to the American public about the implications of war and why it needed to happen made sure that they got paid first and make the Service men and women of our Country, the ones in war right this very minute don't get the funding they need!
Knowing that there has been more than 5,000 service persons deaths, knowing that there are 40,000 men and women right now in V.A. Hospitals across the USA trying to recover from being wounded in battle from these two wars alone, and 100,000's of other Vets from previous wars , knowing that there are now thousands of Veterans homeless living on the streets of America, knowing that they want to extend Military tours, knowing that they want to ratchet up fighting in Afghanistan and invade Iran. Knowing that all men and women in service who go to war will be changed forever because of what they are asked to do and what they see and experience. Knowing all this, These politicians in the Senate and Congress still made sure that they, these brown nosing, cowardly  greedy bastards paid themselves first!
This is an insult to every person who has  served or is serving  now in the US Military.
You fucking, self serving, spineless bunch of  shameless Jackasses!
When will this greed and corruption come to an end.
 It is not enough to know that these bums cheat on their wives and get caught all the time, that they cheat on America by fleecing the country through their criminal voting records, but to know that they cheat on the people they force into useless, illegal, unethical wars for profit is beyond reproach.
There is no excuse!
There is no moral conviction in Politics today, just over fed, greedy, self serving leeches.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Religion keeps all Females in Bondage.

Throughout Human History men being larger in physicality than women have always used this size difference to take advantage and degrade women. From cave people ancestors time until the thinking Human came about, females had to make due with any way they could to survive knowing and experiencing that males will harm them, rape them,  torture them and kill them at will for any reason needed.
Then God makes a mental appearance and from there things got even worse!
Religion, all of them are closely aligned with ignorance, and complete distortion  of facts, be it science or not. Religion relies on the population being ignorant enough not to ask questions about anything, but instead just to obey religious commands from the ignorant, power hungry,  religious Hierarchy.
How ironic then that the female who brings life into the World has been forced to be submissive, subservient, and a slave  to males who bring death, inhumane acts  and greed to the World.
Out of all the elements that continue to keep women and all females in this position of weakness, religion is number one culprit.
Religion is frightened of women having any power over their own bodies, allowing them to use contraception, allowing for Women's choice.
Religion is Women's greatest enemy!
Religion represses  all females Worldwide through ignorant teachings of cult worship of a fictional God, and all the characters that go along with it.
Ironically because women have been abused throughout Human History than latching onto religion in the past stems directly from compulsion by force , torture and death, and not because it seems like a good idea.
Women had no choice!
Either believe or die, by the hands of religious, intolerant, bigoted, ignorant psychotic men.
Fast forward to today, FOX TV, bigoted TV talking heads, religion, intolerant politicians, ignorant clergy, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, all degrade and persecute  women for their own benefit.
These organizations fear women and females to have power over their own lives.
Look at the current laws in the USA. Viagra is legal and advertised to death on TV, but contraception or birth control choice is no where to be found.
So men have a right with religion's blessing  to impregnate a women/ female but a women/ female  has no religious right or choice  to protect herself from impregnation!
When will this male behavior stop?
As long as religion and God exist than males have the ultimate excuse to justify the worst, possible heinous acts towards women into the foreseeable future.
Not a pretty sight folks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jesus, the ultimate Liberal!

Everyday I hear the GOP or it's surrogates using the name Jesus or Christian in a way that completely distorts the person of whom they are talking about. This person, human being, mortal man, Jesus ( no last name) if he ever existed at all was by the very  few actually writings in the Bible, an unemployed, ( welfare recipient) long haired, long unshaven bearded, Jewish Rabbi who was a rebellious non conservative, left leaning, problem maker, anti- capitalist pain in the rear end   for both Roman and Jewish Power brokers, tolerant, unbiased, bum!
For the GOP of today to invoke Jesus defies logic. Jesus was tolerant, and the GOP is not. Jesus was not bigoted but the GOP is. Jesus was not a racist, but the GOP is. In fact Jesus fought against the Corporate thieves of religion and money, the GOP supports corporate religion and Corporate money. Jesus fought for the welfare of the poor and weak, the innocent, and the GOP supports the repression of the poor and weak.
Jesus fought against greed, and  the GOP's entire platform is about greed!
Jesus was pro women. The GOP prefers women as objects and slaves, or better put, barefoot and pregnant!
What a GOP con job. Smells like fertilizer to me.
Look around you the next time you leave your home and count how many Churches, Mosc's, Synagogues are out there that stand empty most of the time. These houses of God could be used to help the homeless, mothers and children without a place to live from job loss and foreclosure, the down and out in this GOP produced economy, but they aren't. These Buildings for religious worship, are for the worshipping of false Idols instead. While people starve and go without food these buildings sit empty. While people have no place to sleep at night these buildings sit empty.
What would Jesus think about this?
Jesus was a Jew, who was never a Christian, A Jew who never heard of Islam. A Jew who stood up to the powers of corruption in his own religion and the invaders of his homeland.
A Jewish Rabbi, who celebrated life by helping the poor and weak.
What would Jesus think of the GOP?
He would be the first to attack the self serving greed that presents itself as a family value. Jesus would attack the celebration of money, for monies sake.
No, my friends  Jesus was and is to this day a bleeding Left Leaning Liberal for the people, and would be very sickened at what a sham the GOP is for using his image to sell distasteful products by the greedy, and two faced.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Health and Health care in America

Amazing, I just watched on CBS/ CNN nightly news how a city in North Carolina was handling the economic crisis, and in every shot was an obese person, or persons talking to the journalist. The Christian man working in the food pantry was obese, not just chubby, the spokesman for the town, also obese, there was an obese women picking up food at the food pantry with obese kids. Everybody was obese, as though that were normal. Yet, in America today in many parts of the country obesity is normal! To see just an average sized person in these particular newscast was nearly non-existent.  People what are you thinking? You are worried to death about health care insurance, yelling and screaming into the air at the Politcians and then instead you go and  eat for two people yourselves! WOW! Today in the land of the free, America we have a crisis. This crisis has many symptoms, or reasons, but it always leads back to the same ending, and that is Americans know very little about how to take care of themselves in 2009.
First, remember if you have forgotten or just don't know. Everything that you do in life, you  have had to learn since your birth.
Eating is something you learned how to do from your parents, because they  are your first teachers in your life. Therefore if your parents understand about nutrition than they can provide you with the best examples and choices for food and nutrition for you, so that you will eventually be able to make these choices, and decisions when your parents are no longer around to influence your choices.
At the same time if your parents know little or nothing about food and nutrition than they will teach you what they know and you will be stuck at the beginning of your life with poor or bad examples of what to eat, how to eat, and what eating is all about in the first place, which is to give your body nutrition to create energy or fuel.
Americans know very little, or almost nothing  about nutrition. They know somewhat about physical activity because they at least watch Professional Sports on TV, and they know that these people must stay fairly healthy to play in sports. But these people are also paid top dollar to stay healthy, they have to be in shape and healthy to compete at a very high level. But they too suffer the same ills for poor food choices once they stop working out so hard. They too can easily become fat and ill. However for the average person, if you think that you can eat poor quality food, and or too much of it and somehow balance this out with physical activity than you are sadly mistaken, because your internal system knows very well what it needs and what it does not need.
In the end your subconscience is not swayed  or fooled by your conscience mind or your conscience choices while you are awake.
Your brain knows everything that you do mentally and physically.
Kind of like the men using steroids to get strength. On the outside they look like the picture of strength, very buff, but on the inside it is physical mush, and illness and broken down organs that will deteriorate much faster than normal with fatal results.
The basics of all good health comes from the foods that  we eat at every meal, on every day of our lives.
Let me repeat that because it is the most important knowledge that you need to know to be healthy in life.
The basics of all good health come from the food that you eat, at every meal, every day of your life!
Every cell in your body, every thought generated by your brain, every motion you create comes directly from the food (energy) that you consume.
You will never, ever, with no possibility, gain weight by looking at food.
It is physically impossible.
Food, and or  nutrition has to be taken into your system  by ingesting it, or by  intravenous methods for you to use or to ever gain weight.
Weight gain can only come about by taking in of more calories than you are using up.
Of course Medical conditions can prevent the body from being able to digest, absorb, regulate the food you consume, this also would have to take into account  the waste processes in Humans as well. If your body cannot eliminate processed food thoroughly then it can become a toxic internal nightmare, which will stop the natural process of elimination and the body will retain more of what you eat.
But this is not the problem for most Americans at all.
What  the problem is  lies directly with ignorance, followed up with poor choices no matter what one knows.
Not knowing or understanding where food comes from, not understanding what is the difference of good food and food that is not good is the brunt of Human Health related ailments today.
Not knowing what the term cholesterol actually means, or what dairy products can do to your system will  not allow you to make a good choice regarding blood clouting from animal fats in your food, which can result in Heart attacks, and stroke, and so many other diseases that are preventable.
You are responsible to know how to take care of yourself.
 It is not a mystery.
You are to blame for your own poor or bad Health.
The knowledge is available for free.
You are responsible for your life, your health, your happiness and nobody else!
If you have poor health right now there is good chance that you yourself  are the cause. Most, if not all illnesses come from the type of food and nutrients that you take into your body.
Do you understand that food "is" actually the medicine that your body needs everyday?
It is difficult for me, living in the USA, the land of Knowledge, innovation,  and choices beyond our ancestors wildest imagination, to have sympathy or empathy for anybody with weight problems when the rest of the World is starving to Death!
Put the fork down, toss the Big Mac, and instead go for a walk, it could save your life, and maybe your childrens.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Democrats, just like herding cats!

It is so amazing to watch politics play out now everyday. Just when you think that they could not be any more corruptible, politicians take the next step into the Valley of greed to put the country on a road map straight  into  the local quicksand pit.
The Democrats, with majorities in both the Senate, and Congress and the White House are caught in the dilemma of taking a long time of doing nothing again, and getting nothing accomplished for the American citizens that voted them into office.
You have to consider that both Parties are teams, and each team wants to win, to get their platform voted in on, but when you see that the Democrats are so splintered that they really are not a true team after all. The Democrats are like  many small teams disguised as one big team. You got the environmental, the pro-choice, clean energy, health reform, stop both wars, middle class reform, trade reform, immigration reform, AFL-CIO, save the whales, save the planet, save the icebergs, save the sand, save the air, save your breathe, and then save the Gays.
 Wow, now that is allot to focus on.
Whereas the Republican platform is simply Greed at any cost, justified with racism, intolerance, bigotry, fear and hate in the name of a unemployed Jewish, Rabbi, rebel, mortal, never a convert,  modern fictional Christian God, Our father, the long haired, unshaven, Hippie looking dude in a toga robe who lives in the clouds by himself, who makes decisions for trillions, and trillions and trillions of things on Earth alone each and every nano-second. This guy must have some very pent up sexual repression going on? Living on a cloud by yourself for eternity. How does he release this sexual tension? Like mortal men? YIKES!!!
So back to the feebleness of the Democrats today. With the Democratic Party splintered into so many different directions how are they ever going to come together to get anything accomplished? It looks like they are not going to really accomplish much after all.
It is all for show.
Make it look like you are doing something when your not, and then take credit for doing it!
I can hear it now. The Democratic leadership saying " We tried our best, but our best was just not good enough to win", even though we outnumbered the opposing side, and should have been able to ramrod anything we want to do down their conservative, Klansman's throats, we lost. We even just wanted a tie, but our emotions got the better of us and we did not want to hurt the Republicans feelings, so instead we let them do whatever they wanted!
Here we are today, Health care reform? War in Afghanistan? Wall ST. and Banks too big to fail? Immigration? Trade? Middle Class? Energy? Criminal punishment for the Bush regime? Corruption in Washington?
How much have the Democrats accomplished so far?  Zilch!
The President's capital is now a deficit, the Democratic power since January 21, 2009 has all been squandered, and there are no true lasting significant victories to justify any celebrating.
Health care looks like it too will go down in defeat.
The President is talking about sending more troops to Afghanistan, just what the Republicans want!
What about the people who voted President Obama into office, what do we get?
More broken promises.
Wow, what the hell happened?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The President has no Bite!

Eight months into his Presidency, President Obama has made many a great speech. He can articulate exactly what he thinks and feels to a large crowd very successfully with passion and integrity. The only problem is that he is too nice a person for the job. Jimmy Carter was no different. A man of the people with a honest heart, yet very weak otherwise. We are seeing this play out again and again now, the President is back tracking on every issue, every piece of legislation just to make the other side feel good, and in doing so has completely wiped out any strength he has, or had in Congress. The President looks very weak and limp right now, and on every issue more empty speeches and no results produce failed policies.
He was voted into office from the biggest issue of the time, the two wars we have got going now in Iraq and Afghanistan and people want out of both. Only now he is wanting to send more troops to Afghanistan? This is looking just like L.B.J. after J. F. Kennedy died in the early 1960's. L.B.J. wanted to appear to be a strong Democratic President and actually pushed ahead with the war effort by putting 500,000 more troops in Vietnam, only to get 58,000 of them killed in the process, along with 3 Million Vietnamese civilians and ended up being a complete waste of time, effort, money and lives. I know well because I have been to Vietnam, and my wife lived through the entire ordeal. It was a tragedy that did not have to happen, but was forced on the USA because of greed, just like we see now. The Banking cartels, the Military Industrial complex, the Halliburton type companies, they all make 100's of Billions in war and they do not want change, they want things to stay as they are right now. Bogged down, stagnant is good for them because the money keeps pouring in from Government, while the corruptible Politicians stuff cash into their own pockets and look the other way.
Health care reform, Finance reform, war reform, immigration reform, trade reform, all  looks like not much will happen, and then in no time at all it will be election time 2012 again and we the citizens are faced with the same predicament? What's the use to vote if it means so little in the end.
Nothing short of a real revolution looks like it will have any impact on America. We are being held hostage by the politicians, they make the laws, all of them. Nothing can be done without a law being introduced and voted on, and then being put into action. Every crisis at hand right now is the result of a Politician creating a law to allow it to happen. There are no accidents ever. It is all manufactured to produce the desired results, which is to bleed the American  consumer dry of their assets, and the same goes  on World wide, for the benefit of the rich as well.
President Obama was going to lead us to the promised land? It kind of feels more like we are on our own to figure out what to do next.
The enemy is not an invisable terrorist here or in a far off land somewhere. The enemy is 100 Senators, and 435 Congressmen and women who want to get rich and powerful from their elected jobs inWashington!
This is treason.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Racism in America 2009

Everybody knows that there is racism everywhere you go, in every Country. No Country gets to escape this badge of self degradation from Humanity. It just exists because we are different, we look different, we speak different, we eat different, our cultures are inherently different. So it should really be of no surprise that racism exists everywhere, and it does.
Here today in America the racism issue has surfaced like never before because of one thing, America for the first time has an African American President.
The frightened Confederate Euro-White transplanted, religious ignorant Christians see that their numbers are dwindling and that the dark skinned people have overtaken them, and to them it is a threat to their sense of survival, because it is only going to get worse for them, and they know  Whites will be a minority in the future, and the power of election is ruled by numbers.
That means Black Presidents, Hispanic Presidents, Asian Presidents, Arab Presidents for heavens sake!
Oh my gosh the sky is falling Chicken Little, run for your life, because everyone who is not White must be a Communist by that definition alone - color.
Except of course for a few token republican people of color like Asian Michelle Malkin, and African American, Michael Steele, Chairman  of the RNC - I guess that they did not get the memo about the upcoming cross burnings in Geogia with Govenor Sanford, and Joe (the Brown noser) Wilson ?
And to think that Sanford cheated on his wife and family to be with a dark skinned women of South America!
Heaven forbid.
When I see the birthers, the tea baggers, the hate signs, the degraded posters of President Obama I find it stunning that these same bigots, racist and intolerants hide behind fictional Christian religion as though Jesus Christ was ever a bigot, a racist, and intolerant?
What little there is even known of this person Jesus, if he ever even existed at all is that he was color blind, very tolerant, unemployed, long haired, long bearded, Jewish, Rabbi, Philosopher wandering bum, who mumbled to the sky about his father floating on a cloud!
A true rebel and all around pain in the ass for the Romans and the Jewish elite.
The modern far right religious republican is white, older than 30, ignorant, believes the Earth is 7,000 years old, that Dinosaurs lived with Humans, that the Earth is flat, that the Sun revolves around the Earth, that Adam and Eve started the Human race, (Don't tell anyone that both of these folks were actually Black skinned!) that the Ten Commandments were written by  the floating guy in the clouds, that they are  frightened, cannot adjust to change well, wants to believe that Santa Clause and the Easter bunny are real, that Christmas trees were meant to end up in the garbage can after two weeks of use, that they have a right to waste  anything because they are Americans, that they have a right to invade other countries if it is good for them no matter what the cost, that wars are no different than football games to be won, and then head to the pizza parlor for beer and pizza afterwards.
These are the same White people, and their ancestors  that massacred the Native American Indian almost to the point of extinction, but have completely forgotten, that brought slaves to the New World to exploit with the blessing of a fictional God !
These people have to  re-write every part of their own History because it is so dysfunctional, and diabolical and insidious, that it is embarrassing just to say the truth, starting all the way back to the first settlers in the North East, 600 years ago, and what a bunch of chumps they were to the Indians who actually kept them alive throughout the harsh winters.
They are the same today. Ungrateful, greedy, selfish, intolerant, and still using religion as their trademark to justify inhumane behavior.
These are the same white bigots that do not want any reproductive choice for all females, but instead want women kept in permanent bondage under the cloak of the fictional and hypocritical Church, mainly the Catholic Church and the Pope.
Sure racism exist in America and it always will to some degree, but their numbers are dwindling. They may be very vocal now, but that is because they see that their power is coming to an ending and they are panicked by it. This is the last hurrah!
It's now or never for these folks, because soon there will be a family of color coming to their block to live, and whoa will the shit hit the fan then!
Don't these people know that they lost the "Civil War" over 140 years ago?
That the "South" lost!
Bigots like Congressman/ Klansman Joe Wilson, just show their true anger at change, at color, at difference, at reality by trying to deny it. Joe you are a limp, old man.
Get over it low self esteemed White people,  you had a good, long run at domination, but your time is over, just enjoy the fresh air, running water, toilets, steak and potato dinners that you have coming your way. Life is good anyway, why screw it up anymore than it has to be?

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 and why Bush/ Cheney actually enabled it to happen.

Today is 09-11-2009, 8 years after somebody/ Al Qaeda/ Osama Bin Laden, organised terrorists/ freedom fighters to crash high jacked commercial  planes into the Twin Towers in New York, The Pentagon, and where the final of the four high-jacked planes crashed into the ground in a open field. For New Yorkers today represents a day in History that they saw and felt the wrath of a hostile people, Islamic conservatives create havoc like no one had ever seen before in all of our lifetimes, other than the people who actually lived through Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the bombing of Britain and the leveling of Germany at the end of WWII. Wait a minute, what about Vietnam, 3 million civilians died, two Iraq wars and Afghanistan,  many 100,000's have died  and those were and are  atrocities where millions have been killed as well?
So 9/11 deaths although very tragic for the families involved, were actually minor by comparison.
The truth is that what happened 8 years ago was an incredibly horrible act, and that 3,000 Americans died due to no fault of their own. Sadly though America, my homeland has inflicted much worse punishment on other countries that is quite indescribable.
9/11 did not happen by accident by a bunch of crazy men in a far off country. It happened because of the policies of the US Government, controlled through corrupt Politicians, for the benefit of Multi National Corporations to prop up Dictators, Kings and other thugs so that they can get access to or simply take resources that these Corporation want so that they can sell them to consumers all around the World, namely oil. If these so called terrorists were just crazy men then how did they pull off the biggest attack on our country from caves? Why were we not prepared for this attack, when we already had the same group of people attack these very same buildings back in 1993 with a car bomb? What was Bush and Cheney doing 8 months into their first term to prevent this from happening when the CIA and Security had already told them that this was imminent? When Bush was told of the first plane crash, he was reading to school kids, and barely flinched? History has now proved that the USA got into WWI because of the sinking of the Lusitania, that turned out to be a set up to push the US into War. We now know that Pearl harbor was completely preventable, but the President at the time let it happen, knowing that we were warned by the Australians and British to be prepared for such an attach!
How did the Air Force get it so wrong that they did not scramble jet fighters up into the sky to possibly have to  take military action against these high jacked planes? They did, but it just so happens on this particular day the Air Force was holding practice sessions of how to react to high jacked planes at the very same time the high jacking was taking place, so that the fighter planes had not 4 planes to track but something like 20 and did not know what to do, and which plane to track. What a coincidence! Stunning to say the least, but extremely questionable.
This does not sound like organizational failure, this sounds like an inside job!
But again back to the terrorists that planned this operation. Originally these Islamic men were fighting their own people in Palestine in 1948 the year Israel was made a country, and ever since , then in Iran to over throw the Shah, an American puppet leader and brutal Dictator to his own people that we choreographed  with the help of the CIA, now is Saudi Arabia to force the King out and to get any American Military forces off of Arab and Islamic lands. To take Russia down after it invaded Afghanistan and was there for 10 years, and we the American government covertly sponsored the Mujaheddin, who are now the Taliban with weapons that they now use on our soldiers in Afghanistan.
The goal for these terrorists/ freedom fighters  is to keep all infidels from living in Islamic countries and spreading anti Islamic or counter religious and cultural knowledge. They do not care whether America is an open society or how we act. They care that America is a Military Country that props up Dictators and Kings that use our over whelming power to enslave their own people.
Bush and Cheney got this wrong, or they were in on it. The ex CIA Director/ agent Michael Sheurer, in his book "Imperial Hubris" describes the exact same thing, in that  we knew  a decade before 9/11 why these men of Al Qaeda were doing what they were doing. They were trying to prevent the USA through our gigantic Corporations from pillaging their own homelands, and taking oil, their only resource of value, while 99.999 percent of the populations in these countries starved, and lived in the dirt,  but the King and his family, well, they of course lived like Kings. We supported the King and not the people, and that is their fight!
The same thing is going on all over the World today. America props up corruptible regimes because US Corporations want their natural resources to sell to a thirsty and  hungry World, that has an insatiable appetite.
This will continue then along the same lines.
So who is really responsible for 9/11?
American Presidents, Politicians, and profit seeking Corporations  that use the American Military as pawns in the never ending quest for profit and wealth for the few at the expense of the many.
Our own Fore Fathers reacted the exact same way when Britain controlled the original 13 colonies. They too were terrorists, and Freedom fighters then as well, and they eventually drove the British back across the Atlantic. It is a good thing that we are friends now, for they are, like Australia our closest allies and not Israel whom we support with Billions every year to prop up a religious Government that has never done anything for the benefit of the American people.
As long as  American Politicians use the American Military to invade foreign countries, and not to protect our homeland, and sovereign borders of the United States of America of  which our founding fathers had written into the Constitution than this will repeat itself over and over, and we will see the same outcome.
Bush and Cheney you cowardly, spineless, self serving  thugs.
Next invasion, Africa, the Dark continent.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leadership is doing the right thing when no one is looking!

Amazingly today our American culture has been so twisted by scandals, by greed , by winning, by racism, by bigotry, by intolerance  that the people who have the honor of leading have  they themselves turned into total disgraces.
Our Politicians, our Religious clergy, our Professional Athletes, the people that set standards for morality and ethical behavior whether they like it or not, have become the biggest bunch of failures and frauds.
The ones who yell the loudest turn out to be the biggest crooks themselves.
The ones who point fingers at others turn out to be the the worst offenders themselves.
The ones claiming their close connection to God, and religion do the most diabolical, insidious things to children and adults and can and will always  justify this repugnant behavior with even more fictional religious crap.
But of course crying on TV gets you that "get out of Jail" card from the ignorant masses of polarised sheered sheep. Those whose standards of intelligence, and excellence end with Hee Haa, and Praise the Lord TV..
The kindred Spiritual Mother Teresa's of the World are nowhere to be found in America today and except in remote places such  as in Burma, where Aung San Suu Kyi is imprisoned for protecting her people from Human rights abuses from a Military Government, or a gifted women, and women of the people  like Oprah Winfred, with such a Humanistic, loving, caring and giving nature, are people of great character to set examples for everybody to live by. There is a huge void in America for ethical leadership. Men have failed in their leadership roles in America due to their own self serving natures. What we have instead are self serving failed politicians like Michelle Bachmann and ex- politicians like Sarah Palin, that promote hate, intolerance, bigotry,  gender ignorance's by her own low level education and then justifies this lack of reasoning and knowledge with fictitious religion and a fictional God.
Then there are the enablers of TV, FOX TV for a fact, that create intolerance, racism and bigotry  to sell themselves and increase their annual salaries at the cost of all Humanity. The Hannitys, O'Reillys, Becks, Malkins all promote hate. It makes them a boatload of cash, and for modern American  Republicans, personal ethics start with money and end with money!
We have the G.W. Bushes and Dick Cheneys who promote torture in the name of God. That promote war for profit in the name of God. That promote greed in the name of God. That promote self serving behavior to acquire wealth even and most often when it is destructive to people and the Environment.
The professional sports players are among the worst offenders as role models today with their MTV attitudes of sex, drugs, and who gives a shit behavior even though their entire career and fortune is made from the people who watch them have fun, while being paid 10's of million every year.
You know what?
None of these professions or these people were ever meant to be role models in the first place anyway. They are there only  to make money, obtain power, and rule over the populations of dumbed down morons who make poor choices for themselves and then cry, it's not my fault.
So if anybody watched President's Obama's speech to the Nation on Health care last night you got a good dose of true Republican behavior. As Congressman Joe Wilson, yelled out "You Lie" to the President, this was heard around the World. It shows the contempt, racist, intolerant, bigoted behavior the far right religious base has gotten because America has an African American President. What this jerk-off said was right in line with High School behavior, disrespectful behavior of a Southern racist, the exact thing I am referring to when it comes to leadership, and fairness. This slouch Joe Wilson is but one example of the brainlessly low quality of people in Politics, and the foul stench associated with the Republican Party today..
And this blowhard, this dipshit  got caught in the act of being a religious, repugnant  republican. How nice!
So who exactly then are our role models? These are the people who do the right thing because it is the right thing and not because they make money from their actions, or become famous, or get special privileges. Doing the right thing does not hurt other people. Doing the right thing does not degrade your environment or abuse animals. Doing the right thing is knowing that you are connected to everyone and everything on Planet Earth, and that everything you do affects them and others too..
Doing the right thing when no one is looking takes personal convictions and strength.
Do you do the right thing when no one is looking?

The United States of Corporate Washington and Wall St.

What would Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and all of the founding Fathers of our Great Nation be thinking had they known that they had fought off the British Monarchy only to see the America they created in deeds and thought,  be turned into  Politician/ insider trading/ Wall St. corrupt Government with a central Bank, the Federal Reserve managing all financial dealings?
Where the American Chamber of Congress works against the American citizen, at the behest of Global Corporate Conglomerates who have no loyalty to the USA at all?
Where the most crooked, self serving, Politicians using religion, false Nationalism, fear, and hate can  create war for profit that benefits just a handful at the expense of the entire Country, and all those who die under this banner of deception.
Where Corporate crooks can buy immunity with legal bribes to the very people, Washington Senators, and Congress people  that are suppose to be watching out for our welfare, but instead have sold the country to the greediest group of malcontents, spineless, unethical bunch of deadbeat brown nosers the World has ever seen.
Where we see that "Wrong" is now right!
Only because it makes more money.
Where the same Politicians that will take any bribe offered to them, can turn cheating on their wife's and families into a self serving photo opportunity, justified by religion and God.
Where the President  (Bush, the half-wit) and Vice President ( Dick, I'm not a crook Cheney) of the United States can lie  the country into 2 wars, sit on their collective asses during 9/11 without any regard to morality, invade other countries on a whim, killing 100,000's  innocents, and putting 1,000's of American soldiers to an early grave, simply walk away from this unimaginable failure and then live out their life's as Kings, patting themselves on the back for a job well done, giving themselves awards, and bonuses. Building monuments in their names, building roads, and bridges in their names, building schools in their names.
How in the Hell can this freaking happen!
Well there you have it, the two poster boys for Corporate greed, intolerant, racist, bigoted behavior topped off with pure arrogant piggishness, and complete ignorance of History is the face of easy to come by known knowledge. Not to mention, the destroyer of American civil rights.
The two biggest Criminals in the 21st Century,  G. W. Bush and  Dick Cheney
When do those war crimes trials begin Mr. Attorney General?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Would you still eat meat if you had to see the torture and cruelty these animals go through?

Take a close look at the photo here. These pigs are locked into this position with a device around their heads, so they are not able to move. They cannot stand, turn, scratch, shake, clean themselves. They defecate, and urinate laying down. All they can do is eat! Imagine if this were Humans? The video that I down loaded this morning from a Huffington Post link shows the hideous, cruel, torturous treatment that this Nations living food supply goes through each and every day. Before I describe in graphic detail of what was on the video and what I have known for decades, I want to find out where we, as conscience thinking Humans have  lost our disconnect with animals as living things and instead have turned them into unfeeling, unemotional, products for consumption only. The modern mass production of animals for slaughter and sale is so repugnant as to defy anyone from claiming ever again that the Human species is at any top, of any pecking order of sanity.
Seeing these animals of all types being tormented by their deranged captors is so degrading and repulsive it is hard to define even when seen with the naked eye. How can people be so heartless, thoughtless, unfeeling, detached?
 One of the main justifications for unimaginable cruel Human behavior regarding animal treatment  is religion. Greed comes in a mighty close second place.
Once religion came along and proclaimed that the Human species was "not" part of the animal Kingdom, and that it was above all other species of animal on Planet Earth, this from the power given by the almighty "God", than two things occurred immediately. The first thing that happened was the teaching  that the Earth is here only for Human purpose, that we are the caretakers of the Planet whether we take care of it or destroy it, and second that animals are here as well only for mankind's purposes to be used and abused at will with no remorse of thought.
The cold hearted, mindless mass production of animals for slaughter defies one's common sense when seen visually, because it is so barbaric and sickening that it is not a wonder anymore why the Human race has gone to Hell.
The Human species  throughout History has always shown a brutality that defines us as the most caring yet uncaring animal that has ever walked on the face of the Earth. We are by our own Natures simply self serving at any and all costs. More destructive through intent than any other living creature, not from a standpoint of survival only but so far above the needs of survival to a state of human mind insanity.
Our ancestors, although brutal as they were, had treated animals at least humanely even though they too were used for food consumption. Had they been able to mass produce the same desired results of today's animal factories they too would most likely do the same exact things because Human behavior has no ethical boundaries, and very few physical boundaries then and now. Whatever we Humans can think, we Humans will do!
Since people have brutalised other people at will throughout Human History than it seems reasonable that animals got an even worse taste of our instinct for amusement, and they did then and they do now.
But if you look at the Native and Aboriginal tribes of the Globe then and now  you get  better picture of the connection between  Humans and animals and how they were treated and appreciated, as part of the animal Kingdom because it was understood that they provided Humankind with sustenance, nourishment to stay alive and therefore had a very high value in terms of how we as their caretakers should never abuse them, and should hold them in very high esteem by caring for them the best that we can. The big difference is that in these Native cultures Humankind is part of the Animal Kingdom and not separated from it as in religion.
It turns out that the three main religions, of the Western World, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam  are the catalyst for many, if not all of Humanity's many imbalances on the Planet. The belief of a fictional God, the belief of the Sun revolving around the Earth and the Earth being the center of the Universe. That the Earth is 7, 8, 9, no 12,000 years old! The fictional belief of Heaven or Hell, of angels, of miracles, of Santa Claus of the Easter Bunny, of intolerance of thought, the degradation of all females of every age. That the Church is the most important Cult Corporation and what it says is true without proof needed and even more so when it has been proven completely wrong!
If you think that religion has brought Humanity anything that did not exist before we, meaning men, not women, made religion up,  than you would be completely wrong. There was good and bad long before religion was invented.
The 10 Commandments were known and taught 1,000's of years before the fictional story of Moses!
But back to the topic at hand which is the treatment of animals in the modern day food factories. Would you eat bacon for breakfast today if you had to watch the slaughter of pigs? Watch the cruelty of people who work in these factories, having no remorse or compassion or feeling for the animals that to torture this animals is fun for them? How about slitting a pigs throat, and as it lays on the ground screaming in pain you drop a tool box, or heavy object on it's head to crush or bash  it's skull, only you have to do this 3 or 4 times before it is effective, all the while laughing at what you are doing?
Would you eat eggs this morning if you saw how they put 20 chickens in a cage, that was meant  to hold one of them, until the chickens have fought until they  have pecked each other's eyes out? How they throw live baby chicks into a metal blender, that grinds them up, live, crushes them alive, if they have any blemish that the company thinks it cannot sell to the customer?
No other animal on the face of the Planet has the capability to be so compassionate, caring, loving yet can be so cruel and barbaric with intent, other than the Human species, and yet always  all justified by self serving religion.
  I am glad to be a Vegetarian. It is much healthier to begin with, and modern medicine just proves this out.
Educate yourself, for you will not be taught this in religious schools, private or in public schools. The knowledge is there for you to seek out. It is your responsibility to know the truth.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What if today was your last day to be alive?

If today was your last day of life, and you had no illness or injury  to prevent you from doing what you would like to do, what would it be?
Would the TV, or the computer have any significance?
Would you like to just stay indoors and watch movies, News, read the paper on the computer or write to friends?
Would you be pissed off at the people who owe you money or who screwed you over at some point in your life?
Would it be payback time for the people who did you wrong during your life, and who you never did quite seem to get even with ?
Would you feel compassion and empathy now for people who are like you, with life coming to an end, who have no more choices in life?
Would you feel remorse for your own actions of selfishness, and greed, or laziness, and spite?
Would you like to just go outside, enjoy a warm summer day, blue sky, ocean breeze, sparkling waves at the coast, with people playing at the beach, with not a care in the World?
Watch the birds fly by so gracefully in the sunlight, gliding in the wind, watch a lizard run by your feet in the sand and into the bushes, watch Dolphins jumping in the ocean like kids playing at the park, surfing the waves like only they can?
Perhaps you would go to the Desert or the River, or a Lake, or the Mountains instead to get away from people altogether, get away from man-made noises and just contemplate what your life had been like?
Did you accomplish what you wanted to do in life?
Would you go hang gliding, parachute, white water river rafting, learn to surf, mountain climb, base jump, race a car, a motorcycle, eat every food of choice, visit family, friends, enemies?
Do you think that you actually did very little with your life, other than being alive for a certain number of years?
In your own terms did you help or hinder mankind?
Did you make life better or worse for the people around you, your environment, your family?
Did you finally realise that hate, love, racism, bigotry, tolerance, fear, compassion, religion, politics etc.... are all learned during your life time and that you were never born with any of these thoughts, but instead had to learn all of them?
Would you finally understand how precious life is, every minute, every day, every month, every year?
Would you?
Would you be able to end it all today, knowing that this is the final day of your existence, that there is no more time left, there is no Heaven, no Hell, no reincarnation, no nothing, that your life is over here on planet Earth and that you are never coming back ever?

Friday, September 4, 2009

2ND Great Depression is here and now.

Just today I am reading that the mortgage delinquency for top credit borrowers is showing major cracks in it. These people are being laid off from their jobs and cannot pay their mortgages and it stands to reason that these people will not be working anytime soon as well. After 50 years of false, deceitful and out and out lying by business and our own Government we must as a Nation come to grips with the facts, and they don't look pretty.
The BIG Ponzi scheme has finally unraveled!
This country is in a downward spiral, and only a few honest brokers are even talking about it. The rest, sell their spin only to make money from the lies, but who really cannot see where we, our Nation is headed?
Large Corporations have laid off as many people as they can so far and now small business is following suit, and and on top of the Government has gotten into the act.
So then if Private business is not hiring, and Government is not hiring, than who is?
We have been spending $13,000,000,000.00 every month since 2003 for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet Republicans are yelling that there is no money for National Health care?
Our country is Broke people.
We are simply printing money, borrowing from foreign countries at a rate that will crush this country in not too long a time, and that time is now.
One of the first things that we need to do is get the Hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan period. No more Democracy Bullshit because that is never going to happen. We can stay in both these countries  for the next 100 years and nothing will change.
Both these illegal wars are G.W. Bush/ Dick Cheney failures for America, and putting both these criminals  behind bars for life would be a good first step.
Right now we are "America the Imperialist" country with our hands and fingers stretched into every country for their resources. When Republicans talk of Democracy they mean countries that will sell us valuable resources that  we want without having to invade them if they make choices that we do not want to hear.
Amazingly the Republicans talk about war on terror but it has been here for 40 years already. The drug cartels from Mexico are here now by the 10's of thousands murdering people everyday. Our Southern Borders have no border!
The biggest actual threat to Americans today are these gangs that are already here in the USA in every city, and instead of fighting them, Bush and Cheney forced the country into 2 wars in other parts of the World.
Talking about failed leadership, these two incompetent morons were the last straw in the camel's back.
The war on drugs has been fought for the past 100 years and has never deterred anybody from using drugs, or obtaining them. We need to address and change this policy now if we are to save ourselves from a further erosion into Never, Never land.
The Government has spent $$ one Trillion dollars on the war on Drugs over the past 100 years and it has lost the battle before it even started.
We need new direction here, because all we see is wasted lives, and money for nothing.
Drugs need to be legalised, no different than legal Pharmaceuticals drugs are today as well. That needs to be done immediately to address the wasted money and resources.
Stopping both wars, changing direction on the war on drugs saves this country $100's of Billion annually. With that money we should be investing in what we really need now and into the long range future, Renewable Energy resources. Wind, Solar, plant based fuels.
If we do not see the emergency of where America is today, we won't have the luxury of repeating the 1970's fuel crisis over again when we were warned by our unfriendly non- allies in OPEC and then did nothing about it. It will have been too late.
What more proof do you need to see?
Who could have ever imagined to see G.M.,  and Chrysler in Bankruptcy already, and that hundreds of banks have  failed already, again and  again?
Wake up call America.
There is still time to get your act together, but that window is closing extremely fast.
We,  meaning our country, America needs to have a new philosophy in how we live, and how we will be able to maintain our quality of life but at the same time come to grips that the mindless, selfishness of today and the past is over.
The World is a finite place!
There is no where else for us to rape and pilliage if this Human Species experiment fails.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Failed Leadership, in Business, Religion and Government.

When I look everywhere today in the News what I really see and hear is a complete failure of Business, Religion, and Government with the real bottom line reason  as always being greed. Greed is the reason that the USA is slipping faster into the abyss. At every corner is somebody with their hand out wanting more of anything and everything, whether they need it or not, because "more" has become an American value. In every aspect of life "greed and more" trample over common sense, and ethics every time. America, the land of the Free, the Home of the Brave is run by Political crooks in office only to get rich at the expense of not only all the citizens of the USA, but every citizen of every country on the Planet. Our Businesses and their  leadership is run by crooks with the same personality traits as Al Capone, greed at any cost. Our Religious Institutions go about preaching intolerance, bigotry, racism,  but never forget to tell you to leave money in the till before you leave, all the while these tax free religious buildings stand empty 6 days a week, while the homeless and unfed sleep in shelters and on the streets. Hell they don't even allow the returning military Veterans to use these buildings, and  instead they must sleep in the streets.
Religion, a sham and a shame!
What the Hell is wrong with you people?
The only value in the country is Greed, followed by more greed.
Just like the guy in the movie Network, I am sick of this shit every day, being forced down our collective throats and then we are told to just relax, it is no problem as they screw us again.
The Recession is coming to and end they say on Wall St!
We are on course for a total Collapse.
You have been handed one  $$ Trillion dollars of taxpayer money of course you'll be fine.
Every Politician is a liar, every businessman is a thief, every religious cleric is an insane, half-wit who lives in the Stone Ages of Ignorance and blind submission.
What a sham.
This is the big plan though.
The people at the top, the richest of the rich revel in kaos, it makes money, everything makes more money. War brings death, but also much profit. Drug companies sell products that the side affect is worse than the illness they are suppose to cure. Health Care "less" companies deal in money as though it had ethics. Insurance companies sell worthless pieces of paper that have no value when you try to collect on your policy, but yet you are forced by Government to buy it or else.
The only thing America does today well, is start wars in other countries.
We have this down.
Leadership in America has failed miserably at every level.
So what it really means is that there are no leaders!
We are on a ship with no Captain to steer and navigate  a safe course.
It is like being on the Titanic as it is sinking but you are at the back of the boat playing ping pong on deck having a Mai Tia, and the deck hand says that there is plenty of time to escape, only you don't notice that you have a chain around your ankle, and the other end is bolted down to the ship itself !!!!!!!
God will not save us. How could it? God is all fiction, and just make believe to begin with.
Because if you think God will save you, than you might as well believe that the Easter Bunny will save you, or Santa Clause?
So now is the time to start baking those cookies for the reindeer that will be on your roof soon, but make sure that you don't shoot them by mistake, thinking that they are burglars, or your unemployed neighbor.
So don't plan on any miracles anytime soon, because everything is the result of cause and effect in the Universe.
So now what genius, you ask?
Am I worried?
No, I will be just fine, but the rest of you, I am not so sure.