Solar power

Solar power

Friday, November 27, 2009

GOP litmus test?

1.) You get all of your "infomation" from FOX news.
2.) You regard the KKK as a right wing progressive party.
3.) Education, knowledge, Science and intelligence are dirty words never to be incorporated into any sentences.
4.) Greed is the "Highest" family value.
5.) Fear, hate, intolerance, denial, bigotry, racism, cheating hypocrisy, stone age religion should be taught in all public Schools.
6.) Females are merely sexual objects that God put on Planet Earth to be used by men.
7.) Women have no personal rights other than what men and religion deem important.
8.) Obtaining wealth can be justified by any means, be it war for profit, Wall St. theft, or Political corruption.
9.) One must be shiny white in color, with the exception of Michael Steele, and Michelle Malkin used as token tools for  false propaganda assimilation.
10.) One must have no compassion for your fellow Humanity and the Environment.

That seems to sum up the entire Republican Party of 2009. When you have airheads like Sarah Palin, the Queen of no substance, Glen beck, the spineless, wanna be Macho Mama's boy and his secret hand holder Sean Hannity, the closet, confused, angry  Catholic, with the likes of Rush, I am not so obese, Limbaugh running your party than we can easily see how Hitler was able to take control of Germany in the 1930's and grind his own country into the dirt using constant fear and hate controlled through the media ( FOX news) on an hourly basis, drilling bigotry and racism into the heads of the ignorant and uneducated using false Nationalism, and the Christian religion, enabled and blessed by the Catholic Church and the "Clown" Pope himself.


  1. Very well written. Here in Florida the Conservative Republican Legislature works under the concept that "the poor have too much and the rich don't have enough"....they have decided NOT to accept the federal funds for the extension of unemployment benefits.
    They have a secret plan to lower unemployment by getting the unemployed to leave Florida...denying benefits and making homelessness illegal subject to arrest and jail. This is no joke.
    We have all the tax cut cuts for the wealthy and we have 14% unemployment in Tampa Bay. Teachers make $31K a year and unions are illegal.
    This is a "right to work" I ask if I have a "right" to come I don't have a fucking job?

  2. Anonymous... you don't have a fucking job because you are a fucking idiot!!!