Solar power

Solar power

Sunday, December 20, 2009

When Leaders Lie.

So a little more than a year after the Democratic party elects a new, hopefully, insightful, better equipped Presidential Leader, then the last two arrogant morons, do we find out that once in office they are all the same. They all give powerful, Patriotic speeches to prove their worthiness. They all tell us that they will lead us to the promised land of a perfect, and not so perfect Nation. They all Bullshit their way into office with lies that can hardly be comprehended. Yet, we vote them in office anyway.
Once in office the door is wide open to graft, bribery, corruption, and unimaginable wealth just for the taking.
Case in point, our current President. I voted for him thinking that he was different. That he is above the greed that rules Washington. That his sense of ethics would rule the day and finally put the "BUM's" on notice.
I was completely wrong!
He is just like the rest of them. Self serving, ego gratifying, mouthpiece for Corporate Greed.
No Change, only more of the same.
No conviction, only compromise so that in the end American citizens lose again.
Washington is all rigged and gamed to allow the show to take place and placate the viewer into thinking, believing and hoping that there is somebody out there thinking about them.
But there isn't!
Washington is for itself.
Today on Huffington Post, and in the New York Times both Arianna Huffington and Frank Rich reiterated exactly where America stands today with the false notion, and flimsy selling of mass marketed products including Politicians, Sports figures,  and Financial Success.
They all cheat!
It is all a sham, and quit shameless.
What do we do next?
Either we accept this, as we have done for the past 60 years or?
What do you think?

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