Solar power

Solar power

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What if today was your last day to be alive?

If today was your last day of life, and you had no illness or injury  to prevent you from doing what you would like to do, what would it be?
Would the TV, or the computer have any significance?
Would you like to just stay indoors and watch movies, News, read the paper on the computer or write to friends?
Would you be pissed off at the people who owe you money or who screwed you over at some point in your life?
Would it be payback time for the people who did you wrong during your life, and who you never did quite seem to get even with ?
Would you feel compassion and empathy now for people who are like you, with life coming to an end, who have no more choices in life?
Would you feel remorse for your own actions of selfishness, and greed, or laziness, and spite?
Would you like to just go outside, enjoy a warm summer day, blue sky, ocean breeze, sparkling waves at the coast, with people playing at the beach, with not a care in the World?
Watch the birds fly by so gracefully in the sunlight, gliding in the wind, watch a lizard run by your feet in the sand and into the bushes, watch Dolphins jumping in the ocean like kids playing at the park, surfing the waves like only they can?
Perhaps you would go to the Desert or the River, or a Lake, or the Mountains instead to get away from people altogether, get away from man-made noises and just contemplate what your life had been like?
Did you accomplish what you wanted to do in life?
Would you go hang gliding, parachute, white water river rafting, learn to surf, mountain climb, base jump, race a car, a motorcycle, eat every food of choice, visit family, friends, enemies?
Do you think that you actually did very little with your life, other than being alive for a certain number of years?
In your own terms did you help or hinder mankind?
Did you make life better or worse for the people around you, your environment, your family?
Did you finally realise that hate, love, racism, bigotry, tolerance, fear, compassion, religion, politics etc.... are all learned during your life time and that you were never born with any of these thoughts, but instead had to learn all of them?
Would you finally understand how precious life is, every minute, every day, every month, every year?
Would you?
Would you be able to end it all today, knowing that this is the final day of your existence, that there is no more time left, there is no Heaven, no Hell, no reincarnation, no nothing, that your life is over here on planet Earth and that you are never coming back ever?

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