Solar power

Solar power

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is praying about anyway, it's just begging!

Think about it. What is praying for? People pray to God for everything, to stay alive, to be rich, to eat, to survive, to win Football games, to win Wars. But what exactly is praying? What praying is, is begging!
It is begging God to get something that they think he or it can give them. So God wants you to beg him or it so that you are completely submissive to his or it's power only to force you to become a mental, physical, and Spiritual slave for life.
Begging for mercy, begging for life.
Why does God, this almighty, so called  loving power need you to beg for anything?
Why would God, who owns and controls the entire Universe need you to beg for anything?
Face it, religion is a complete fraud!
It always has been, and always will be a fraud.
It is the worst ponzi scheme ever invented.
The fact that in 2010 A.D. planet Earth has religion to help with it's destruction is sickening at best, and factual at it's worst.
The belief in the unbelievable is Humanity's downfall.
Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, not hard to believe. So there is more to your life than just you, not hard to believe. So that you can use this energy, since it is already there, whenever you learn or know how to use it, and since you do not live in a vacuum but are connected to all things than it would seem highly appropriate to know that the energy outside of yourself can be tapped into mentally, physically and Spiritually.
But this only works if you put action into your thoughts, and not just thoughts alone as in praying.
If you want to be good at something, change something, create something, praying alone does nothing at all, but by putting physical, mental, Spiritual effort into anything, you will get incremental results, desired or not.
So God, your fictional God, has no interest to hear you beg ever, because it does not exist!
The Universe is controlled through cause and effect.
Religion cannot offer or promise anything that any con man or con women can promise you because it is all an illusion!
Face it. Religion is a curable sickness of the mind!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The only Species to believe in make Believe.

It is very easy to see where Humanity has come from when you look at our collective Histories all over Planet Earth. We as a species, through evolution have gradually evolved from the weakest, the slowest, the most defenseless creatures, to now the most destructive, brutal and heartless, but all by choice.
Through the use of larger brains we have the ability to reason in the moment and in the future, and because of this we are capable of projecting thought. We can see past the present moment and question what comes next. Next minute, next hour, next day, next year, next decade. No other animal does this!
Just Humans.
Understanding that our past was one that in essense we barely survived and that our competition did not, only by a slime margin. Our brain size enabled Humans to create language, thought, tools,weapons all in order so that we can move forward, having no other fate than simple existence, no different than today.
Our ability to think also came with a lot of unnecessary baggage, the ability to believe in the make believe. The reasons are many but mainly because this ability to ponder all questions also meant that there must be answers to each question and as we evolved we had no answers to anything, so we had to invent answers.
Along comes our make believe World, of Spirits, Gods, Superstition, luck, miracles. At the time this fit nicely because one did not have to have facts to use these make believe answers, only that one believes in the answers.
Fast forward to 2010 A.D., the World as we know it has given us the many answers to the many questions we have asked through the different areas of Science. We now know that we can prove without a doubt many of the same things we could not prove in our past. We now know that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth. We now now that there are billions of Stars in Billions of Galaxies, each having billions of planets orbiting them. We now know that the Earth is not flat, we now know that that Earth is some 4.5 Billion years in the making and that the Universe and Solar system since the big Bang is roughly 14.4 Billion years old. We now know that the Dinosaurs were wiped out from the impact of a 9 mile across Comet/ Asteroid/ Meteor, some 63 Million years ago along the coast of the the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. We now know about plate tectonics and why we have Earth quakes, We now know why Hurricanes in the Atlantic evolve from the dry desert winds coming from the African Continent, onto a small Island chain that eventually creates the right conditions to form weather patterns that become Hurricanes. We now know why Tornadoes form. We now know the mechanics of the body we have in order to stay healthy.
We now know that cause and effect rules the Universe in every aspect.
We now know that a make believe God has nothing to do with anything.
We now know so much of what we did not know in only a short time ago, and yet we still have this need to believe in the make believe - religion.
With all that we now know, how can anyone continue to actually believe or think that there is a floating cloud man in the sky making decisions for all things?
Religion itself is all belief and no facts.
All hearsay, and no proof.
Why do we allow ourselves to use what is not there, only  to justify our existence anymore.
We have the answers people!
There are no miracles.
There is no luck.
There are no Gods, and never were!
The World is at a tipping point because of the need by religion to impose it's own ignorance on all creatures of the Planet.
The Human race is destroying itself and Planet Earth, and it is doing so in the name of religion and a make believe God,  that has never existed, and never will exist.
Wake up Human race, there is still time to right this catastrophic wrong that we have created for ourselves.
There is no End Days coming, no Apocalypse, no Heaven and no Hell, no reincarnation.
There is only Humankind's need to make up answers to justify War, to justify greed, to justify racism, to justify ignorance, to justify bigotry, to justify intolerance, to justify, hate and fear, this, when the real answers are right there in front of us, both physically and visually!
What we now know is that everything is made up of energy, at different wave lengths, different speeds. That we have a Spirit, and that this Spirit has a fate that is determined only by our collective actions and not by the Super Natural Being.
Your life, and my life, from the conception of sperm and egg to the last breath is not determined. You and I will determine the outcome by our own choices, and the interactions of billions of variables happening all the time.
Your fate and mine is what "we" will make of it.
This means your life and mine can take one of many courses and journeys, and the limitations will be by our own choosing.
Choice, consequence, and responsibility.
The gift of life, is life.
 It is precious, and it will only come once.
Don't waste it.
Every day that you wake up again, is a good day!
Peace to all.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Washington still doesn't get it! America isn't for Sale!

Our current President, Barrack Hussein Obama is a likable guy. Well educated, articulate, and compassionate. However he does not understand that to get what one wants in Washington, one must be willing to fight for convictions that are true to one's heart, and not by capitulations to the worst of the other side.  Of course he knows this, but he does not put actions into his deeds. The President has the Bully pulpit but does not know what to do with it. Giving more speeches to Republicans and hoping that somehow they will see his point has been an utter failure for this administration, yet the President continues down the path of no return.
In my lifetime I have only seen this road to destruction only increase to a point where it will be most futile to think that America will be anything other than a Kingdom with serfs, as slaves in the modern World, enabled by self serving greedy politicians who have used the Military and Police forces to rob the citizens of their own country.
Listening to our President begging republicans to agree with his point of view is very sad indeed, because they know all too well that they will vote against anything he is trying to accomplish. Their stated goal is to see this President fail miserably, and so far this game plan has worked very well.
How can America change for the better  and progress into the 21st Century when both the republicans and the President think that the best course of action, is no action?
Folks, this is war.
It is us against them!
Greed against the ethical!
People vs. Corporations!
When I voted for this President back in November of 2008, and  I thought that maybe, just for once, something really far reaching had occurred, but I was wrong.
Instead we get the "Change" advertising, but then  basically do the same as the last two Presidents.
This Peace prize President has now ratcheted up the war in Afghanistan, and pushing an even higher Military budget through, almost like G.W. Bush, "the incompetent"?
Where is the difference?
Where is the "Change"?
Where is the Hope?
Where is the real Leadership?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What if "ALL" religion is wrong?

Here we are  at the beginning of 2010 and I look on TV to see that the World as we have been accustomed too is completely falling apart. The great divide of the Haves, and the Have nots has widened beyond measure. The "Haves" have only gotten more greedy, unethical, using fake-Patriotism, fake religion to pursue their endless quest to own everything that exists on Planet Earth.
The Greed that is displayed in the USA alone boggles the mind. CEOs, CFO, who have literally and physically destroyed 100 year old Universities, and 100 year old Corporations have run them into the ground and then have been rewarded with obscene salaries and bonuses. Current Political figures in top Government posts, like Larry Summers, and Tim Geithner who helped create the  business climate  that cheated consumers on Wall St, and in Real Estate, with Ponzi schemes, are at the  top posts in the current White House administration, and Rubin from the old Clinton days, and pugnacious Phil Gramm who helped to destroy the Glass/Steagall regulation for consumer protection  are all piggishly wealthy beyond comprehension.
The incompetence of the  Bush/ Cheney administration that has left all Americans with two failed wars for profit, a collapsed economy in shambles, with no way out, and yet both of these cowardly, spineless men will live out their  days in Royalty, collecting $10's of millions in compensation for their service of complete failure to all Americans.
And then there is Religion. Make believe, superstition that has created the worst unneeded form of intolerance that mankind could have inflicted on itself having no benefits except to make a few wealthy, and all the rest poor. Promising to house your "Soul" in the here after, when Religion cannot even get it right in the "Here"!
What if religion were always wrong from the very start? That flying men on clouds was just the imagination of  drug induced Shamans period? That death is final period? That the reason we, the Human species is on Planet Earth is only by Evolution, and that we will eventually die off as well?
How sad. Humanity has come so far, yet the con men, and some women have won the day, and the knowledgeable, the intellectual, the studied have lost. Fiction is winning over non Fiction. Superstition is winning over Science. Bad is winning over Good.
I know that it is not too late to make major changes in the USA or in the World, but we are definitely at a tipping point, where just around the corner, in time, we as a species will not be able to reverse course whether we like it or not.
De-forestation, clean drinking water, clean energy, healthy toxic free food, pollution, toxic waste, Nuclear waste, Nuclear war are all front and center and denial cannot work anymore for anybody with a conscience.
For those with no conscience than these are the best of times, for it is easy to prey on the weak, the unprotected, the defenseless and the hopeless.
If religion, or belief in a Super Natural deity  had any real value, or reality than it would have taken hold long ago, but instead we get religion's Apocalypse theories and push for the End of times mindset to punish the non believers.
Humanity, the Species, may be nearing it's own end simply because Greed, justified through religion needs to come to an end, or course correction, because Planet Earth is dying from abuse on a level never imagined by our ancestors, who actually worshipped the Natural, unlike the Greedy, ignorant and arrogant today who worship the fictional UN-Natural, and false idols..

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years day, what is all the commotion about?

Humans, what a funny species we are. We think that if we create an idea on a certain time frame that things will now "Magically" be different than if we had not done it. New Years eve day, and New Years day, what is the real difference? Nothing!
The Sun will still rise and set, the weather will still travel from West to East, and it will still be nice in Hawaii in December.
Humans like to pretend that we can create new beginnings for ourselves just by saying it, and it is partially true to some extent.
Everyday though we can do that. Every day is a new beginning like New Years day so we never need to wait until once a year for transformation, and rejuvenation.
Each and everyday you, and I can make monumental changes in our lives to get completely new and better outcomes. The key is to understanding that there is always choices to be made, and that each and every choice will have a consequence, and that we ourselves are now responsible for the consequences of those choices, and not anybody else.
Once we act upon this fact only then can you get what you need in life. Only then will you understand that everything is inter-connected to each other.
The laws of Nature revolve around cause and effect. There is no God, no luck, no miracles, no superstition that has any worth or substance other than a sugar coated placebo pill. Strong positive will, being optimistic, acknowledging risk, all provide for a smarter choice, however because of the number of variables that exist in the Universe, still anything can happen at any time.
So today is no different than yesterday, and tomorrow is no different than today.
New Years, like religion, like God is all man made up to make us feel good. It is all mental!
That means you can create this feeling whenever you choose too.
Today is 1/1/2010, it is way past time for the Human race to start doing away with make believe men flying on clouds, stop worshipping false "lamp shade" idols, stop listening to crack-pot con men and women who claim to dine with the Almighty, when you yourself have never been invited, when in fact the con is just to swindle you of your money weekly, and in prison and enslave your mind with fear.
Fear of Death, fear of life, fear of afterlife. Fear in not knowing.
There is no God to save you. There is no Heaven or Hell after you die. There are no miracles, there is  no luck, or superstition to pray to because it is really manufactured for mind control. There are no Virgins waiting to give you sexual pleasure after death. Who the fuck ever came up with that one? What ignorant jerk-offs!
There are no Messiah's coming to save Humanity from itself ever!
So that all means that today will be no different than yesterday, that is, if you did nothing yesterday but complain. If you instead put effort into something new and different than today will be much different than yesterday. If you want a better life you must work at it. You must be willing to make new and different choices to get new and different consequences.
Sure you can continue to make more excuses, and do nothing but complain, but you already know where that got you!
So have a nice day, because  it may be your last. At least enjoy it as one more special day in your life knowing that you could be in control somewhat based on facts, reason, intelligence and knowledge, or that you could think of it as if you are on a plane crashing to Earth from above, and that you are at the mercy of physical impact in seconds, because that is the way God wants it to be, and there is nothing that you can do to change this outcome.
Which one will it be?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

When Leaders Lie.

So a little more than a year after the Democratic party elects a new, hopefully, insightful, better equipped Presidential Leader, then the last two arrogant morons, do we find out that once in office they are all the same. They all give powerful, Patriotic speeches to prove their worthiness. They all tell us that they will lead us to the promised land of a perfect, and not so perfect Nation. They all Bullshit their way into office with lies that can hardly be comprehended. Yet, we vote them in office anyway.
Once in office the door is wide open to graft, bribery, corruption, and unimaginable wealth just for the taking.
Case in point, our current President. I voted for him thinking that he was different. That he is above the greed that rules Washington. That his sense of ethics would rule the day and finally put the "BUM's" on notice.
I was completely wrong!
He is just like the rest of them. Self serving, ego gratifying, mouthpiece for Corporate Greed.
No Change, only more of the same.
No conviction, only compromise so that in the end American citizens lose again.
Washington is all rigged and gamed to allow the show to take place and placate the viewer into thinking, believing and hoping that there is somebody out there thinking about them.
But there isn't!
Washington is for itself.
Today on Huffington Post, and in the New York Times both Arianna Huffington and Frank Rich reiterated exactly where America stands today with the false notion, and flimsy selling of mass marketed products including Politicians, Sports figures,  and Financial Success.
They all cheat!
It is all a sham, and quit shameless.
What do we do next?
Either we accept this, as we have done for the past 60 years or?
What do you think?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just another day in America.

Tuesday morning in San Diego in what to most of the other States what be considered  mild Spring weather conditions is going to be a beautiful day here. The Sun is out, and by 11:00 am it will be in the 70's, short pants temperatures. One would never know that there are problems in the World living here. We are insulated by geography, economy, weather, and State of mind. When I drive down to the beach this morning there are no soup lines, no homeless on the streets, barely a foreclosed home or bank repo. sign visible anywhere. No demonstrators marching in the streets. Nothing, no sign of problems anywhere.
Yet America has ongoing two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an economy that has all but collapsed unless, you are a Wall St broker, Banker, or manufacturer of Military components. Today as we see everyday Washington Politicians banter about professing to know what is good for all of us non-privileged citizens, as they loot the country, take bribes openly from any Corporation that hands them out, while professing that they work so hard at their jobs, and yet again not much gets done. Remember those "Green" jobs that were talked about during the Presidential election? While Congress and the Senate do nothing but fill their own car trunks with buckets of stolen cash, China, and India are making solar panels, wind turbines to sell back to us numb-skulls to buy  in the USA. Kinda like what we see with Wal-Mart now. The markets will be flooded with low cost/ cheap products before we even start to make our own in competition.
The Financial markets, the Banks, and Wall St. are back to their old greedy ways of gambling, buying influence in Washington to kill any type of reform.
Big Pharmacy, the same thing, buy Politicians to kill any reform that allows consumers to have choice, and a lower cost product. Just last night there was a commercial and there are many every night with a product for sleeping through the night, and  at the end of the commercial came the disclaimer, this product can cause "Death" and in some case "Suicide" !!!
Pot, marijuana has never killed a Human being in the History of Humanity, but legal Drug companies can sell this type of shit on the market that kills it's users faster than cigarettes?
And, this has the approval of the FDA on top of it. WOW!
We are now surging again in Afghanistan to appease Corporate sponsors, republicans, and the Military Industrial complex that will cost American taxpayers another $50 Billion a year in "Blood" money. We get nothing in return except a few more parades for the returning dead soldiers, and more photo opportunities for spineless, cowardly Politicians who would never fight in any war, anywhere, including right here in America.
Most every State now is close to bankruptcy, unemployment is still rampant, no jobs being created anywhere, but life goes on.
Today will be a nice day in San Diego, the Chargers are on a 8 game winning streak, the Sun is shinning,
garbage is being collected on time, and I have not a care in the World.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

President Obama - The "current" War President - L.B.J. revisited.

How ironic that the Nobel Peace prize was given to President Obama just a month before he made his war surge speech last night to America and the World. The President did say during the election process that he believed that Bush and Cheney failed miserably by not maintaining a solid presence in Afghanistan after we invaded to track and Hunt Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and forcing the Taliban out of the Government. However, everything changes, all the time and one can always make new choices using new information. President Obama does not want to appear as a typical "limp" Democratic President so he is going to do just like L.B.J. did with the Vietnam war, surge and prove his machoness even though L.B.J. openly spoke out about believing that it was bound to fail in the end. Which it most certainly did!
The American Military won every battle in Vietnam, but lost the war to the Vietnamese people who chose not to fight period.
If anyone thinks that the Taliban, men who are Afghans, born in the country of Afghanistan are going to be forced from their own country to flee and live elsewhere for the rest of their lives, while a foreign, occupying, non-Muslim country invades their Homeland to pillage their resources, than you are deadly mistaken.
These Stone Age Islamic countries will continue to live just as barbaric lives as their distant relatives because this is their choice. Only they now have AK-47's, and rocket launched grenades that were provided to them when American;s covertly funded their war campaigns against the Russians in the 1990's. They will force women to wear the head to toe, Burka, remove little girls from education, execute people in the street and in the open soccer stadiums for trial and judgement against Allah, and Sharia law, and they  will not give a shit what we think one way or another.
Face it, would you flee or fight if another country invades the United States? Would you collaborate with the foreign occupiers/ enemy, or would you be an insurgent?
History will repeat itself again because Human beings are Human. Weapons change, technology changes, clothing changes, cultures sometimes change, but Humans have the same emotions that we have had for quite some time and we react very similar to our ancestors from love, fear, greed, hate, compassion, intolerance, tolerance, racism, kindness etc, etc.......
America must ween ourselves from the Imperial, "Might makes right" syndrome that we have had the past 60 years and move forward away from the Military Industrial Complex that actually runs Washington .D.C. Until we find a way to provide employment, opportunity, and a better quality of life in America without going to war every decade, we are doomed to repeat this again somewhere else, under a different President, making the same false claims of  security.
Going to War is about making a profit. It is about taking natural resources forcibly from other Nations. There is nothing Democratic about this!
Americans should be more worried of poisonous legal Pharmaceutical drugs sold in stores around the country which kills close to 200,000 people every year, and yet they are advertised everyday and night non-stop! Americans should be worried of right wing Christian intolerant, bigoted, racist, religious groups forcing women into bondage as they have done since religion began!
Americans should be worried that in every city is large illegal drug crime gangs operating in the open poisoning your kids!
The Afghanistan invasion like Iraq has been a complete waste of Humanity and resource for Americans, and this was all forced upon us because the past two President's Clinton and Bush, in office for a total of 16 years failed to take out Osama Bin Laden when they had the chance, and that is a fact.
When will Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush/ Dick Cheney, and the Bush regime  be put on trial for this grave incompetence, and dereliction of duty to the American people?
Not anytime soon!

Friday, November 27, 2009

GOP litmus test?

1.) You get all of your "infomation" from FOX news.
2.) You regard the KKK as a right wing progressive party.
3.) Education, knowledge, Science and intelligence are dirty words never to be incorporated into any sentences.
4.) Greed is the "Highest" family value.
5.) Fear, hate, intolerance, denial, bigotry, racism, cheating hypocrisy, stone age religion should be taught in all public Schools.
6.) Females are merely sexual objects that God put on Planet Earth to be used by men.
7.) Women have no personal rights other than what men and religion deem important.
8.) Obtaining wealth can be justified by any means, be it war for profit, Wall St. theft, or Political corruption.
9.) One must be shiny white in color, with the exception of Michael Steele, and Michelle Malkin used as token tools for  false propaganda assimilation.
10.) One must have no compassion for your fellow Humanity and the Environment.

That seems to sum up the entire Republican Party of 2009. When you have airheads like Sarah Palin, the Queen of no substance, Glen beck, the spineless, wanna be Macho Mama's boy and his secret hand holder Sean Hannity, the closet, confused, angry  Catholic, with the likes of Rush, I am not so obese, Limbaugh running your party than we can easily see how Hitler was able to take control of Germany in the 1930's and grind his own country into the dirt using constant fear and hate controlled through the media ( FOX news) on an hourly basis, drilling bigotry and racism into the heads of the ignorant and uneducated using false Nationalism, and the Christian religion, enabled and blessed by the Catholic Church and the "Clown" Pope himself.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is Life so take some time to enjoy it.

Hey Folks, here it is right before Thanksgiving 2009, America is saddled with a war in Iraq and a war in Afghanistan by the previously incompetent Bush/Cheney regime, the economy has yet to hit anything near the bottom, the National debt has sky-rocketed to the moon, Global warming is real and taking effect everywhere, the Republicans are still in complete denial that unregulated greed has a negative and dire effect on the entire planet, but Sarah Palin, the failure of Alaska has a book out about how she can and will back-stab, and brown nose  anybody to get ahead.
Life is good!
If you woke up today than life is not bad.
If you can see, hear, walk, move your arms with little or no pain you are doing fine.
If your kids have food to eat, some form of shelter, free public schools to attend and the love of one or both parents than you are doing well.
In America we have become so accustomed to leisure and comfort we forget or just do not realise how the rest of the Planet has to live and survive.
Perhaps this economic meltdown we are going through right now is just a reminder of how far Humanity has come from our cave man, and stone age relatives coming out of Northern Africa, millions of years ago. Food, the life blood of all living things is very abundant all over the World even though in some parts it is used as a weapon for power to the greedy. That clothing is manufactured for everybody fairly inexpensively on a scale never imagined before. The things that you and I take for granted everyday, a coffee cup, a desk, a computer, my sandals, the light bulb, and the lamp, electricity piped into my home. All this came from Human ingenuity, over a million years. It is so fantastic to be alive today in 2009. Life has been made to be enjoyed. You and I are privileged to be living in America even in a time of turmoil.
Yesterday I went to see the new movie out called 2012, the end, or Armageddon, or Doomsday. It was entertaining with a twist at the end. But in the end Humanity survives, and not because of any God, because there is none, but because we will be around for a while regardless and in spite of our short comings.
 Today be thankful that you woke up. Sure it could be better, but it could also be much worse!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Compromise, and our President.

What does it mean when President Obama decides to compromise the issues that only last year he was so passionate about?
It means that once in the Oval Office, he has lost touch with the very same people who voted him into office. It means that power does corrupt everybody.
It means that there is so much money in Washington to spread around that it can and will influence even the nicest, the most ethical people.
It means that the term "conviction" has two distinct meanings, one for Politicians and one for the common folk.
For the Politician it means to say what you think people want to hear to get what you want.
To the common folk it, it means a certain moral or ethical standing about an issue that defies change, or reshaping, re-structuring or re-configuring.
Obviously  a person can have a conviction about anything and everything, but when speaking about Politicians we can assume that it has nothing to do with how to wear your baseball cap.
Right now in America the big issues at hand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Health care, Immigration, Wall St. and Banking cartel corruption, Political corruption, jobs, swine flu, Renewable energy, World dialogue, Women's issues Birth control and Abortion and for many the gay rights issues seem to be on the menu.
On all of these very important issues the President has taken a stand before election and now is waffling, side stepping, dodging, his previous statements and intentions to appease who?
The Republicans!
The people who claim that he is not a citizen ( The Birthers), the people who yell out in Congress, "You Lie" as in Joe ( the racist, the intolerant bigot) Wilson. The Tea Baggers who had nothing to say when Bush/ Cheney lied America into two wars for profit and added $$ 5 $$ TRILLION to the deficit, and gave $700,000,000,000.00 to Wall St. and Banking cartels to bail out failed Capitalism, and greed?
Mr. President this is who you want to please, these self serving intolerant, this hateful group or klan, these war mongering, brown nosing, spineless cowards who send other people's children to war to die, just so they can make money?
Mr. President do you really think that these people are your allies?
So far it looks that way.
So far on all the issues that I stated you have compromised, not because it is good, but because it is convenient for political gain.
Mr. President you spoke about conviction during your election, you spoke about Honor, about doing the right thing for the people, not the richest people, but for the powerless people. You spoke about change, about giving the common people a voice in Washington.
Where is that voice now?
Where is the man that was going to stand up to Greed and corruption in Washington?
Where is the man who was going to end war?
It seems like that man has bought into the gamed system that he said he would fight!
I am not the only person to feel betrayed and let down. Many now see that politics has no ethics, that it is purely self serving, a show for the masses to keep them in check, otherwise they may take to the streets as our Revolutionary Fore-Fathers did against the British Monarchy in the last 1770's.
Mr. President you were our HOPE for the future?
Sure you took office in the worst possible scenario from the incompetence of the Bush/ Cheney regime, but you knew that going in.
What now?
More of the same with different characters?
Mr. President you were the people's choice and reason to go to the voting booths last year on election day. Do you think that they will return knowing that not much has changed. That compromise is the basis for all of your decisions?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Politicians, the most corrupted people in America.

Today I read in the Huffington Post with Paul Reickhoff as one of the leading spokes persons for the American Veterans, that the Washington politicians have not voted yet for the budget for the Veterans Administration that ended on September 30, 2009. But that these same politicians voted to make sure they got paid and gave themselves a pay raise!
These same politicians that created the Bush/ Cheney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that sent your Sons, Daughters, Mothers and Fathers to harms ways, and possibly to their death, these same bums that lied to the American public about the implications of war and why it needed to happen made sure that they got paid first and make the Service men and women of our Country, the ones in war right this very minute don't get the funding they need!
Knowing that there has been more than 5,000 service persons deaths, knowing that there are 40,000 men and women right now in V.A. Hospitals across the USA trying to recover from being wounded in battle from these two wars alone, and 100,000's of other Vets from previous wars , knowing that there are now thousands of Veterans homeless living on the streets of America, knowing that they want to extend Military tours, knowing that they want to ratchet up fighting in Afghanistan and invade Iran. Knowing that all men and women in service who go to war will be changed forever because of what they are asked to do and what they see and experience. Knowing all this, These politicians in the Senate and Congress still made sure that they, these brown nosing, cowardly  greedy bastards paid themselves first!
This is an insult to every person who has  served or is serving  now in the US Military.
You fucking, self serving, spineless bunch of  shameless Jackasses!
When will this greed and corruption come to an end.
 It is not enough to know that these bums cheat on their wives and get caught all the time, that they cheat on America by fleecing the country through their criminal voting records, but to know that they cheat on the people they force into useless, illegal, unethical wars for profit is beyond reproach.
There is no excuse!
There is no moral conviction in Politics today, just over fed, greedy, self serving leeches.