Solar power

Solar power

Friday, August 28, 2009

God, who is this guy anyway?

The Greatest Story ever told is bogus!
The God story.
 I always liked the movie "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston, he played a very good and powerful Moses image. Long hair, long beard, toga robe, opinionated, narrow minded, sometimes violent, always self - righteous. But this is also the same image of God in every other story, or
fable of God, only that quite often God is seen floating on a cloud in space as well.
 Is it any wonder at all that our ancestors believed in something mythical, magical, superstitious, fake, processed, conjured up, completely false, out and out a lie?
Look what passes for the truth today where you have access to the Worlds known knowledge and yet the same lie exist. FOX TV, racism, hate, bigotry, intolerance, ignorance, jealousy. How is this?
Once we learned that the Earth is not flat, how can people still believe that it is?
Fear of the unknown. Fear that there is no Super natural being making decisions for a trillion, trillion, trillion things going on  at the same moment in the Universe. Fear that there is nothing after Death.  No Heaven, no Hell, no return ticket back to existence to try again. Fear that there is no one looking out for you as you journey through life. Fear that you are absolutely on your own from Birth to Death!
In Egyptian Hermetics God is all things, everything that ever was, is and will be, but their concept is closer to the Big Bang concept in that if God is everything than everything is God. Stands to reason if you think this way than God is both good and bad, loving and hateful, gentle and forceful. It would mean that God just is. That would mean God is a warm summer day, or a beheading in Iraq. God is a loving puppy dog or puppy dog fecal matter too. So in this concept there is never a way to separate God from anything, anytime, any place, any event. It is all God. In fact in Egyptian Hermetics God is actually called "The ALL", for he/it/she is inseparable from all things.
The big difference of the Big Bang theory of cause and effect of energy with no direction emotionally from any  Super natural being or not, and Hermetics is that in Hermetics God's purpose, it's  real purpose  is of giving Humans something to know, and believe  and use more as a statement of fact, but with no Human emotional factor thrown in for comfort. Thus no Human image. God would be seen more like photos seen from the Hubble telescope of distant space/time of planets and stars by the billions. So according to Hermetics you are on your own but the energy of the Universe is at your use if you learn how to use it.  For the religious, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths in  the Old and New Testament, in all the  descriptions of him,  God  has Human qualities, Human emotions, a Human look and everything God does is based on " HIS" human related emotions..God looks just like a Old man, but most certainly  man's image and not a women.  For the religious person, a  religious God is the composer of all things, but only when they are to their liking and when they are not, they created the Devil as a necessary villain because they don't want to have to explain to people that God is both loving and brutally violent. Who would believe this even in the Ancient World or the modern World?
Turns out, most everybody then and now.
That is why in religion it  is such a dismal failure for  religion to use God for anything, for it is no more than a sham.
Today in 2009 AD. 1,000's of years after  Judaism began, over 2,000 years since Jesus, and 1,500 years since Mohammad was walking the Earth, millions of Humans will die, and none of them will receive a magical life saving hand from or be shown any mercy from any God. None!
Thousands will be born today with physical handicaps of no legs, arms, sight, brain damage, genetic problems and not one of these poor souls will receive a miracle from God. They will just have to suffer for as long as they are alive. That could mean that they die at Birth, in the womb or at any time in their lives.
More people have been killed, butchered, brutalised, maimed, tortured, beat, hung, shot, stabbed, be-headed, buried alive etc...... using God and religion as a justification than any other Human concept, along with greed.
God was never there to save any of these people from a grizzly death.
I have news for you folks reading this, or never reading this. There is no God, never was, and never will be. You are on your own. If you want and need help in life you will need to form some alliances. These other people will be the only physical support you will ever receive. On top of that you will always have access to and can use the energies of the Universe that are here everyday, all the time.
Positive thinking, knowledge, facts, science, your own good choices and your own good behavior will be your best guide to any prosperous, enjoyable future.
Don't be a victim, instead be the Director of your own life and your own Happiness.
It is yours if you truly want it, but it will take effort, some discipline, and time.
Good fortune to those who chose correctly.

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