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Solar power

Monday, February 1, 2010

Washington still doesn't get it! America isn't for Sale!

Our current President, Barrack Hussein Obama is a likable guy. Well educated, articulate, and compassionate. However he does not understand that to get what one wants in Washington, one must be willing to fight for convictions that are true to one's heart, and not by capitulations to the worst of the other side.  Of course he knows this, but he does not put actions into his deeds. The President has the Bully pulpit but does not know what to do with it. Giving more speeches to Republicans and hoping that somehow they will see his point has been an utter failure for this administration, yet the President continues down the path of no return.
In my lifetime I have only seen this road to destruction only increase to a point where it will be most futile to think that America will be anything other than a Kingdom with serfs, as slaves in the modern World, enabled by self serving greedy politicians who have used the Military and Police forces to rob the citizens of their own country.
Listening to our President begging republicans to agree with his point of view is very sad indeed, because they know all too well that they will vote against anything he is trying to accomplish. Their stated goal is to see this President fail miserably, and so far this game plan has worked very well.
How can America change for the better  and progress into the 21st Century when both the republicans and the President think that the best course of action, is no action?
Folks, this is war.
It is us against them!
Greed against the ethical!
People vs. Corporations!
When I voted for this President back in November of 2008, and  I thought that maybe, just for once, something really far reaching had occurred, but I was wrong.
Instead we get the "Change" advertising, but then  basically do the same as the last two Presidents.
This Peace prize President has now ratcheted up the war in Afghanistan, and pushing an even higher Military budget through, almost like G.W. Bush, "the incompetent"?
Where is the difference?
Where is the "Change"?
Where is the Hope?
Where is the real Leadership?


  1. I'm trying to get a coffee party together at Ruby's...the end of the Oceanside Pier on March 13th at noon. Spread the word!

    I may be the only one there, but I'll be there!

    Terry Olson, Fallbrook