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Solar power

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jesus, the ultimate Liberal!

Everyday I hear the GOP or it's surrogates using the name Jesus or Christian in a way that completely distorts the person of whom they are talking about. This person, human being, mortal man, Jesus ( no last name) if he ever existed at all was by the very  few actually writings in the Bible, an unemployed, ( welfare recipient) long haired, long unshaven bearded, Jewish Rabbi who was a rebellious non conservative, left leaning, problem maker, anti- capitalist pain in the rear end   for both Roman and Jewish Power brokers, tolerant, unbiased, bum!
For the GOP of today to invoke Jesus defies logic. Jesus was tolerant, and the GOP is not. Jesus was not bigoted but the GOP is. Jesus was not a racist, but the GOP is. In fact Jesus fought against the Corporate thieves of religion and money, the GOP supports corporate religion and Corporate money. Jesus fought for the welfare of the poor and weak, the innocent, and the GOP supports the repression of the poor and weak.
Jesus fought against greed, and  the GOP's entire platform is about greed!
Jesus was pro women. The GOP prefers women as objects and slaves, or better put, barefoot and pregnant!
What a GOP con job. Smells like fertilizer to me.
Look around you the next time you leave your home and count how many Churches, Mosc's, Synagogues are out there that stand empty most of the time. These houses of God could be used to help the homeless, mothers and children without a place to live from job loss and foreclosure, the down and out in this GOP produced economy, but they aren't. These Buildings for religious worship, are for the worshipping of false Idols instead. While people starve and go without food these buildings sit empty. While people have no place to sleep at night these buildings sit empty.
What would Jesus think about this?
Jesus was a Jew, who was never a Christian, A Jew who never heard of Islam. A Jew who stood up to the powers of corruption in his own religion and the invaders of his homeland.
A Jewish Rabbi, who celebrated life by helping the poor and weak.
What would Jesus think of the GOP?
He would be the first to attack the self serving greed that presents itself as a family value. Jesus would attack the celebration of money, for monies sake.
No, my friends  Jesus was and is to this day a bleeding Left Leaning Liberal for the people, and would be very sickened at what a sham the GOP is for using his image to sell distasteful products by the greedy, and two faced.

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