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Solar power

Sunday, August 23, 2009

War in Afghanistan and Iraq

What a complete waste of time, money and Human life in both the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. The colossal failure and incompetence of G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney to allow 9/11 to happen in the first place and then to use it as a scapegoat to invade either country is simply treasonous. From the FBI to the CIA, and all other American Government Intelligence agencies, all have debunked anything of value that Bush and Cheney used to create these two wars for profit, and they are most certainly wars for profit. You the American taxpayer, Mothers and Father will pay dearly with the death of your children to satisfy the greed of G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and all of the other enablers in the Senate and Congress who voted to go to war on the flimsiest excuses only because it was self serving to their own careers and to generate wealth for themselves in business contracts and bribes. Today on the CBS Evening News there was a Republican Senator in Afghanistan describing to the viewers how corrupt the Afghan Government was and is, and all I could think about is how Corrupt the Politicians in America are. Here's a guy calling out Afghan or Iraqi political thieves and he is one who belongs to the biggest bunch of thieves on Planet Earth, American Politicians!

Besides the 5,000 dead servicemen and women, besides the Trillions spent on these Wars for profit, the American public will get nothing but the bill, and full caskets. The people of Afghanistan or Iraq have seen 100,000's of their own countrymen and women murdered for the benefit of Halliburton, and the Military Industrial war complex, Exxon, Mobile, Chevron, etc... so that they can get a free ride to $$ Hundreds of Billion in profits for these companies. The only reason that G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfield, Wolfowitcz, Rice and the rest of the Regime are not in prison for war crimes, and treasonous acts against America is because both Republicans and Democrats have blood on their hands and they are surely not going to prosecute themselves. Face it, we in America live in the most corruptible society that has ever lived. Everyday politicians spend $$$ Billions, Hundreds of Billions, Trillions now of taxpayer money like it was Monopoly money because these greedy S.O.B.'s take bribes, extortion's, and cash stuffed into suitcases because it is a big game for them.

They all ask themselves, "How much can I steal while in political office without being caught" to enrich my life?

It is sickening, but it is fact.

How can this change? How can we weed out greed and corruption in Politics?

Unfortunately it cannot be done.

We either can simply just live with it or we create massive change. How this is done is anybody's guess. America is already bankrupt, printing funny money that each day is worth less and less, and one day it will implode. Whatever goes up must come down. The Roman Empire lasted 1,000 years, the British Empire of real power lasted 400 years, and the American Empire being run by the most corrupted men and women on Earth will barely hit 100 before, if it does that.

The Iraq and Afghanistan war cost Americans $13,000,000,000.00 each and every month since 2003, and will bleed the USA dry in the future.

I was in Thailand visiting a friend when the USA invaded Iraq in early 2003, and the people there asked me why "my" country was starting another war, because they lived through the US's Vietnam war, and I surely could not tell them any reasonable answer, for there wasn't any. I have been to Vietnam and have seen the devastation for myself. My wife is Vietnamese and lived through the horrors of American Imperial conquest. I knew that it was about money, power and greed, but I was embarrassed to say it because America is my beloved homeland and it is being run by dishonest, self serving crooks!

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