Solar power

Solar power

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What if today was your last day to be alive?

If today was your last day of life, and you had no illness or injury  to prevent you from doing what you would like to do, what would it be?
Would the TV, or the computer have any significance?
Would you like to just stay indoors and watch movies, News, read the paper on the computer or write to friends?
Would you be pissed off at the people who owe you money or who screwed you over at some point in your life?
Would it be payback time for the people who did you wrong during your life, and who you never did quite seem to get even with ?
Would you feel compassion and empathy now for people who are like you, with life coming to an end, who have no more choices in life?
Would you feel remorse for your own actions of selfishness, and greed, or laziness, and spite?
Would you like to just go outside, enjoy a warm summer day, blue sky, ocean breeze, sparkling waves at the coast, with people playing at the beach, with not a care in the World?
Watch the birds fly by so gracefully in the sunlight, gliding in the wind, watch a lizard run by your feet in the sand and into the bushes, watch Dolphins jumping in the ocean like kids playing at the park, surfing the waves like only they can?
Perhaps you would go to the Desert or the River, or a Lake, or the Mountains instead to get away from people altogether, get away from man-made noises and just contemplate what your life had been like?
Did you accomplish what you wanted to do in life?
Would you go hang gliding, parachute, white water river rafting, learn to surf, mountain climb, base jump, race a car, a motorcycle, eat every food of choice, visit family, friends, enemies?
Do you think that you actually did very little with your life, other than being alive for a certain number of years?
In your own terms did you help or hinder mankind?
Did you make life better or worse for the people around you, your environment, your family?
Did you finally realise that hate, love, racism, bigotry, tolerance, fear, compassion, religion, politics etc.... are all learned during your life time and that you were never born with any of these thoughts, but instead had to learn all of them?
Would you finally understand how precious life is, every minute, every day, every month, every year?
Would you?
Would you be able to end it all today, knowing that this is the final day of your existence, that there is no more time left, there is no Heaven, no Hell, no reincarnation, no nothing, that your life is over here on planet Earth and that you are never coming back ever?

Friday, September 4, 2009

2ND Great Depression is here and now.

Just today I am reading that the mortgage delinquency for top credit borrowers is showing major cracks in it. These people are being laid off from their jobs and cannot pay their mortgages and it stands to reason that these people will not be working anytime soon as well. After 50 years of false, deceitful and out and out lying by business and our own Government we must as a Nation come to grips with the facts, and they don't look pretty.
The BIG Ponzi scheme has finally unraveled!
This country is in a downward spiral, and only a few honest brokers are even talking about it. The rest, sell their spin only to make money from the lies, but who really cannot see where we, our Nation is headed?
Large Corporations have laid off as many people as they can so far and now small business is following suit, and and on top of the Government has gotten into the act.
So then if Private business is not hiring, and Government is not hiring, than who is?
We have been spending $13,000,000,000.00 every month since 2003 for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet Republicans are yelling that there is no money for National Health care?
Our country is Broke people.
We are simply printing money, borrowing from foreign countries at a rate that will crush this country in not too long a time, and that time is now.
One of the first things that we need to do is get the Hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan period. No more Democracy Bullshit because that is never going to happen. We can stay in both these countries  for the next 100 years and nothing will change.
Both these illegal wars are G.W. Bush/ Dick Cheney failures for America, and putting both these criminals  behind bars for life would be a good first step.
Right now we are "America the Imperialist" country with our hands and fingers stretched into every country for their resources. When Republicans talk of Democracy they mean countries that will sell us valuable resources that  we want without having to invade them if they make choices that we do not want to hear.
Amazingly the Republicans talk about war on terror but it has been here for 40 years already. The drug cartels from Mexico are here now by the 10's of thousands murdering people everyday. Our Southern Borders have no border!
The biggest actual threat to Americans today are these gangs that are already here in the USA in every city, and instead of fighting them, Bush and Cheney forced the country into 2 wars in other parts of the World.
Talking about failed leadership, these two incompetent morons were the last straw in the camel's back.
The war on drugs has been fought for the past 100 years and has never deterred anybody from using drugs, or obtaining them. We need to address and change this policy now if we are to save ourselves from a further erosion into Never, Never land.
The Government has spent $$ one Trillion dollars on the war on Drugs over the past 100 years and it has lost the battle before it even started.
We need new direction here, because all we see is wasted lives, and money for nothing.
Drugs need to be legalised, no different than legal Pharmaceuticals drugs are today as well. That needs to be done immediately to address the wasted money and resources.
Stopping both wars, changing direction on the war on drugs saves this country $100's of Billion annually. With that money we should be investing in what we really need now and into the long range future, Renewable Energy resources. Wind, Solar, plant based fuels.
If we do not see the emergency of where America is today, we won't have the luxury of repeating the 1970's fuel crisis over again when we were warned by our unfriendly non- allies in OPEC and then did nothing about it. It will have been too late.
What more proof do you need to see?
Who could have ever imagined to see G.M.,  and Chrysler in Bankruptcy already, and that hundreds of banks have  failed already, again and  again?
Wake up call America.
There is still time to get your act together, but that window is closing extremely fast.
We,  meaning our country, America needs to have a new philosophy in how we live, and how we will be able to maintain our quality of life but at the same time come to grips that the mindless, selfishness of today and the past is over.
The World is a finite place!
There is no where else for us to rape and pilliage if this Human Species experiment fails.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Failed Leadership, in Business, Religion and Government.

When I look everywhere today in the News what I really see and hear is a complete failure of Business, Religion, and Government with the real bottom line reason  as always being greed. Greed is the reason that the USA is slipping faster into the abyss. At every corner is somebody with their hand out wanting more of anything and everything, whether they need it or not, because "more" has become an American value. In every aspect of life "greed and more" trample over common sense, and ethics every time. America, the land of the Free, the Home of the Brave is run by Political crooks in office only to get rich at the expense of not only all the citizens of the USA, but every citizen of every country on the Planet. Our Businesses and their  leadership is run by crooks with the same personality traits as Al Capone, greed at any cost. Our Religious Institutions go about preaching intolerance, bigotry, racism,  but never forget to tell you to leave money in the till before you leave, all the while these tax free religious buildings stand empty 6 days a week, while the homeless and unfed sleep in shelters and on the streets. Hell they don't even allow the returning military Veterans to use these buildings, and  instead they must sleep in the streets.
Religion, a sham and a shame!
What the Hell is wrong with you people?
The only value in the country is Greed, followed by more greed.
Just like the guy in the movie Network, I am sick of this shit every day, being forced down our collective throats and then we are told to just relax, it is no problem as they screw us again.
The Recession is coming to and end they say on Wall St!
We are on course for a total Collapse.
You have been handed one  $$ Trillion dollars of taxpayer money of course you'll be fine.
Every Politician is a liar, every businessman is a thief, every religious cleric is an insane, half-wit who lives in the Stone Ages of Ignorance and blind submission.
What a sham.
This is the big plan though.
The people at the top, the richest of the rich revel in kaos, it makes money, everything makes more money. War brings death, but also much profit. Drug companies sell products that the side affect is worse than the illness they are suppose to cure. Health Care "less" companies deal in money as though it had ethics. Insurance companies sell worthless pieces of paper that have no value when you try to collect on your policy, but yet you are forced by Government to buy it or else.
The only thing America does today well, is start wars in other countries.
We have this down.
Leadership in America has failed miserably at every level.
So what it really means is that there are no leaders!
We are on a ship with no Captain to steer and navigate  a safe course.
It is like being on the Titanic as it is sinking but you are at the back of the boat playing ping pong on deck having a Mai Tia, and the deck hand says that there is plenty of time to escape, only you don't notice that you have a chain around your ankle, and the other end is bolted down to the ship itself !!!!!!!
God will not save us. How could it? God is all fiction, and just make believe to begin with.
Because if you think God will save you, than you might as well believe that the Easter Bunny will save you, or Santa Clause?
So now is the time to start baking those cookies for the reindeer that will be on your roof soon, but make sure that you don't shoot them by mistake, thinking that they are burglars, or your unemployed neighbor.
So don't plan on any miracles anytime soon, because everything is the result of cause and effect in the Universe.
So now what genius, you ask?
Am I worried?
No, I will be just fine, but the rest of you, I am not so sure.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan now!

Who really wins in these Wars for profit?
The Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, Big Banking Cartels, Haliburton, Politicians, and anyone else who can milk a profit from Death falsely justified trough religion and Nationalism.
Who loses in these wars?
Our soldiers who are used as pawns like on a Chessboard. The people in these countries themselves because Millions will be displaced and 100,000's will be innocently killed.
Now is the time for President Obama to show leadership strength and push to have all troops out of both Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. Sure he or the Politicians can make-up all the Bullshit reasons for why this will not or cannot happen, but they are just Bullshit reasons.
We can start leaving today if we choose to. But the profit driven business of war will push ahead relentlessly until the American people are sick enough to start voting these political criminals out of office and then, and only then, will there be more push to change directions. The only other option would be Revolution of the status quote. But by then the Business of War will have made enough profit to back down and re-group only to be planning on another War, in another part of the World to start the same process to happen all over again. Greed has no ethics, no boundaries, no shame. Greed is, the Richest of the Rich, wanting more at any cost and they will get it, for our elected, browning nosing, spineless, self serving Politicians will do everything to pad their own pockets at the expense of the American citizens who they are suppose to represent.
What has the American public received by the two Wars created by G.W.Bush ( The Half -wit) and Dick ( I'm not a Crook) Cheney?
6,000 dead service men and women.
$13,000,000,000.00 bill due, each and every month since 2003. Totalling  $3 TRILLION and counting!!!
Record deficits, at a time when the Country is in a near second Great Depression environment.
500,000 - 1,000,000 service men and women returning home with war fatigue, and mental issues that will haunt them for a lifetime.
10,000's of our returning soldiers are now Homeless, living in the streets.
They serve their country and then come home to drug, alcohol, other forms of addiction due to stress and lack of mental Health help.
Flak from the rest of the World knowing that our elected officials are even more crooked than any others on the face of the Earth, because here in America the numbers used are just like playing with monopoly money - nearly unlimited!
And finally complete political burnout from us citizens knowing that our elected official don't give a damn about anybody but themselves, their re-elections, and their Swiss and Caribbean secret bank accounts.
Stay tuned:
Next war coming to America - Africa, the Dark Continent, loaded with minerals, oil, gold, diamonds, timber, and anything else of value to be plundered.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Meaning of Life.

What is the meaning of life?
There isn't any, other than in that you create or make up whatever meaning you want to have. Your life is not predetermined by anything other than cause and effect from the choices you make. But what is remotely determined is that everything is interconnected to each other. The Earth itself is a living thing, constantly changing never static and so is each of our lives, always changing, never staying the same. From the moment sperm cell enters the egg, change is on the get go, from 2 cells multiply into 4, into 8, into 16 and so on and so on. When each of us is born there is no blueprint to what we will become, how long we will live, what we will accomplish or not accomplish. The only thing for certain at this point in time is that we are a mixture, and mutation of genetics from our Mother's side  of the family and our Father's side of his family dating back to the beginning of Humanity and beyond, Evolution.
So nothing is preordained at birth other than being alive. From this point forward, your immediate future is in the hands of your first teachers in life, your parents. Your parents, or parent (Mom) will lay the ground work for who you will become as you grow up. Your intelligence level, your drive, your understanding of ethics, your emotional balance, your sense of who you are, will be taught to you by your parent or parents. If you have a happy, loving personality with tolerance to others, other cultures, other people, care for our environment than most likely this was what you were taught from your parents. If you have fear, hate, low self esteem, have racist, bigoted, intolerant thoughts and actions, see the environment as something only to make money from, than this too was most likely taught to you as well, by your parent or parents when you were very young. Much of what we are personality wise as we age from birth to death, from the first 10 years of life  is taught to us in our own homes, by Mom, and/ or with Dad. We become what our environment allows us to be. In America and other countries with higher levels of living standards  at 10 years old most likely you would be in school, private or public. But for kids at 10 years of age everywhere else  you may be in the streets working, or begging for money to stay alive. It just depends on when you were born and where you live.
Today while I was out surfing with a buddy of mine, for some reason he mentioned to me that in his opinion one person cannot really do much to change the way the World is or it's future and I said to him I disagree. In fact, I believe one person, any person can make all the difference in the World by their actions.
Than my friend said" Imagine if Bobby Kennedy had never been shot"?  What if?  Imagine if Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Pol Pot, Stalin,  Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Cheney, Teddy Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Howard Hughes,   had died in infancy? One person can make a hell of a difference.....
Now back to you, and what are you doing here on Planet Earth.. You are here because you managed, with all the diseases, all the wars, all the things that could have taken your life, you have been fortunate not to have died yet. Of course you will die, just not yet.
What have you made of yourself? Do you like who you are? Could the World be better or worse if you live or die? Are you here only to populate the planet? Who even cares that you are here in the first place? These questions take a little thought, because you could have many different answers to them. But if you are here, what is the meaning of your existence other than taking up space?
There really is none.
You are whoever you want to be. Whatever you choose to do, to learn, to become is not predetermined but will come from your own choices, influenced by your environment, whether that is forced upon you or you have freedom to choose on your own.
So you yourself are the reason for being here. You make your life meaningful by deciding what your core values are, accomplishing allot or absolutely nothing. There is a middle ground for all things, and that tends to be a good area to be. Being an alcoholic, or being non-drinking, being a drug user, or never using drugs, beating your wife, or never having any ability to hurt the ones you love.
You alone give meaning to your life!
You can justify this any way to want or choose. Religion, God, revenge, anger, hate, jealousy, love, kindness, compassion, patience. It is all up to you.
But will God force you to do anything?
No, because there isn't any God.
You alone are responsible for why you have any meaning to your life, and nobody else.
So now you have no more reason to say "poor me". Your life is exactly what you will make of it.