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Solar power

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Failed Leadership, in Business, Religion and Government.

When I look everywhere today in the News what I really see and hear is a complete failure of Business, Religion, and Government with the real bottom line reason  as always being greed. Greed is the reason that the USA is slipping faster into the abyss. At every corner is somebody with their hand out wanting more of anything and everything, whether they need it or not, because "more" has become an American value. In every aspect of life "greed and more" trample over common sense, and ethics every time. America, the land of the Free, the Home of the Brave is run by Political crooks in office only to get rich at the expense of not only all the citizens of the USA, but every citizen of every country on the Planet. Our Businesses and their  leadership is run by crooks with the same personality traits as Al Capone, greed at any cost. Our Religious Institutions go about preaching intolerance, bigotry, racism,  but never forget to tell you to leave money in the till before you leave, all the while these tax free religious buildings stand empty 6 days a week, while the homeless and unfed sleep in shelters and on the streets. Hell they don't even allow the returning military Veterans to use these buildings, and  instead they must sleep in the streets.
Religion, a sham and a shame!
What the Hell is wrong with you people?
The only value in the country is Greed, followed by more greed.
Just like the guy in the movie Network, I am sick of this shit every day, being forced down our collective throats and then we are told to just relax, it is no problem as they screw us again.
The Recession is coming to and end they say on Wall St!
We are on course for a total Collapse.
You have been handed one  $$ Trillion dollars of taxpayer money of course you'll be fine.
Every Politician is a liar, every businessman is a thief, every religious cleric is an insane, half-wit who lives in the Stone Ages of Ignorance and blind submission.
What a sham.
This is the big plan though.
The people at the top, the richest of the rich revel in kaos, it makes money, everything makes more money. War brings death, but also much profit. Drug companies sell products that the side affect is worse than the illness they are suppose to cure. Health Care "less" companies deal in money as though it had ethics. Insurance companies sell worthless pieces of paper that have no value when you try to collect on your policy, but yet you are forced by Government to buy it or else.
The only thing America does today well, is start wars in other countries.
We have this down.
Leadership in America has failed miserably at every level.
So what it really means is that there are no leaders!
We are on a ship with no Captain to steer and navigate  a safe course.
It is like being on the Titanic as it is sinking but you are at the back of the boat playing ping pong on deck having a Mai Tia, and the deck hand says that there is plenty of time to escape, only you don't notice that you have a chain around your ankle, and the other end is bolted down to the ship itself !!!!!!!
God will not save us. How could it? God is all fiction, and just make believe to begin with.
Because if you think God will save you, than you might as well believe that the Easter Bunny will save you, or Santa Clause?
So now is the time to start baking those cookies for the reindeer that will be on your roof soon, but make sure that you don't shoot them by mistake, thinking that they are burglars, or your unemployed neighbor.
So don't plan on any miracles anytime soon, because everything is the result of cause and effect in the Universe.
So now what genius, you ask?
Am I worried?
No, I will be just fine, but the rest of you, I am not so sure.

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