Solar power

Solar power

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What if "ALL" religion is wrong?

Here we are  at the beginning of 2010 and I look on TV to see that the World as we have been accustomed too is completely falling apart. The great divide of the Haves, and the Have nots has widened beyond measure. The "Haves" have only gotten more greedy, unethical, using fake-Patriotism, fake religion to pursue their endless quest to own everything that exists on Planet Earth.
The Greed that is displayed in the USA alone boggles the mind. CEOs, CFO, who have literally and physically destroyed 100 year old Universities, and 100 year old Corporations have run them into the ground and then have been rewarded with obscene salaries and bonuses. Current Political figures in top Government posts, like Larry Summers, and Tim Geithner who helped create the  business climate  that cheated consumers on Wall St, and in Real Estate, with Ponzi schemes, are at the  top posts in the current White House administration, and Rubin from the old Clinton days, and pugnacious Phil Gramm who helped to destroy the Glass/Steagall regulation for consumer protection  are all piggishly wealthy beyond comprehension.
The incompetence of the  Bush/ Cheney administration that has left all Americans with two failed wars for profit, a collapsed economy in shambles, with no way out, and yet both of these cowardly, spineless men will live out their  days in Royalty, collecting $10's of millions in compensation for their service of complete failure to all Americans.
And then there is Religion. Make believe, superstition that has created the worst unneeded form of intolerance that mankind could have inflicted on itself having no benefits except to make a few wealthy, and all the rest poor. Promising to house your "Soul" in the here after, when Religion cannot even get it right in the "Here"!
What if religion were always wrong from the very start? That flying men on clouds was just the imagination of  drug induced Shamans period? That death is final period? That the reason we, the Human species is on Planet Earth is only by Evolution, and that we will eventually die off as well?
How sad. Humanity has come so far, yet the con men, and some women have won the day, and the knowledgeable, the intellectual, the studied have lost. Fiction is winning over non Fiction. Superstition is winning over Science. Bad is winning over Good.
I know that it is not too late to make major changes in the USA or in the World, but we are definitely at a tipping point, where just around the corner, in time, we as a species will not be able to reverse course whether we like it or not.
De-forestation, clean drinking water, clean energy, healthy toxic free food, pollution, toxic waste, Nuclear waste, Nuclear war are all front and center and denial cannot work anymore for anybody with a conscience.
For those with no conscience than these are the best of times, for it is easy to prey on the weak, the unprotected, the defenseless and the hopeless.
If religion, or belief in a Super Natural deity  had any real value, or reality than it would have taken hold long ago, but instead we get religion's Apocalypse theories and push for the End of times mindset to punish the non believers.
Humanity, the Species, may be nearing it's own end simply because Greed, justified through religion needs to come to an end, or course correction, because Planet Earth is dying from abuse on a level never imagined by our ancestors, who actually worshipped the Natural, unlike the Greedy, ignorant and arrogant today who worship the fictional UN-Natural, and false idols..


  1. What do you mean 'IF' ??????

    ; )




    THE NOW.


    Only when we accept this will we save ourselves and find any form of peace. This simply MUST be accepted in order for humanity to even begin to think it can fulfill its potential.

    Only then can we be truly free...

  3. Excellent post. You're right. For those with no conscience, it is the best of times. Humans have always been arrogant and greedy, desiring power over other humans. Perhaps it is in our nature to do such evil to each other. But then again, it seems that some have evolved to truly desire what is best for the planet and our species, without the shackles of thought known as religious belief. To quote a great line in a song by Tool, "learn to swim!" People need to be able to think for themselves. That is impossible when they are too afraid or delusional to question their own superstitious beliefs.

  4. How unfortunate that religion turned our natural sensing of the unified field of consciousness, the ground of species consciousness, planetary consciousness, and universal consciousness into a degraded commodity.
    On 9/11 I woke up in California at 5:45 am. As I was making my coffee, I broke into tears. My wife came in and asked me why I was crying. I said "something has happened in the world". She asked me what and I said "I don't know, but I can feel it" It was the very moment of impact at the WTC. It was 20 min later as I started my truck and turned on the radio that I learned the facts.
    This was the most obvious of many related experiences I have had that teach me that we share a collective mind. It is the sensing of that which gives a seeker the feeling of a "higher power" and of being in communication with something. Proven healing modalities like those explained in "Living Matrix" use this awareness without superstitious delusion. Prayer as affirmative thought has measurable effect as a result of the intention of the individual, regardless of belief in a deity or not.

    It is the human tendency to invent stories and defend them that has led to such horror in the battle over "Truth". It has always been within our ability to use it for evil or good.

  5. Say you don't believe on your deathbed.