Solar power

Solar power

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 and why Bush/ Cheney actually enabled it to happen.

Today is 09-11-2009, 8 years after somebody/ Al Qaeda/ Osama Bin Laden, organised terrorists/ freedom fighters to crash high jacked commercial  planes into the Twin Towers in New York, The Pentagon, and where the final of the four high-jacked planes crashed into the ground in a open field. For New Yorkers today represents a day in History that they saw and felt the wrath of a hostile people, Islamic conservatives create havoc like no one had ever seen before in all of our lifetimes, other than the people who actually lived through Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the bombing of Britain and the leveling of Germany at the end of WWII. Wait a minute, what about Vietnam, 3 million civilians died, two Iraq wars and Afghanistan,  many 100,000's have died  and those were and are  atrocities where millions have been killed as well?
So 9/11 deaths although very tragic for the families involved, were actually minor by comparison.
The truth is that what happened 8 years ago was an incredibly horrible act, and that 3,000 Americans died due to no fault of their own. Sadly though America, my homeland has inflicted much worse punishment on other countries that is quite indescribable.
9/11 did not happen by accident by a bunch of crazy men in a far off country. It happened because of the policies of the US Government, controlled through corrupt Politicians, for the benefit of Multi National Corporations to prop up Dictators, Kings and other thugs so that they can get access to or simply take resources that these Corporation want so that they can sell them to consumers all around the World, namely oil. If these so called terrorists were just crazy men then how did they pull off the biggest attack on our country from caves? Why were we not prepared for this attack, when we already had the same group of people attack these very same buildings back in 1993 with a car bomb? What was Bush and Cheney doing 8 months into their first term to prevent this from happening when the CIA and Security had already told them that this was imminent? When Bush was told of the first plane crash, he was reading to school kids, and barely flinched? History has now proved that the USA got into WWI because of the sinking of the Lusitania, that turned out to be a set up to push the US into War. We now know that Pearl harbor was completely preventable, but the President at the time let it happen, knowing that we were warned by the Australians and British to be prepared for such an attach!
How did the Air Force get it so wrong that they did not scramble jet fighters up into the sky to possibly have to  take military action against these high jacked planes? They did, but it just so happens on this particular day the Air Force was holding practice sessions of how to react to high jacked planes at the very same time the high jacking was taking place, so that the fighter planes had not 4 planes to track but something like 20 and did not know what to do, and which plane to track. What a coincidence! Stunning to say the least, but extremely questionable.
This does not sound like organizational failure, this sounds like an inside job!
But again back to the terrorists that planned this operation. Originally these Islamic men were fighting their own people in Palestine in 1948 the year Israel was made a country, and ever since , then in Iran to over throw the Shah, an American puppet leader and brutal Dictator to his own people that we choreographed  with the help of the CIA, now is Saudi Arabia to force the King out and to get any American Military forces off of Arab and Islamic lands. To take Russia down after it invaded Afghanistan and was there for 10 years, and we the American government covertly sponsored the Mujaheddin, who are now the Taliban with weapons that they now use on our soldiers in Afghanistan.
The goal for these terrorists/ freedom fighters  is to keep all infidels from living in Islamic countries and spreading anti Islamic or counter religious and cultural knowledge. They do not care whether America is an open society or how we act. They care that America is a Military Country that props up Dictators and Kings that use our over whelming power to enslave their own people.
Bush and Cheney got this wrong, or they were in on it. The ex CIA Director/ agent Michael Sheurer, in his book "Imperial Hubris" describes the exact same thing, in that  we knew  a decade before 9/11 why these men of Al Qaeda were doing what they were doing. They were trying to prevent the USA through our gigantic Corporations from pillaging their own homelands, and taking oil, their only resource of value, while 99.999 percent of the populations in these countries starved, and lived in the dirt,  but the King and his family, well, they of course lived like Kings. We supported the King and not the people, and that is their fight!
The same thing is going on all over the World today. America props up corruptible regimes because US Corporations want their natural resources to sell to a thirsty and  hungry World, that has an insatiable appetite.
This will continue then along the same lines.
So who is really responsible for 9/11?
American Presidents, Politicians, and profit seeking Corporations  that use the American Military as pawns in the never ending quest for profit and wealth for the few at the expense of the many.
Our own Fore Fathers reacted the exact same way when Britain controlled the original 13 colonies. They too were terrorists, and Freedom fighters then as well, and they eventually drove the British back across the Atlantic. It is a good thing that we are friends now, for they are, like Australia our closest allies and not Israel whom we support with Billions every year to prop up a religious Government that has never done anything for the benefit of the American people.
As long as  American Politicians use the American Military to invade foreign countries, and not to protect our homeland, and sovereign borders of the United States of America of  which our founding fathers had written into the Constitution than this will repeat itself over and over, and we will see the same outcome.
Bush and Cheney you cowardly, spineless, self serving  thugs.
Next invasion, Africa, the Dark continent.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leadership is doing the right thing when no one is looking!

Amazingly today our American culture has been so twisted by scandals, by greed , by winning, by racism, by bigotry, by intolerance  that the people who have the honor of leading have  they themselves turned into total disgraces.
Our Politicians, our Religious clergy, our Professional Athletes, the people that set standards for morality and ethical behavior whether they like it or not, have become the biggest bunch of failures and frauds.
The ones who yell the loudest turn out to be the biggest crooks themselves.
The ones who point fingers at others turn out to be the the worst offenders themselves.
The ones claiming their close connection to God, and religion do the most diabolical, insidious things to children and adults and can and will always  justify this repugnant behavior with even more fictional religious crap.
But of course crying on TV gets you that "get out of Jail" card from the ignorant masses of polarised sheered sheep. Those whose standards of intelligence, and excellence end with Hee Haa, and Praise the Lord TV..
The kindred Spiritual Mother Teresa's of the World are nowhere to be found in America today and except in remote places such  as in Burma, where Aung San Suu Kyi is imprisoned for protecting her people from Human rights abuses from a Military Government, or a gifted women, and women of the people  like Oprah Winfred, with such a Humanistic, loving, caring and giving nature, are people of great character to set examples for everybody to live by. There is a huge void in America for ethical leadership. Men have failed in their leadership roles in America due to their own self serving natures. What we have instead are self serving failed politicians like Michelle Bachmann and ex- politicians like Sarah Palin, that promote hate, intolerance, bigotry,  gender ignorance's by her own low level education and then justifies this lack of reasoning and knowledge with fictitious religion and a fictional God.
Then there are the enablers of TV, FOX TV for a fact, that create intolerance, racism and bigotry  to sell themselves and increase their annual salaries at the cost of all Humanity. The Hannitys, O'Reillys, Becks, Malkins all promote hate. It makes them a boatload of cash, and for modern American  Republicans, personal ethics start with money and end with money!
We have the G.W. Bushes and Dick Cheneys who promote torture in the name of God. That promote war for profit in the name of God. That promote greed in the name of God. That promote self serving behavior to acquire wealth even and most often when it is destructive to people and the Environment.
The professional sports players are among the worst offenders as role models today with their MTV attitudes of sex, drugs, and who gives a shit behavior even though their entire career and fortune is made from the people who watch them have fun, while being paid 10's of million every year.
You know what?
None of these professions or these people were ever meant to be role models in the first place anyway. They are there only  to make money, obtain power, and rule over the populations of dumbed down morons who make poor choices for themselves and then cry, it's not my fault.
So if anybody watched President's Obama's speech to the Nation on Health care last night you got a good dose of true Republican behavior. As Congressman Joe Wilson, yelled out "You Lie" to the President, this was heard around the World. It shows the contempt, racist, intolerant, bigoted behavior the far right religious base has gotten because America has an African American President. What this jerk-off said was right in line with High School behavior, disrespectful behavior of a Southern racist, the exact thing I am referring to when it comes to leadership, and fairness. This slouch Joe Wilson is but one example of the brainlessly low quality of people in Politics, and the foul stench associated with the Republican Party today..
And this blowhard, this dipshit  got caught in the act of being a religious, repugnant  republican. How nice!
So who exactly then are our role models? These are the people who do the right thing because it is the right thing and not because they make money from their actions, or become famous, or get special privileges. Doing the right thing does not hurt other people. Doing the right thing does not degrade your environment or abuse animals. Doing the right thing is knowing that you are connected to everyone and everything on Planet Earth, and that everything you do affects them and others too..
Doing the right thing when no one is looking takes personal convictions and strength.
Do you do the right thing when no one is looking?

The United States of Corporate Washington and Wall St.

What would Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and all of the founding Fathers of our Great Nation be thinking had they known that they had fought off the British Monarchy only to see the America they created in deeds and thought,  be turned into  Politician/ insider trading/ Wall St. corrupt Government with a central Bank, the Federal Reserve managing all financial dealings?
Where the American Chamber of Congress works against the American citizen, at the behest of Global Corporate Conglomerates who have no loyalty to the USA at all?
Where the most crooked, self serving, Politicians using religion, false Nationalism, fear, and hate can  create war for profit that benefits just a handful at the expense of the entire Country, and all those who die under this banner of deception.
Where Corporate crooks can buy immunity with legal bribes to the very people, Washington Senators, and Congress people  that are suppose to be watching out for our welfare, but instead have sold the country to the greediest group of malcontents, spineless, unethical bunch of deadbeat brown nosers the World has ever seen.
Where we see that "Wrong" is now right!
Only because it makes more money.
Where the same Politicians that will take any bribe offered to them, can turn cheating on their wife's and families into a self serving photo opportunity, justified by religion and God.
Where the President  (Bush, the half-wit) and Vice President ( Dick, I'm not a crook Cheney) of the United States can lie  the country into 2 wars, sit on their collective asses during 9/11 without any regard to morality, invade other countries on a whim, killing 100,000's  innocents, and putting 1,000's of American soldiers to an early grave, simply walk away from this unimaginable failure and then live out their life's as Kings, patting themselves on the back for a job well done, giving themselves awards, and bonuses. Building monuments in their names, building roads, and bridges in their names, building schools in their names.
How in the Hell can this freaking happen!
Well there you have it, the two poster boys for Corporate greed, intolerant, racist, bigoted behavior topped off with pure arrogant piggishness, and complete ignorance of History is the face of easy to come by known knowledge. Not to mention, the destroyer of American civil rights.
The two biggest Criminals in the 21st Century,  G. W. Bush and  Dick Cheney
When do those war crimes trials begin Mr. Attorney General?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Would you still eat meat if you had to see the torture and cruelty these animals go through?

Take a close look at the photo here. These pigs are locked into this position with a device around their heads, so they are not able to move. They cannot stand, turn, scratch, shake, clean themselves. They defecate, and urinate laying down. All they can do is eat! Imagine if this were Humans? The video that I down loaded this morning from a Huffington Post link shows the hideous, cruel, torturous treatment that this Nations living food supply goes through each and every day. Before I describe in graphic detail of what was on the video and what I have known for decades, I want to find out where we, as conscience thinking Humans have  lost our disconnect with animals as living things and instead have turned them into unfeeling, unemotional, products for consumption only. The modern mass production of animals for slaughter and sale is so repugnant as to defy anyone from claiming ever again that the Human species is at any top, of any pecking order of sanity.
Seeing these animals of all types being tormented by their deranged captors is so degrading and repulsive it is hard to define even when seen with the naked eye. How can people be so heartless, thoughtless, unfeeling, detached?
 One of the main justifications for unimaginable cruel Human behavior regarding animal treatment  is religion. Greed comes in a mighty close second place.
Once religion came along and proclaimed that the Human species was "not" part of the animal Kingdom, and that it was above all other species of animal on Planet Earth, this from the power given by the almighty "God", than two things occurred immediately. The first thing that happened was the teaching  that the Earth is here only for Human purpose, that we are the caretakers of the Planet whether we take care of it or destroy it, and second that animals are here as well only for mankind's purposes to be used and abused at will with no remorse of thought.
The cold hearted, mindless mass production of animals for slaughter defies one's common sense when seen visually, because it is so barbaric and sickening that it is not a wonder anymore why the Human race has gone to Hell.
The Human species  throughout History has always shown a brutality that defines us as the most caring yet uncaring animal that has ever walked on the face of the Earth. We are by our own Natures simply self serving at any and all costs. More destructive through intent than any other living creature, not from a standpoint of survival only but so far above the needs of survival to a state of human mind insanity.
Our ancestors, although brutal as they were, had treated animals at least humanely even though they too were used for food consumption. Had they been able to mass produce the same desired results of today's animal factories they too would most likely do the same exact things because Human behavior has no ethical boundaries, and very few physical boundaries then and now. Whatever we Humans can think, we Humans will do!
Since people have brutalised other people at will throughout Human History than it seems reasonable that animals got an even worse taste of our instinct for amusement, and they did then and they do now.
But if you look at the Native and Aboriginal tribes of the Globe then and now  you get  better picture of the connection between  Humans and animals and how they were treated and appreciated, as part of the animal Kingdom because it was understood that they provided Humankind with sustenance, nourishment to stay alive and therefore had a very high value in terms of how we as their caretakers should never abuse them, and should hold them in very high esteem by caring for them the best that we can. The big difference is that in these Native cultures Humankind is part of the Animal Kingdom and not separated from it as in religion.
It turns out that the three main religions, of the Western World, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam  are the catalyst for many, if not all of Humanity's many imbalances on the Planet. The belief of a fictional God, the belief of the Sun revolving around the Earth and the Earth being the center of the Universe. That the Earth is 7, 8, 9, no 12,000 years old! The fictional belief of Heaven or Hell, of angels, of miracles, of Santa Claus of the Easter Bunny, of intolerance of thought, the degradation of all females of every age. That the Church is the most important Cult Corporation and what it says is true without proof needed and even more so when it has been proven completely wrong!
If you think that religion has brought Humanity anything that did not exist before we, meaning men, not women, made religion up,  than you would be completely wrong. There was good and bad long before religion was invented.
The 10 Commandments were known and taught 1,000's of years before the fictional story of Moses!
But back to the topic at hand which is the treatment of animals in the modern day food factories. Would you eat bacon for breakfast today if you had to watch the slaughter of pigs? Watch the cruelty of people who work in these factories, having no remorse or compassion or feeling for the animals that to torture this animals is fun for them? How about slitting a pigs throat, and as it lays on the ground screaming in pain you drop a tool box, or heavy object on it's head to crush or bash  it's skull, only you have to do this 3 or 4 times before it is effective, all the while laughing at what you are doing?
Would you eat eggs this morning if you saw how they put 20 chickens in a cage, that was meant  to hold one of them, until the chickens have fought until they  have pecked each other's eyes out? How they throw live baby chicks into a metal blender, that grinds them up, live, crushes them alive, if they have any blemish that the company thinks it cannot sell to the customer?
No other animal on the face of the Planet has the capability to be so compassionate, caring, loving yet can be so cruel and barbaric with intent, other than the Human species, and yet always  all justified by self serving religion.
  I am glad to be a Vegetarian. It is much healthier to begin with, and modern medicine just proves this out.
Educate yourself, for you will not be taught this in religious schools, private or in public schools. The knowledge is there for you to seek out. It is your responsibility to know the truth.