Solar power

Solar power

Friday, August 28, 2009

God, who is this guy anyway?

The Greatest Story ever told is bogus!
The God story.
 I always liked the movie "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston, he played a very good and powerful Moses image. Long hair, long beard, toga robe, opinionated, narrow minded, sometimes violent, always self - righteous. But this is also the same image of God in every other story, or
fable of God, only that quite often God is seen floating on a cloud in space as well.
 Is it any wonder at all that our ancestors believed in something mythical, magical, superstitious, fake, processed, conjured up, completely false, out and out a lie?
Look what passes for the truth today where you have access to the Worlds known knowledge and yet the same lie exist. FOX TV, racism, hate, bigotry, intolerance, ignorance, jealousy. How is this?
Once we learned that the Earth is not flat, how can people still believe that it is?
Fear of the unknown. Fear that there is no Super natural being making decisions for a trillion, trillion, trillion things going on  at the same moment in the Universe. Fear that there is nothing after Death.  No Heaven, no Hell, no return ticket back to existence to try again. Fear that there is no one looking out for you as you journey through life. Fear that you are absolutely on your own from Birth to Death!
In Egyptian Hermetics God is all things, everything that ever was, is and will be, but their concept is closer to the Big Bang concept in that if God is everything than everything is God. Stands to reason if you think this way than God is both good and bad, loving and hateful, gentle and forceful. It would mean that God just is. That would mean God is a warm summer day, or a beheading in Iraq. God is a loving puppy dog or puppy dog fecal matter too. So in this concept there is never a way to separate God from anything, anytime, any place, any event. It is all God. In fact in Egyptian Hermetics God is actually called "The ALL", for he/it/she is inseparable from all things.
The big difference of the Big Bang theory of cause and effect of energy with no direction emotionally from any  Super natural being or not, and Hermetics is that in Hermetics God's purpose, it's  real purpose  is of giving Humans something to know, and believe  and use more as a statement of fact, but with no Human emotional factor thrown in for comfort. Thus no Human image. God would be seen more like photos seen from the Hubble telescope of distant space/time of planets and stars by the billions. So according to Hermetics you are on your own but the energy of the Universe is at your use if you learn how to use it.  For the religious, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths in  the Old and New Testament, in all the  descriptions of him,  God  has Human qualities, Human emotions, a Human look and everything God does is based on " HIS" human related emotions..God looks just like a Old man, but most certainly  man's image and not a women.  For the religious person, a  religious God is the composer of all things, but only when they are to their liking and when they are not, they created the Devil as a necessary villain because they don't want to have to explain to people that God is both loving and brutally violent. Who would believe this even in the Ancient World or the modern World?
Turns out, most everybody then and now.
That is why in religion it  is such a dismal failure for  religion to use God for anything, for it is no more than a sham.
Today in 2009 AD. 1,000's of years after  Judaism began, over 2,000 years since Jesus, and 1,500 years since Mohammad was walking the Earth, millions of Humans will die, and none of them will receive a magical life saving hand from or be shown any mercy from any God. None!
Thousands will be born today with physical handicaps of no legs, arms, sight, brain damage, genetic problems and not one of these poor souls will receive a miracle from God. They will just have to suffer for as long as they are alive. That could mean that they die at Birth, in the womb or at any time in their lives.
More people have been killed, butchered, brutalised, maimed, tortured, beat, hung, shot, stabbed, be-headed, buried alive etc...... using God and religion as a justification than any other Human concept, along with greed.
God was never there to save any of these people from a grizzly death.
I have news for you folks reading this, or never reading this. There is no God, never was, and never will be. You are on your own. If you want and need help in life you will need to form some alliances. These other people will be the only physical support you will ever receive. On top of that you will always have access to and can use the energies of the Universe that are here everyday, all the time.
Positive thinking, knowledge, facts, science, your own good choices and your own good behavior will be your best guide to any prosperous, enjoyable future.
Don't be a victim, instead be the Director of your own life and your own Happiness.
It is yours if you truly want it, but it will take effort, some discipline, and time.
Good fortune to those who chose correctly.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Democracy, American Style.

The elections in Afghanistan are temporarily on hold until the country can have a run off of the two top Candidates. Just like in America both candidates have dirt on their political hands and the politicians in Washington feel a mite threatened that either candidate will bring too much corruption into the highest powers of Afghanistan Government. In Afghanistan the true measure of power is  in the Opium trade. This is their natural resource that they can sell to the outside World. They have nothing else, unless selling dirt becomes fashionable soon and that does not look like the case. So either side of the political coin will be heavily tarnished with Political players that have close connection to the Opium trade, sales, distribution, smuggling, protection, bribery, murder, etc....
So here in the USA, American Politicians who have blood on their own hands in dealing with foreign Governments and power  do not like the way American style Democracy works in other countries because there are no sure ways to get the person you want to get elected in office and once they are there they become just as corrupt as the Politicians that the American Politicians do not want in office. These are Politicians who will not do America's bidding, by being paid off, bribed, or they will eventually be assassinated!
Democracy, what a wonderful thing, unless you lose the elections! Then it is atrociously unfair, because now your side is out of power until the next election in 2, or 4 or 6 years.
America keeps doing the same thing all over the World getting the same results for the past 100 years. We prop up puppet Governments, with boatloads of illegal American bribery money so that our guy gets in and the first thing we say after the elections is that we want our payback now! What this generally means is that we want the other countries Natural resources, oil, gas, timber, diamonds, gold, silver, you name it, we want it for America, or really for American owned Corporations owned by the elite, controlled by unscrupulous America businessmen with the help of unethical, self serving politicians who are more corrupt than most prison gangs, but they are good Christians (the majority) and Jews (the minority) at Church or at the Synagogue on Saturday and Sunday..
Business as usual.
Democracy brought in an Native Indian in Peru who does not want to surrender his countries sovereignty, and culture to outside Western Powers. We helped to install the Shaw of Iran and he fell to corruption. We put in Marcos in the Philippines and he feel to corruption. We put in Noriega of Panama and sits in prison in Florida. We helped put in Saddam Hussein and he fell as well. We push for Democracy to work for the Palestinians and  we get Hamas is in power. We put in power a Presidential figure in S. Vietnam and then had the CIA assassinate him because he didn't fit well for our own American ambitions. Go figure.
Now here in America in 2009 we are 8 months since the election of a new Democratically elected President and the political side that lost that election, the Republicans, do not want to let Democracy play out as was the intended purpose of our Founding Fathers. Instead the losing Republican side wants to sabotage the Democratic process only because it benefits a small, vocal, anal, bigoted, intolerant, racist minority group, the far right fanatical, lunatic fringe, religious, militant Republican base.
So how the Hell can Democracy work in other countries when our own Politicians of the losing side will not let it play out  in America,  in all fairness? It does not work is the answer.
Instead we see that nothing gets done except name calling, accusations and complete denial of facts, and even intentional efforts to degrade, destroy, disrupt all attempts of a peaceful, legal transfer of power that was written into our Constitution.
Can Democracy really work, if the losing side in an election won't play by the rules?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Having an opinion is Worthless if there are no facts to back it up!

Today on TV you can turn to many channels where you can watch and learn just about anything that has ever been known to Humankind, and of course the Internet blows this away by  a light-year. But how the hell does a TV station like FOX TV be allowed to just make up facts as they go, with no regard to the truth or facts. It is stunning to hear  a commentator on FOX TV say the most libelous things about anyone at anytime with no regard for any journalistic integrity. With the likes of ( F-it, we''ll do it live, we'll do it live!!!) O'Reilly, and  jello backs Hannity, and Beck ( Nature was cruel and left these two men with no spines, otherwise known as cowardly), , guest clowns, the Pretty Miss Michelle Malkin ( Doesn't she know that she is Dark skinned and Asian, in an all White racist, bigoted men's club?)  and Ann Colture, the Champion of the Heartless, the promoter of Greed and intolerance, the Princess  of modern Witches or wenches and the co-founder of the Klan in your home town with the look of white Death.  As well as Mr. Limp slouch himself, Cavuto. With all these talking heads going on and on about everything and anything still not a word of fact even mixed into the conversation just to startle their base of viewers..
After months of the Birthers and then the teabaggers and then the Country is now Communist, and then they are taking your guns away, and then the illegal aliens ( undocumented immigrants to regular folks) are ruining the country and have destroyed our way of live movement. I wonder what the hell they say that is actually true on this station.
If FOX TV and it's commentators simply came out and said, look we hate Black people, we hate Hispanics, we marginally hate Jews until we can make money off of them, we hate Asians because they are all  rice eating  non-Christian  Communist Atheists, we hate Arabs because they all have too much hair on their backs, we hate the poor,  the homeless, the unfortunate, the tolerant, the less selfish, the kind, the compassionate, the loving. If they just came out and said this then I would know that they are telling the truth for once and I could agree with them. But no, they have to pretend that they sympathize "almost" with everybody not like them, but hate creeps into every conversation, and rears it's ugly head again and again until each of these commentators is foaming at the mouth.
If the FOX TV logo just said, "If you are not like us we Hate all of you". Than it would be more believable.
In my entire life I have never heard so much bellyaching, whining, slobbering, crying, drooling of worthless nouns, verbs, and prepositions about a President in my short comfortable life.
Here is a man, our President Obama, a person of conviction, a person for the people, a person that grew up having less things than the more fortunate, but was guided with love,  and affection, because of a strong Mother and Grandma. A man that will go down in History, because he was elected to the office of the Presidency of the United States on the coattails of the "Worst, most Corrupt, and Greedy" administration in America's short History, the Bush/ Cheney criminal regime. That President Obama  inherited a dung-heap of problems because of the laziness, ( 900 days on vacation Bush) and selfishness ( Dick, the I got mine Cheney, so F-you) of the Bush regime that almost took this Great Country of ours into  the Cat Litter box of final endings.
That not one of the FOX commentators can speak even one kind, appropriate word for this President is outrageous, sickening, disturbing and down right un-Patriotic.
Since I have some educational background and much more class than to give FOX TV the middle finger, I will just let them kiss my lilly white ass instead, and that's the truth!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I cannot prove that I know anything, but I certainly know that you know nothing!

Today as always we have the dueling effect of the political pundits and Politicians claiming that the other "Guys" plan, theory, agenda, direction, reason is all wrong even though they themselves have no plan, theory, direction, reason either.
The idea is to attack the other person, but at the same time don't say what you stand for, particularly if it is more of the same choice that got us to where we are today. More of the same will not fix anything, and denial is just an excuse or justification for not taking responsibility for the choice that did not work out well.
If you like for America to be caught in 2 wars in foreign countries eating up $13,000,000,000. 00 each and every month, 5,000 American soldiers killed, 100,000's of foreign citizens killed/ murdered so that Big Oil corporation, Halliburton, and other untold Companies can profit than you liked the past 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you like to ignore the fact that President G.W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney had been  in office 8 months before 9/11 occurred, that they both ignored all the warnings signs from the FBI, CIA and other Intelligence agencies. That 9/11 was totally preventable. That Bush allowed the Bin Ladin family to fly out of the USA and back to the Middle East on the day 9/11 occurred, only because the Bush family and the Bin Laden's do business together than you most likely felt good under the Bush regime too.
If you like the President of America to lie to it's citizens to create an unnecessary war for profit, only to give the Military Industrial complex  a few good years in the stock market, than the Bush 8 years were a joy for you as well.
If you like the fact that the corruption and greed allowed to occur under this Bush regime transferred $700,000,000,000.00 of taxpayers money to rich Wall St Companies, than you must have liked the past 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you liked open Borders, no immigration laws or enforcement of existing laws other than for show, than you like the Bush regime for the past 8 years.
If you liked the outsourcing of nearly all manufacturing jobs overseas to our Asian friends, then you liked the last 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you liked the  threatening Diplomatic behavior by our Government officials towards the rest of the World that resulted in global kaos, then you liked the last 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you think that as long as you are fed, have wealth, never want to serve in the Armed forces ( Bush/Cheney) but want to enjoy the rewards of Freedom, and Liberty, than you liked the last 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you think Health care is not a problem, and frankly don't give a shit about anybody but yourself than you probably liked the last 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you are frightened to Death that you see the USA turning dark skinned by the day, that other religions and no religion at all is legal and would use fear, hate, intimidation, violence, fictional God and religion, lying, to force another outcome than you will miss the good old days of the former Bush regime.

So now we come, 7 months into the administration of President Barrack Hussein Obama. A man of skill, compassion, insight, wisdom, and integrity. A man for the people. The common folk. The people who actually built this country into Greatness. A man who gives hope through kindness and knowledge, not by threats. A man who reaches out with a handshake and not show a fist for violence.
The past 8 years under the Bush regime has crippled the USA very severely. Add to this past and current crisis the self serving Politicians in Washington who seem to be for themselves and their Corporate sponsors and not for Americans who must work for a living and pay bills.
Still there are new choices to be made, because they are there to make, they are options to use or not to use. But they are there if we chose them.
America is having some growing pains right now. There is a small intolerant, bigoted, racist minority who want things to stay the same as they were in the 50's, (FOX TV, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Malkin, Colture, Rush etc...)and then you have the rest of us who know that "All things Change" all the time.
We will definitely get through this period in American History, but first we must cast aside the shackles of myopic republicanism or is that republican cannibalism?
Either way Republicans you lost the Presidential election. Go home, clean your guns ( I own guns too!) show some respect, go back and finish High School and just mellow the Hell out you bunch of White trash low lifes!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The use of Prisoner Torture . under ex- President G.W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney

What is the difference of the "Good Guys" and the "Bad Guys" in life?
One group of people, the Good Guys  use "Human" ethics and morality to make choices of every kind, and the second group of people, the Bad Guys use whatever means is necessary to accomplish their task.
Ethics or no ethics. Morality or no morality.
The end justifies the means to this second group.
Normally we call this second group Criminals.
I am not talking religious ethics and morality because then we get into torturing women for clothing choices, witch burning, stoning women to death for any reasons, degradation of females for the benefit of males justified by the use of a fictional God, and for that subject I will tear religion a new asshole in another piece!
In America we stand behind the notion that fairness, compassion, tolerance, sympathy, empathy, kindness, discipline, strength, courage, sportsmanship, leadership are the ultimate qualities of a Human being. That these qualities we would want our children to learn and practice throughout their lives as well, because this shows that we have evolved above and beyond simple animal nature.
What does it say then that the President, and Vice President of the previous administration, G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney believed that in order to accomplish their goal of protecting the citizens of the USA that they would condone the use of torture? That even though the USA and other countries around the World had signed a Geneva convention agreement  60 + years ago not to use torture for any reason, that these two men G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney thought that they would throw away this bilateral agreement and instead make their own unilateral agreement that only they would vote for, and not the rest of the citizens of America, standing 300 Million strong?
These same two men that never went to war. These same two cowardly men that did not have or want anything to do with "protecting" American interests during the Vietnam war. These same two men that created fictional reasons to invade Iraq where 100,000's of Iraqi citizens have died, and over 5,000 US servicemen and  women gave their lives for absolutely no reason other than being used as pawns to protect the interests of Corporate Oil companies, Halliburton, and the Military Industrial Complex of America.
That these same two men decided that torture is the only way to get information from prisoners whom the USA was and is responsible for to this very minute and whereas  the CIA interrogators and the CIA itself has repeatedly stated that it is much better to use alternative methods for recovering information without torture. That these two men, G.W.Bush and Dick Cheney each being married, and having children, Mothers and Fathers, felt that the only way to get information was to torture other human beings, and in many cases condone killing these prisoners in our care would also be the same men that say that they receive their marching orders from God?
It is way past time to prosecute these two war criminals G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney to the fullest extent of the law so that the US of A can set an example to ourselves and to the World that when people in the service of their country, in leadership positions in the highest offices of American politics, commit heinous crimes of morality, they will be held accountable, and punished.

Set back for women in Afghanistan elections

I read this article this morning about the setback for women in Afghanistan after the tally of the election votes, accompanied with photos of women in barkas from head to toe. It is revolting to say the least. Ever since men have justified using religion and God to enslave women it has only gotten worse. Religion truly is the scourge of Humanity. At the present moment the Islamic cult is at the top of the cruelty charts for the barbarous acts done to women in the name of God. But the other religious cults have just as much blame as well. After all Christianity has burned it's share of Witches, all in the name of a loving , kind,  and forgiving God that will put you in eternal Hell if you don't do as it wants!  WOW! All religions degrade women as things and not as equal partners in life's journey. It seems stunning that in 2009 Humanity has not come so far as it thinks. Religion relies on self serving ignorance of all scientific facts, complete fabrication of facts to serve it's own purpose, and intense hostility, fear, torture, and death to protect it's wealth -  A growing Human population ready to serve it's master.
Today all around  planet Earth there are Millions of castles sitting empty that we call Churches, Moscs, Synagogues built to worship a fictional man who floats on a cloud in the sky, wearing a toga robe, has long hair, and a long beard who is making decision for everything in the Universe, at every moment since complete darkness or pre Big Bang. ..
This fictional man is loving yet more brutal and selfish than any human can phantom. He is forgiving yet holds a grudge for eternity, he is merciful yet kills the innocent in the name of himself.
Religion is the Dark Ages for planet Earth only continued from Cave people to modern Humans.
What a long strange trip it's been!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

War in Afghanistan and Iraq

What a complete waste of time, money and Human life in both the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. The colossal failure and incompetence of G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney to allow 9/11 to happen in the first place and then to use it as a scapegoat to invade either country is simply treasonous. From the FBI to the CIA, and all other American Government Intelligence agencies, all have debunked anything of value that Bush and Cheney used to create these two wars for profit, and they are most certainly wars for profit. You the American taxpayer, Mothers and Father will pay dearly with the death of your children to satisfy the greed of G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and all of the other enablers in the Senate and Congress who voted to go to war on the flimsiest excuses only because it was self serving to their own careers and to generate wealth for themselves in business contracts and bribes. Today on the CBS Evening News there was a Republican Senator in Afghanistan describing to the viewers how corrupt the Afghan Government was and is, and all I could think about is how Corrupt the Politicians in America are. Here's a guy calling out Afghan or Iraqi political thieves and he is one who belongs to the biggest bunch of thieves on Planet Earth, American Politicians!

Besides the 5,000 dead servicemen and women, besides the Trillions spent on these Wars for profit, the American public will get nothing but the bill, and full caskets. The people of Afghanistan or Iraq have seen 100,000's of their own countrymen and women murdered for the benefit of Halliburton, and the Military Industrial war complex, Exxon, Mobile, Chevron, etc... so that they can get a free ride to $$ Hundreds of Billion in profits for these companies. The only reason that G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfield, Wolfowitcz, Rice and the rest of the Regime are not in prison for war crimes, and treasonous acts against America is because both Republicans and Democrats have blood on their hands and they are surely not going to prosecute themselves. Face it, we in America live in the most corruptible society that has ever lived. Everyday politicians spend $$$ Billions, Hundreds of Billions, Trillions now of taxpayer money like it was Monopoly money because these greedy S.O.B.'s take bribes, extortion's, and cash stuffed into suitcases because it is a big game for them.

They all ask themselves, "How much can I steal while in political office without being caught" to enrich my life?

It is sickening, but it is fact.

How can this change? How can we weed out greed and corruption in Politics?

Unfortunately it cannot be done.

We either can simply just live with it or we create massive change. How this is done is anybody's guess. America is already bankrupt, printing funny money that each day is worth less and less, and one day it will implode. Whatever goes up must come down. The Roman Empire lasted 1,000 years, the British Empire of real power lasted 400 years, and the American Empire being run by the most corrupted men and women on Earth will barely hit 100 before, if it does that.

The Iraq and Afghanistan war cost Americans $13,000,000,000.00 each and every month since 2003, and will bleed the USA dry in the future.

I was in Thailand visiting a friend when the USA invaded Iraq in early 2003, and the people there asked me why "my" country was starting another war, because they lived through the US's Vietnam war, and I surely could not tell them any reasonable answer, for there wasn't any. I have been to Vietnam and have seen the devastation for myself. My wife is Vietnamese and lived through the horrors of American Imperial conquest. I knew that it was about money, power and greed, but I was embarrassed to say it because America is my beloved homeland and it is being run by dishonest, self serving crooks!