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Solar power

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I cannot prove that I know anything, but I certainly know that you know nothing!

Today as always we have the dueling effect of the political pundits and Politicians claiming that the other "Guys" plan, theory, agenda, direction, reason is all wrong even though they themselves have no plan, theory, direction, reason either.
The idea is to attack the other person, but at the same time don't say what you stand for, particularly if it is more of the same choice that got us to where we are today. More of the same will not fix anything, and denial is just an excuse or justification for not taking responsibility for the choice that did not work out well.
If you like for America to be caught in 2 wars in foreign countries eating up $13,000,000,000. 00 each and every month, 5,000 American soldiers killed, 100,000's of foreign citizens killed/ murdered so that Big Oil corporation, Halliburton, and other untold Companies can profit than you liked the past 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you like to ignore the fact that President G.W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney had been  in office 8 months before 9/11 occurred, that they both ignored all the warnings signs from the FBI, CIA and other Intelligence agencies. That 9/11 was totally preventable. That Bush allowed the Bin Ladin family to fly out of the USA and back to the Middle East on the day 9/11 occurred, only because the Bush family and the Bin Laden's do business together than you most likely felt good under the Bush regime too.
If you like the President of America to lie to it's citizens to create an unnecessary war for profit, only to give the Military Industrial complex  a few good years in the stock market, than the Bush 8 years were a joy for you as well.
If you like the fact that the corruption and greed allowed to occur under this Bush regime transferred $700,000,000,000.00 of taxpayers money to rich Wall St Companies, than you must have liked the past 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you liked open Borders, no immigration laws or enforcement of existing laws other than for show, than you like the Bush regime for the past 8 years.
If you liked the outsourcing of nearly all manufacturing jobs overseas to our Asian friends, then you liked the last 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you liked the  threatening Diplomatic behavior by our Government officials towards the rest of the World that resulted in global kaos, then you liked the last 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you think that as long as you are fed, have wealth, never want to serve in the Armed forces ( Bush/Cheney) but want to enjoy the rewards of Freedom, and Liberty, than you liked the last 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you think Health care is not a problem, and frankly don't give a shit about anybody but yourself than you probably liked the last 8 years under the Bush regime.
If you are frightened to Death that you see the USA turning dark skinned by the day, that other religions and no religion at all is legal and would use fear, hate, intimidation, violence, fictional God and religion, lying, to force another outcome than you will miss the good old days of the former Bush regime.

So now we come, 7 months into the administration of President Barrack Hussein Obama. A man of skill, compassion, insight, wisdom, and integrity. A man for the people. The common folk. The people who actually built this country into Greatness. A man who gives hope through kindness and knowledge, not by threats. A man who reaches out with a handshake and not show a fist for violence.
The past 8 years under the Bush regime has crippled the USA very severely. Add to this past and current crisis the self serving Politicians in Washington who seem to be for themselves and their Corporate sponsors and not for Americans who must work for a living and pay bills.
Still there are new choices to be made, because they are there to make, they are options to use or not to use. But they are there if we chose them.
America is having some growing pains right now. There is a small intolerant, bigoted, racist minority who want things to stay the same as they were in the 50's, (FOX TV, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Malkin, Colture, Rush etc...)and then you have the rest of us who know that "All things Change" all the time.
We will definitely get through this period in American History, but first we must cast aside the shackles of myopic republicanism or is that republican cannibalism?
Either way Republicans you lost the Presidential election. Go home, clean your guns ( I own guns too!) show some respect, go back and finish High School and just mellow the Hell out you bunch of White trash low lifes!

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