Solar power

Solar power

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is Life so take some time to enjoy it.

Hey Folks, here it is right before Thanksgiving 2009, America is saddled with a war in Iraq and a war in Afghanistan by the previously incompetent Bush/Cheney regime, the economy has yet to hit anything near the bottom, the National debt has sky-rocketed to the moon, Global warming is real and taking effect everywhere, the Republicans are still in complete denial that unregulated greed has a negative and dire effect on the entire planet, but Sarah Palin, the failure of Alaska has a book out about how she can and will back-stab, and brown nose  anybody to get ahead.
Life is good!
If you woke up today than life is not bad.
If you can see, hear, walk, move your arms with little or no pain you are doing fine.
If your kids have food to eat, some form of shelter, free public schools to attend and the love of one or both parents than you are doing well.
In America we have become so accustomed to leisure and comfort we forget or just do not realise how the rest of the Planet has to live and survive.
Perhaps this economic meltdown we are going through right now is just a reminder of how far Humanity has come from our cave man, and stone age relatives coming out of Northern Africa, millions of years ago. Food, the life blood of all living things is very abundant all over the World even though in some parts it is used as a weapon for power to the greedy. That clothing is manufactured for everybody fairly inexpensively on a scale never imagined before. The things that you and I take for granted everyday, a coffee cup, a desk, a computer, my sandals, the light bulb, and the lamp, electricity piped into my home. All this came from Human ingenuity, over a million years. It is so fantastic to be alive today in 2009. Life has been made to be enjoyed. You and I are privileged to be living in America even in a time of turmoil.
Yesterday I went to see the new movie out called 2012, the end, or Armageddon, or Doomsday. It was entertaining with a twist at the end. But in the end Humanity survives, and not because of any God, because there is none, but because we will be around for a while regardless and in spite of our short comings.
 Today be thankful that you woke up. Sure it could be better, but it could also be much worse!

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