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Solar power

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Meaning of Life.

What is the meaning of life?
There isn't any, other than in that you create or make up whatever meaning you want to have. Your life is not predetermined by anything other than cause and effect from the choices you make. But what is remotely determined is that everything is interconnected to each other. The Earth itself is a living thing, constantly changing never static and so is each of our lives, always changing, never staying the same. From the moment sperm cell enters the egg, change is on the get go, from 2 cells multiply into 4, into 8, into 16 and so on and so on. When each of us is born there is no blueprint to what we will become, how long we will live, what we will accomplish or not accomplish. The only thing for certain at this point in time is that we are a mixture, and mutation of genetics from our Mother's side  of the family and our Father's side of his family dating back to the beginning of Humanity and beyond, Evolution.
So nothing is preordained at birth other than being alive. From this point forward, your immediate future is in the hands of your first teachers in life, your parents. Your parents, or parent (Mom) will lay the ground work for who you will become as you grow up. Your intelligence level, your drive, your understanding of ethics, your emotional balance, your sense of who you are, will be taught to you by your parent or parents. If you have a happy, loving personality with tolerance to others, other cultures, other people, care for our environment than most likely this was what you were taught from your parents. If you have fear, hate, low self esteem, have racist, bigoted, intolerant thoughts and actions, see the environment as something only to make money from, than this too was most likely taught to you as well, by your parent or parents when you were very young. Much of what we are personality wise as we age from birth to death, from the first 10 years of life  is taught to us in our own homes, by Mom, and/ or with Dad. We become what our environment allows us to be. In America and other countries with higher levels of living standards  at 10 years old most likely you would be in school, private or public. But for kids at 10 years of age everywhere else  you may be in the streets working, or begging for money to stay alive. It just depends on when you were born and where you live.
Today while I was out surfing with a buddy of mine, for some reason he mentioned to me that in his opinion one person cannot really do much to change the way the World is or it's future and I said to him I disagree. In fact, I believe one person, any person can make all the difference in the World by their actions.
Than my friend said" Imagine if Bobby Kennedy had never been shot"?  What if?  Imagine if Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Pol Pot, Stalin,  Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Cheney, Teddy Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Howard Hughes,   had died in infancy? One person can make a hell of a difference.....
Now back to you, and what are you doing here on Planet Earth.. You are here because you managed, with all the diseases, all the wars, all the things that could have taken your life, you have been fortunate not to have died yet. Of course you will die, just not yet.
What have you made of yourself? Do you like who you are? Could the World be better or worse if you live or die? Are you here only to populate the planet? Who even cares that you are here in the first place? These questions take a little thought, because you could have many different answers to them. But if you are here, what is the meaning of your existence other than taking up space?
There really is none.
You are whoever you want to be. Whatever you choose to do, to learn, to become is not predetermined but will come from your own choices, influenced by your environment, whether that is forced upon you or you have freedom to choose on your own.
So you yourself are the reason for being here. You make your life meaningful by deciding what your core values are, accomplishing allot or absolutely nothing. There is a middle ground for all things, and that tends to be a good area to be. Being an alcoholic, or being non-drinking, being a drug user, or never using drugs, beating your wife, or never having any ability to hurt the ones you love.
You alone give meaning to your life!
You can justify this any way to want or choose. Religion, God, revenge, anger, hate, jealousy, love, kindness, compassion, patience. It is all up to you.
But will God force you to do anything?
No, because there isn't any God.
You alone are responsible for why you have any meaning to your life, and nobody else.
So now you have no more reason to say "poor me". Your life is exactly what you will make of it.

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