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Solar power

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leadership is doing the right thing when no one is looking!

Amazingly today our American culture has been so twisted by scandals, by greed , by winning, by racism, by bigotry, by intolerance  that the people who have the honor of leading have  they themselves turned into total disgraces.
Our Politicians, our Religious clergy, our Professional Athletes, the people that set standards for morality and ethical behavior whether they like it or not, have become the biggest bunch of failures and frauds.
The ones who yell the loudest turn out to be the biggest crooks themselves.
The ones who point fingers at others turn out to be the the worst offenders themselves.
The ones claiming their close connection to God, and religion do the most diabolical, insidious things to children and adults and can and will always  justify this repugnant behavior with even more fictional religious crap.
But of course crying on TV gets you that "get out of Jail" card from the ignorant masses of polarised sheered sheep. Those whose standards of intelligence, and excellence end with Hee Haa, and Praise the Lord TV..
The kindred Spiritual Mother Teresa's of the World are nowhere to be found in America today and except in remote places such  as in Burma, where Aung San Suu Kyi is imprisoned for protecting her people from Human rights abuses from a Military Government, or a gifted women, and women of the people  like Oprah Winfred, with such a Humanistic, loving, caring and giving nature, are people of great character to set examples for everybody to live by. There is a huge void in America for ethical leadership. Men have failed in their leadership roles in America due to their own self serving natures. What we have instead are self serving failed politicians like Michelle Bachmann and ex- politicians like Sarah Palin, that promote hate, intolerance, bigotry,  gender ignorance's by her own low level education and then justifies this lack of reasoning and knowledge with fictitious religion and a fictional God.
Then there are the enablers of TV, FOX TV for a fact, that create intolerance, racism and bigotry  to sell themselves and increase their annual salaries at the cost of all Humanity. The Hannitys, O'Reillys, Becks, Malkins all promote hate. It makes them a boatload of cash, and for modern American  Republicans, personal ethics start with money and end with money!
We have the G.W. Bushes and Dick Cheneys who promote torture in the name of God. That promote war for profit in the name of God. That promote greed in the name of God. That promote self serving behavior to acquire wealth even and most often when it is destructive to people and the Environment.
The professional sports players are among the worst offenders as role models today with their MTV attitudes of sex, drugs, and who gives a shit behavior even though their entire career and fortune is made from the people who watch them have fun, while being paid 10's of million every year.
You know what?
None of these professions or these people were ever meant to be role models in the first place anyway. They are there only  to make money, obtain power, and rule over the populations of dumbed down morons who make poor choices for themselves and then cry, it's not my fault.
So if anybody watched President's Obama's speech to the Nation on Health care last night you got a good dose of true Republican behavior. As Congressman Joe Wilson, yelled out "You Lie" to the President, this was heard around the World. It shows the contempt, racist, intolerant, bigoted behavior the far right religious base has gotten because America has an African American President. What this jerk-off said was right in line with High School behavior, disrespectful behavior of a Southern racist, the exact thing I am referring to when it comes to leadership, and fairness. This slouch Joe Wilson is but one example of the brainlessly low quality of people in Politics, and the foul stench associated with the Republican Party today..
And this blowhard, this dipshit  got caught in the act of being a religious, repugnant  republican. How nice!
So who exactly then are our role models? These are the people who do the right thing because it is the right thing and not because they make money from their actions, or become famous, or get special privileges. Doing the right thing does not hurt other people. Doing the right thing does not degrade your environment or abuse animals. Doing the right thing is knowing that you are connected to everyone and everything on Planet Earth, and that everything you do affects them and others too..
Doing the right thing when no one is looking takes personal convictions and strength.
Do you do the right thing when no one is looking?

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