Solar power

Solar power

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Democracy, American Style.

The elections in Afghanistan are temporarily on hold until the country can have a run off of the two top Candidates. Just like in America both candidates have dirt on their political hands and the politicians in Washington feel a mite threatened that either candidate will bring too much corruption into the highest powers of Afghanistan Government. In Afghanistan the true measure of power is  in the Opium trade. This is their natural resource that they can sell to the outside World. They have nothing else, unless selling dirt becomes fashionable soon and that does not look like the case. So either side of the political coin will be heavily tarnished with Political players that have close connection to the Opium trade, sales, distribution, smuggling, protection, bribery, murder, etc....
So here in the USA, American Politicians who have blood on their own hands in dealing with foreign Governments and power  do not like the way American style Democracy works in other countries because there are no sure ways to get the person you want to get elected in office and once they are there they become just as corrupt as the Politicians that the American Politicians do not want in office. These are Politicians who will not do America's bidding, by being paid off, bribed, or they will eventually be assassinated!
Democracy, what a wonderful thing, unless you lose the elections! Then it is atrociously unfair, because now your side is out of power until the next election in 2, or 4 or 6 years.
America keeps doing the same thing all over the World getting the same results for the past 100 years. We prop up puppet Governments, with boatloads of illegal American bribery money so that our guy gets in and the first thing we say after the elections is that we want our payback now! What this generally means is that we want the other countries Natural resources, oil, gas, timber, diamonds, gold, silver, you name it, we want it for America, or really for American owned Corporations owned by the elite, controlled by unscrupulous America businessmen with the help of unethical, self serving politicians who are more corrupt than most prison gangs, but they are good Christians (the majority) and Jews (the minority) at Church or at the Synagogue on Saturday and Sunday..
Business as usual.
Democracy brought in an Native Indian in Peru who does not want to surrender his countries sovereignty, and culture to outside Western Powers. We helped to install the Shaw of Iran and he fell to corruption. We put in Marcos in the Philippines and he feel to corruption. We put in Noriega of Panama and sits in prison in Florida. We helped put in Saddam Hussein and he fell as well. We push for Democracy to work for the Palestinians and  we get Hamas is in power. We put in power a Presidential figure in S. Vietnam and then had the CIA assassinate him because he didn't fit well for our own American ambitions. Go figure.
Now here in America in 2009 we are 8 months since the election of a new Democratically elected President and the political side that lost that election, the Republicans, do not want to let Democracy play out as was the intended purpose of our Founding Fathers. Instead the losing Republican side wants to sabotage the Democratic process only because it benefits a small, vocal, anal, bigoted, intolerant, racist minority group, the far right fanatical, lunatic fringe, religious, militant Republican base.
So how the Hell can Democracy work in other countries when our own Politicians of the losing side will not let it play out  in America,  in all fairness? It does not work is the answer.
Instead we see that nothing gets done except name calling, accusations and complete denial of facts, and even intentional efforts to degrade, destroy, disrupt all attempts of a peaceful, legal transfer of power that was written into our Constitution.
Can Democracy really work, if the losing side in an election won't play by the rules?

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