Solar power

Solar power

Monday, August 24, 2009

Set back for women in Afghanistan elections

I read this article this morning about the setback for women in Afghanistan after the tally of the election votes, accompanied with photos of women in barkas from head to toe. It is revolting to say the least. Ever since men have justified using religion and God to enslave women it has only gotten worse. Religion truly is the scourge of Humanity. At the present moment the Islamic cult is at the top of the cruelty charts for the barbarous acts done to women in the name of God. But the other religious cults have just as much blame as well. After all Christianity has burned it's share of Witches, all in the name of a loving , kind,  and forgiving God that will put you in eternal Hell if you don't do as it wants!  WOW! All religions degrade women as things and not as equal partners in life's journey. It seems stunning that in 2009 Humanity has not come so far as it thinks. Religion relies on self serving ignorance of all scientific facts, complete fabrication of facts to serve it's own purpose, and intense hostility, fear, torture, and death to protect it's wealth -  A growing Human population ready to serve it's master.
Today all around  planet Earth there are Millions of castles sitting empty that we call Churches, Moscs, Synagogues built to worship a fictional man who floats on a cloud in the sky, wearing a toga robe, has long hair, and a long beard who is making decision for everything in the Universe, at every moment since complete darkness or pre Big Bang. ..
This fictional man is loving yet more brutal and selfish than any human can phantom. He is forgiving yet holds a grudge for eternity, he is merciful yet kills the innocent in the name of himself.
Religion is the Dark Ages for planet Earth only continued from Cave people to modern Humans.
What a long strange trip it's been!

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