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Solar power

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

President Obama - The "current" War President - L.B.J. revisited.

How ironic that the Nobel Peace prize was given to President Obama just a month before he made his war surge speech last night to America and the World. The President did say during the election process that he believed that Bush and Cheney failed miserably by not maintaining a solid presence in Afghanistan after we invaded to track and Hunt Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and forcing the Taliban out of the Government. However, everything changes, all the time and one can always make new choices using new information. President Obama does not want to appear as a typical "limp" Democratic President so he is going to do just like L.B.J. did with the Vietnam war, surge and prove his machoness even though L.B.J. openly spoke out about believing that it was bound to fail in the end. Which it most certainly did!
The American Military won every battle in Vietnam, but lost the war to the Vietnamese people who chose not to fight period.
If anyone thinks that the Taliban, men who are Afghans, born in the country of Afghanistan are going to be forced from their own country to flee and live elsewhere for the rest of their lives, while a foreign, occupying, non-Muslim country invades their Homeland to pillage their resources, than you are deadly mistaken.
These Stone Age Islamic countries will continue to live just as barbaric lives as their distant relatives because this is their choice. Only they now have AK-47's, and rocket launched grenades that were provided to them when American;s covertly funded their war campaigns against the Russians in the 1990's. They will force women to wear the head to toe, Burka, remove little girls from education, execute people in the street and in the open soccer stadiums for trial and judgement against Allah, and Sharia law, and they  will not give a shit what we think one way or another.
Face it, would you flee or fight if another country invades the United States? Would you collaborate with the foreign occupiers/ enemy, or would you be an insurgent?
History will repeat itself again because Human beings are Human. Weapons change, technology changes, clothing changes, cultures sometimes change, but Humans have the same emotions that we have had for quite some time and we react very similar to our ancestors from love, fear, greed, hate, compassion, intolerance, tolerance, racism, kindness etc, etc.......
America must ween ourselves from the Imperial, "Might makes right" syndrome that we have had the past 60 years and move forward away from the Military Industrial Complex that actually runs Washington .D.C. Until we find a way to provide employment, opportunity, and a better quality of life in America without going to war every decade, we are doomed to repeat this again somewhere else, under a different President, making the same false claims of  security.
Going to War is about making a profit. It is about taking natural resources forcibly from other Nations. There is nothing Democratic about this!
Americans should be more worried of poisonous legal Pharmaceutical drugs sold in stores around the country which kills close to 200,000 people every year, and yet they are advertised everyday and night non-stop! Americans should be worried of right wing Christian intolerant, bigoted, racist, religious groups forcing women into bondage as they have done since religion began!
Americans should be worried that in every city is large illegal drug crime gangs operating in the open poisoning your kids!
The Afghanistan invasion like Iraq has been a complete waste of Humanity and resource for Americans, and this was all forced upon us because the past two President's Clinton and Bush, in office for a total of 16 years failed to take out Osama Bin Laden when they had the chance, and that is a fact.
When will Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush/ Dick Cheney, and the Bush regime  be put on trial for this grave incompetence, and dereliction of duty to the American people?
Not anytime soon!

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