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Solar power

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Compromise, and our President.

What does it mean when President Obama decides to compromise the issues that only last year he was so passionate about?
It means that once in the Oval Office, he has lost touch with the very same people who voted him into office. It means that power does corrupt everybody.
It means that there is so much money in Washington to spread around that it can and will influence even the nicest, the most ethical people.
It means that the term "conviction" has two distinct meanings, one for Politicians and one for the common folk.
For the Politician it means to say what you think people want to hear to get what you want.
To the common folk it, it means a certain moral or ethical standing about an issue that defies change, or reshaping, re-structuring or re-configuring.
Obviously  a person can have a conviction about anything and everything, but when speaking about Politicians we can assume that it has nothing to do with how to wear your baseball cap.
Right now in America the big issues at hand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Health care, Immigration, Wall St. and Banking cartel corruption, Political corruption, jobs, swine flu, Renewable energy, World dialogue, Women's issues Birth control and Abortion and for many the gay rights issues seem to be on the menu.
On all of these very important issues the President has taken a stand before election and now is waffling, side stepping, dodging, his previous statements and intentions to appease who?
The Republicans!
The people who claim that he is not a citizen ( The Birthers), the people who yell out in Congress, "You Lie" as in Joe ( the racist, the intolerant bigot) Wilson. The Tea Baggers who had nothing to say when Bush/ Cheney lied America into two wars for profit and added $$ 5 $$ TRILLION to the deficit, and gave $700,000,000,000.00 to Wall St. and Banking cartels to bail out failed Capitalism, and greed?
Mr. President this is who you want to please, these self serving intolerant, this hateful group or klan, these war mongering, brown nosing, spineless cowards who send other people's children to war to die, just so they can make money?
Mr. President do you really think that these people are your allies?
So far it looks that way.
So far on all the issues that I stated you have compromised, not because it is good, but because it is convenient for political gain.
Mr. President you spoke about conviction during your election, you spoke about Honor, about doing the right thing for the people, not the richest people, but for the powerless people. You spoke about change, about giving the common people a voice in Washington.
Where is that voice now?
Where is the man that was going to stand up to Greed and corruption in Washington?
Where is the man who was going to end war?
It seems like that man has bought into the gamed system that he said he would fight!
I am not the only person to feel betrayed and let down. Many now see that politics has no ethics, that it is purely self serving, a show for the masses to keep them in check, otherwise they may take to the streets as our Revolutionary Fore-Fathers did against the British Monarchy in the last 1770's.
Mr. President you were our HOPE for the future?
Sure you took office in the worst possible scenario from the incompetence of the Bush/ Cheney regime, but you knew that going in.
What now?
More of the same with different characters?
Mr. President you were the people's choice and reason to go to the voting booths last year on election day. Do you think that they will return knowing that not much has changed. That compromise is the basis for all of your decisions?


  1. Why can't we all understand? It is not necessarily corruption; it could be and seems more like survival. The President of the U.S. is merely a figurehead of the rich and the powerful and so are the two parties. Obama cannot do what he has promised because the reality is once he is in the White House, his life and his family's are in danger. The various interests will only let him do so much for the little people. Must I remind you all of history and the various assassinations and attempts on the Presidents which were successfully passed off as actions by dissidents. We are at the mercy of the various powerful corporate interests and the wealthy.

    Our presidents are not corrupt; naive, yes, in thinking that they could really change things for the little people who elected them.

  2. Thank you for your article. I agree with anonymous. It doesn't matter who sits in the White House there is a secret entity actually running things. They pour out money to get a person elected in exchange for looking the other way while they rob and steal from the people. This is why Congress is nothing more than a big brothel with call people to fit every
    favor desired. There is no difference from the
    street whore and the Congressional/political whore. The pimp controls. Not until the people have an all out revolution, like the French in 1787, will our lives become sane. An international boycott, no one go to work anymore, is necessary. The earth belongs to everyone and is shared by ALL. Who these people are who decided to engineer the idea of scarcity and foster it is of no moment. The pyramid social/economic system has to end.
    Turn the pyramid right side up, the base facing the sky. The entire cultural order has to be redesigned to foster human beings living human lives on earth.