Solar power

Solar power

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The United States of Corporate Washington and Wall St.

What would Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and all of the founding Fathers of our Great Nation be thinking had they known that they had fought off the British Monarchy only to see the America they created in deeds and thought,  be turned into  Politician/ insider trading/ Wall St. corrupt Government with a central Bank, the Federal Reserve managing all financial dealings?
Where the American Chamber of Congress works against the American citizen, at the behest of Global Corporate Conglomerates who have no loyalty to the USA at all?
Where the most crooked, self serving, Politicians using religion, false Nationalism, fear, and hate can  create war for profit that benefits just a handful at the expense of the entire Country, and all those who die under this banner of deception.
Where Corporate crooks can buy immunity with legal bribes to the very people, Washington Senators, and Congress people  that are suppose to be watching out for our welfare, but instead have sold the country to the greediest group of malcontents, spineless, unethical bunch of deadbeat brown nosers the World has ever seen.
Where we see that "Wrong" is now right!
Only because it makes more money.
Where the same Politicians that will take any bribe offered to them, can turn cheating on their wife's and families into a self serving photo opportunity, justified by religion and God.
Where the President  (Bush, the half-wit) and Vice President ( Dick, I'm not a crook Cheney) of the United States can lie  the country into 2 wars, sit on their collective asses during 9/11 without any regard to morality, invade other countries on a whim, killing 100,000's  innocents, and putting 1,000's of American soldiers to an early grave, simply walk away from this unimaginable failure and then live out their life's as Kings, patting themselves on the back for a job well done, giving themselves awards, and bonuses. Building monuments in their names, building roads, and bridges in their names, building schools in their names.
How in the Hell can this freaking happen!
Well there you have it, the two poster boys for Corporate greed, intolerant, racist, bigoted behavior topped off with pure arrogant piggishness, and complete ignorance of History is the face of easy to come by known knowledge. Not to mention, the destroyer of American civil rights.
The two biggest Criminals in the 21st Century,  G. W. Bush and  Dick Cheney
When do those war crimes trials begin Mr. Attorney General?

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