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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan now!

Who really wins in these Wars for profit?
The Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, Big Banking Cartels, Haliburton, Politicians, and anyone else who can milk a profit from Death falsely justified trough religion and Nationalism.
Who loses in these wars?
Our soldiers who are used as pawns like on a Chessboard. The people in these countries themselves because Millions will be displaced and 100,000's will be innocently killed.
Now is the time for President Obama to show leadership strength and push to have all troops out of both Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. Sure he or the Politicians can make-up all the Bullshit reasons for why this will not or cannot happen, but they are just Bullshit reasons.
We can start leaving today if we choose to. But the profit driven business of war will push ahead relentlessly until the American people are sick enough to start voting these political criminals out of office and then, and only then, will there be more push to change directions. The only other option would be Revolution of the status quote. But by then the Business of War will have made enough profit to back down and re-group only to be planning on another War, in another part of the World to start the same process to happen all over again. Greed has no ethics, no boundaries, no shame. Greed is, the Richest of the Rich, wanting more at any cost and they will get it, for our elected, browning nosing, spineless, self serving Politicians will do everything to pad their own pockets at the expense of the American citizens who they are suppose to represent.
What has the American public received by the two Wars created by G.W.Bush ( The Half -wit) and Dick ( I'm not a Crook) Cheney?
6,000 dead service men and women.
$13,000,000,000.00 bill due, each and every month since 2003. Totalling  $3 TRILLION and counting!!!
Record deficits, at a time when the Country is in a near second Great Depression environment.
500,000 - 1,000,000 service men and women returning home with war fatigue, and mental issues that will haunt them for a lifetime.
10,000's of our returning soldiers are now Homeless, living in the streets.
They serve their country and then come home to drug, alcohol, other forms of addiction due to stress and lack of mental Health help.
Flak from the rest of the World knowing that our elected officials are even more crooked than any others on the face of the Earth, because here in America the numbers used are just like playing with monopoly money - nearly unlimited!
And finally complete political burnout from us citizens knowing that our elected official don't give a damn about anybody but themselves, their re-elections, and their Swiss and Caribbean secret bank accounts.
Stay tuned:
Next war coming to America - Africa, the Dark Continent, loaded with minerals, oil, gold, diamonds, timber, and anything else of value to be plundered.


  1. Saw your comments on Glenn Beck on the Huffington Post, Rich. Great site you have here.


    Tom Degan

  2. This one is like a knife...cutting. The part about our soldiers returning homme with "war fatigue" is a great way of putting it...hadn't heard that phrase, or at least I don't recall hearing it, covers the issue.