Solar power

Solar power

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Religion keeps all Females in Bondage.

Throughout Human History men being larger in physicality than women have always used this size difference to take advantage and degrade women. From cave people ancestors time until the thinking Human came about, females had to make due with any way they could to survive knowing and experiencing that males will harm them, rape them,  torture them and kill them at will for any reason needed.
Then God makes a mental appearance and from there things got even worse!
Religion, all of them are closely aligned with ignorance, and complete distortion  of facts, be it science or not. Religion relies on the population being ignorant enough not to ask questions about anything, but instead just to obey religious commands from the ignorant, power hungry,  religious Hierarchy.
How ironic then that the female who brings life into the World has been forced to be submissive, subservient, and a slave  to males who bring death, inhumane acts  and greed to the World.
Out of all the elements that continue to keep women and all females in this position of weakness, religion is number one culprit.
Religion is frightened of women having any power over their own bodies, allowing them to use contraception, allowing for Women's choice.
Religion is Women's greatest enemy!
Religion represses  all females Worldwide through ignorant teachings of cult worship of a fictional God, and all the characters that go along with it.
Ironically because women have been abused throughout Human History than latching onto religion in the past stems directly from compulsion by force , torture and death, and not because it seems like a good idea.
Women had no choice!
Either believe or die, by the hands of religious, intolerant, bigoted, ignorant psychotic men.
Fast forward to today, FOX TV, bigoted TV talking heads, religion, intolerant politicians, ignorant clergy, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, all degrade and persecute  women for their own benefit.
These organizations fear women and females to have power over their own lives.
Look at the current laws in the USA. Viagra is legal and advertised to death on TV, but contraception or birth control choice is no where to be found.
So men have a right with religion's blessing  to impregnate a women/ female but a women/ female  has no religious right or choice  to protect herself from impregnation!
When will this male behavior stop?
As long as religion and God exist than males have the ultimate excuse to justify the worst, possible heinous acts towards women into the foreseeable future.
Not a pretty sight folks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jesus, the ultimate Liberal!

Everyday I hear the GOP or it's surrogates using the name Jesus or Christian in a way that completely distorts the person of whom they are talking about. This person, human being, mortal man, Jesus ( no last name) if he ever existed at all was by the very  few actually writings in the Bible, an unemployed, ( welfare recipient) long haired, long unshaven bearded, Jewish Rabbi who was a rebellious non conservative, left leaning, problem maker, anti- capitalist pain in the rear end   for both Roman and Jewish Power brokers, tolerant, unbiased, bum!
For the GOP of today to invoke Jesus defies logic. Jesus was tolerant, and the GOP is not. Jesus was not bigoted but the GOP is. Jesus was not a racist, but the GOP is. In fact Jesus fought against the Corporate thieves of religion and money, the GOP supports corporate religion and Corporate money. Jesus fought for the welfare of the poor and weak, the innocent, and the GOP supports the repression of the poor and weak.
Jesus fought against greed, and  the GOP's entire platform is about greed!
Jesus was pro women. The GOP prefers women as objects and slaves, or better put, barefoot and pregnant!
What a GOP con job. Smells like fertilizer to me.
Look around you the next time you leave your home and count how many Churches, Mosc's, Synagogues are out there that stand empty most of the time. These houses of God could be used to help the homeless, mothers and children without a place to live from job loss and foreclosure, the down and out in this GOP produced economy, but they aren't. These Buildings for religious worship, are for the worshipping of false Idols instead. While people starve and go without food these buildings sit empty. While people have no place to sleep at night these buildings sit empty.
What would Jesus think about this?
Jesus was a Jew, who was never a Christian, A Jew who never heard of Islam. A Jew who stood up to the powers of corruption in his own religion and the invaders of his homeland.
A Jewish Rabbi, who celebrated life by helping the poor and weak.
What would Jesus think of the GOP?
He would be the first to attack the self serving greed that presents itself as a family value. Jesus would attack the celebration of money, for monies sake.
No, my friends  Jesus was and is to this day a bleeding Left Leaning Liberal for the people, and would be very sickened at what a sham the GOP is for using his image to sell distasteful products by the greedy, and two faced.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Health and Health care in America

Amazing, I just watched on CBS/ CNN nightly news how a city in North Carolina was handling the economic crisis, and in every shot was an obese person, or persons talking to the journalist. The Christian man working in the food pantry was obese, not just chubby, the spokesman for the town, also obese, there was an obese women picking up food at the food pantry with obese kids. Everybody was obese, as though that were normal. Yet, in America today in many parts of the country obesity is normal! To see just an average sized person in these particular newscast was nearly non-existent.  People what are you thinking? You are worried to death about health care insurance, yelling and screaming into the air at the Politcians and then instead you go and  eat for two people yourselves! WOW! Today in the land of the free, America we have a crisis. This crisis has many symptoms, or reasons, but it always leads back to the same ending, and that is Americans know very little about how to take care of themselves in 2009.
First, remember if you have forgotten or just don't know. Everything that you do in life, you  have had to learn since your birth.
Eating is something you learned how to do from your parents, because they  are your first teachers in your life. Therefore if your parents understand about nutrition than they can provide you with the best examples and choices for food and nutrition for you, so that you will eventually be able to make these choices, and decisions when your parents are no longer around to influence your choices.
At the same time if your parents know little or nothing about food and nutrition than they will teach you what they know and you will be stuck at the beginning of your life with poor or bad examples of what to eat, how to eat, and what eating is all about in the first place, which is to give your body nutrition to create energy or fuel.
Americans know very little, or almost nothing  about nutrition. They know somewhat about physical activity because they at least watch Professional Sports on TV, and they know that these people must stay fairly healthy to play in sports. But these people are also paid top dollar to stay healthy, they have to be in shape and healthy to compete at a very high level. But they too suffer the same ills for poor food choices once they stop working out so hard. They too can easily become fat and ill. However for the average person, if you think that you can eat poor quality food, and or too much of it and somehow balance this out with physical activity than you are sadly mistaken, because your internal system knows very well what it needs and what it does not need.
In the end your subconscience is not swayed  or fooled by your conscience mind or your conscience choices while you are awake.
Your brain knows everything that you do mentally and physically.
Kind of like the men using steroids to get strength. On the outside they look like the picture of strength, very buff, but on the inside it is physical mush, and illness and broken down organs that will deteriorate much faster than normal with fatal results.
The basics of all good health comes from the foods that  we eat at every meal, on every day of our lives.
Let me repeat that because it is the most important knowledge that you need to know to be healthy in life.
The basics of all good health come from the food that you eat, at every meal, every day of your life!
Every cell in your body, every thought generated by your brain, every motion you create comes directly from the food (energy) that you consume.
You will never, ever, with no possibility, gain weight by looking at food.
It is physically impossible.
Food, and or  nutrition has to be taken into your system  by ingesting it, or by  intravenous methods for you to use or to ever gain weight.
Weight gain can only come about by taking in of more calories than you are using up.
Of course Medical conditions can prevent the body from being able to digest, absorb, regulate the food you consume, this also would have to take into account  the waste processes in Humans as well. If your body cannot eliminate processed food thoroughly then it can become a toxic internal nightmare, which will stop the natural process of elimination and the body will retain more of what you eat.
But this is not the problem for most Americans at all.
What  the problem is  lies directly with ignorance, followed up with poor choices no matter what one knows.
Not knowing or understanding where food comes from, not understanding what is the difference of good food and food that is not good is the brunt of Human Health related ailments today.
Not knowing what the term cholesterol actually means, or what dairy products can do to your system will  not allow you to make a good choice regarding blood clouting from animal fats in your food, which can result in Heart attacks, and stroke, and so many other diseases that are preventable.
You are responsible to know how to take care of yourself.
 It is not a mystery.
You are to blame for your own poor or bad Health.
The knowledge is available for free.
You are responsible for your life, your health, your happiness and nobody else!
If you have poor health right now there is good chance that you yourself  are the cause. Most, if not all illnesses come from the type of food and nutrients that you take into your body.
Do you understand that food "is" actually the medicine that your body needs everyday?
It is difficult for me, living in the USA, the land of Knowledge, innovation,  and choices beyond our ancestors wildest imagination, to have sympathy or empathy for anybody with weight problems when the rest of the World is starving to Death!
Put the fork down, toss the Big Mac, and instead go for a walk, it could save your life, and maybe your childrens.