Solar power

Solar power

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is praying about anyway, it's just begging!

Think about it. What is praying for? People pray to God for everything, to stay alive, to be rich, to eat, to survive, to win Football games, to win Wars. But what exactly is praying? What praying is, is begging!
It is begging God to get something that they think he or it can give them. So God wants you to beg him or it so that you are completely submissive to his or it's power only to force you to become a mental, physical, and Spiritual slave for life.
Begging for mercy, begging for life.
Why does God, this almighty, so called  loving power need you to beg for anything?
Why would God, who owns and controls the entire Universe need you to beg for anything?
Face it, religion is a complete fraud!
It always has been, and always will be a fraud.
It is the worst ponzi scheme ever invented.
The fact that in 2010 A.D. planet Earth has religion to help with it's destruction is sickening at best, and factual at it's worst.
The belief in the unbelievable is Humanity's downfall.
Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, not hard to believe. So there is more to your life than just you, not hard to believe. So that you can use this energy, since it is already there, whenever you learn or know how to use it, and since you do not live in a vacuum but are connected to all things than it would seem highly appropriate to know that the energy outside of yourself can be tapped into mentally, physically and Spiritually.
But this only works if you put action into your thoughts, and not just thoughts alone as in praying.
If you want to be good at something, change something, create something, praying alone does nothing at all, but by putting physical, mental, Spiritual effort into anything, you will get incremental results, desired or not.
So God, your fictional God, has no interest to hear you beg ever, because it does not exist!
The Universe is controlled through cause and effect.
Religion cannot offer or promise anything that any con man or con women can promise you because it is all an illusion!
Face it. Religion is a curable sickness of the mind!

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  1. I actually do not know how i discovered your blog because i has been researching information regarding politics, but anyway, i'd a great time reading it, keep it up!