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Solar power

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The President has no Bite!

Eight months into his Presidency, President Obama has made many a great speech. He can articulate exactly what he thinks and feels to a large crowd very successfully with passion and integrity. The only problem is that he is too nice a person for the job. Jimmy Carter was no different. A man of the people with a honest heart, yet very weak otherwise. We are seeing this play out again and again now, the President is back tracking on every issue, every piece of legislation just to make the other side feel good, and in doing so has completely wiped out any strength he has, or had in Congress. The President looks very weak and limp right now, and on every issue more empty speeches and no results produce failed policies.
He was voted into office from the biggest issue of the time, the two wars we have got going now in Iraq and Afghanistan and people want out of both. Only now he is wanting to send more troops to Afghanistan? This is looking just like L.B.J. after J. F. Kennedy died in the early 1960's. L.B.J. wanted to appear to be a strong Democratic President and actually pushed ahead with the war effort by putting 500,000 more troops in Vietnam, only to get 58,000 of them killed in the process, along with 3 Million Vietnamese civilians and ended up being a complete waste of time, effort, money and lives. I know well because I have been to Vietnam, and my wife lived through the entire ordeal. It was a tragedy that did not have to happen, but was forced on the USA because of greed, just like we see now. The Banking cartels, the Military Industrial complex, the Halliburton type companies, they all make 100's of Billions in war and they do not want change, they want things to stay as they are right now. Bogged down, stagnant is good for them because the money keeps pouring in from Government, while the corruptible Politicians stuff cash into their own pockets and look the other way.
Health care reform, Finance reform, war reform, immigration reform, trade reform, all  looks like not much will happen, and then in no time at all it will be election time 2012 again and we the citizens are faced with the same predicament? What's the use to vote if it means so little in the end.
Nothing short of a real revolution looks like it will have any impact on America. We are being held hostage by the politicians, they make the laws, all of them. Nothing can be done without a law being introduced and voted on, and then being put into action. Every crisis at hand right now is the result of a Politician creating a law to allow it to happen. There are no accidents ever. It is all manufactured to produce the desired results, which is to bleed the American  consumer dry of their assets, and the same goes  on World wide, for the benefit of the rich as well.
President Obama was going to lead us to the promised land? It kind of feels more like we are on our own to figure out what to do next.
The enemy is not an invisable terrorist here or in a far off land somewhere. The enemy is 100 Senators, and 435 Congressmen and women who want to get rich and powerful from their elected jobs inWashington!
This is treason.

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