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Solar power

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years day, what is all the commotion about?

Humans, what a funny species we are. We think that if we create an idea on a certain time frame that things will now "Magically" be different than if we had not done it. New Years eve day, and New Years day, what is the real difference? Nothing!
The Sun will still rise and set, the weather will still travel from West to East, and it will still be nice in Hawaii in December.
Humans like to pretend that we can create new beginnings for ourselves just by saying it, and it is partially true to some extent.
Everyday though we can do that. Every day is a new beginning like New Years day so we never need to wait until once a year for transformation, and rejuvenation.
Each and everyday you, and I can make monumental changes in our lives to get completely new and better outcomes. The key is to understanding that there is always choices to be made, and that each and every choice will have a consequence, and that we ourselves are now responsible for the consequences of those choices, and not anybody else.
Once we act upon this fact only then can you get what you need in life. Only then will you understand that everything is inter-connected to each other.
The laws of Nature revolve around cause and effect. There is no God, no luck, no miracles, no superstition that has any worth or substance other than a sugar coated placebo pill. Strong positive will, being optimistic, acknowledging risk, all provide for a smarter choice, however because of the number of variables that exist in the Universe, still anything can happen at any time.
So today is no different than yesterday, and tomorrow is no different than today.
New Years, like religion, like God is all man made up to make us feel good. It is all mental!
That means you can create this feeling whenever you choose too.
Today is 1/1/2010, it is way past time for the Human race to start doing away with make believe men flying on clouds, stop worshipping false "lamp shade" idols, stop listening to crack-pot con men and women who claim to dine with the Almighty, when you yourself have never been invited, when in fact the con is just to swindle you of your money weekly, and in prison and enslave your mind with fear.
Fear of Death, fear of life, fear of afterlife. Fear in not knowing.
There is no God to save you. There is no Heaven or Hell after you die. There are no miracles, there is  no luck, or superstition to pray to because it is really manufactured for mind control. There are no Virgins waiting to give you sexual pleasure after death. Who the fuck ever came up with that one? What ignorant jerk-offs!
There are no Messiah's coming to save Humanity from itself ever!
So that all means that today will be no different than yesterday, that is, if you did nothing yesterday but complain. If you instead put effort into something new and different than today will be much different than yesterday. If you want a better life you must work at it. You must be willing to make new and different choices to get new and different consequences.
Sure you can continue to make more excuses, and do nothing but complain, but you already know where that got you!
So have a nice day, because  it may be your last. At least enjoy it as one more special day in your life knowing that you could be in control somewhat based on facts, reason, intelligence and knowledge, or that you could think of it as if you are on a plane crashing to Earth from above, and that you are at the mercy of physical impact in seconds, because that is the way God wants it to be, and there is nothing that you can do to change this outcome.
Which one will it be?

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