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Solar power

Friday, October 2, 2009

Politicians, the most corrupted people in America.

Today I read in the Huffington Post with Paul Reickhoff as one of the leading spokes persons for the American Veterans, that the Washington politicians have not voted yet for the budget for the Veterans Administration that ended on September 30, 2009. But that these same politicians voted to make sure they got paid and gave themselves a pay raise!
These same politicians that created the Bush/ Cheney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that sent your Sons, Daughters, Mothers and Fathers to harms ways, and possibly to their death, these same bums that lied to the American public about the implications of war and why it needed to happen made sure that they got paid first and make the Service men and women of our Country, the ones in war right this very minute don't get the funding they need!
Knowing that there has been more than 5,000 service persons deaths, knowing that there are 40,000 men and women right now in V.A. Hospitals across the USA trying to recover from being wounded in battle from these two wars alone, and 100,000's of other Vets from previous wars , knowing that there are now thousands of Veterans homeless living on the streets of America, knowing that they want to extend Military tours, knowing that they want to ratchet up fighting in Afghanistan and invade Iran. Knowing that all men and women in service who go to war will be changed forever because of what they are asked to do and what they see and experience. Knowing all this, These politicians in the Senate and Congress still made sure that they, these brown nosing, cowardly  greedy bastards paid themselves first!
This is an insult to every person who has  served or is serving  now in the US Military.
You fucking, self serving, spineless bunch of  shameless Jackasses!
When will this greed and corruption come to an end.
 It is not enough to know that these bums cheat on their wives and get caught all the time, that they cheat on America by fleecing the country through their criminal voting records, but to know that they cheat on the people they force into useless, illegal, unethical wars for profit is beyond reproach.
There is no excuse!
There is no moral conviction in Politics today, just over fed, greedy, self serving leeches.

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  1. so... you had too much coffee this morning eh?