Solar power

Solar power

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just another day in America.

Tuesday morning in San Diego in what to most of the other States what be considered  mild Spring weather conditions is going to be a beautiful day here. The Sun is out, and by 11:00 am it will be in the 70's, short pants temperatures. One would never know that there are problems in the World living here. We are insulated by geography, economy, weather, and State of mind. When I drive down to the beach this morning there are no soup lines, no homeless on the streets, barely a foreclosed home or bank repo. sign visible anywhere. No demonstrators marching in the streets. Nothing, no sign of problems anywhere.
Yet America has ongoing two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an economy that has all but collapsed unless, you are a Wall St broker, Banker, or manufacturer of Military components. Today as we see everyday Washington Politicians banter about professing to know what is good for all of us non-privileged citizens, as they loot the country, take bribes openly from any Corporation that hands them out, while professing that they work so hard at their jobs, and yet again not much gets done. Remember those "Green" jobs that were talked about during the Presidential election? While Congress and the Senate do nothing but fill their own car trunks with buckets of stolen cash, China, and India are making solar panels, wind turbines to sell back to us numb-skulls to buy  in the USA. Kinda like what we see with Wal-Mart now. The markets will be flooded with low cost/ cheap products before we even start to make our own in competition.
The Financial markets, the Banks, and Wall St. are back to their old greedy ways of gambling, buying influence in Washington to kill any type of reform.
Big Pharmacy, the same thing, buy Politicians to kill any reform that allows consumers to have choice, and a lower cost product. Just last night there was a commercial and there are many every night with a product for sleeping through the night, and  at the end of the commercial came the disclaimer, this product can cause "Death" and in some case "Suicide" !!!
Pot, marijuana has never killed a Human being in the History of Humanity, but legal Drug companies can sell this type of shit on the market that kills it's users faster than cigarettes?
And, this has the approval of the FDA on top of it. WOW!
We are now surging again in Afghanistan to appease Corporate sponsors, republicans, and the Military Industrial complex that will cost American taxpayers another $50 Billion a year in "Blood" money. We get nothing in return except a few more parades for the returning dead soldiers, and more photo opportunities for spineless, cowardly Politicians who would never fight in any war, anywhere, including right here in America.
Most every State now is close to bankruptcy, unemployment is still rampant, no jobs being created anywhere, but life goes on.
Today will be a nice day in San Diego, the Chargers are on a 8 game winning streak, the Sun is shinning,
garbage is being collected on time, and I have not a care in the World.

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