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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Having an opinion is Worthless if there are no facts to back it up!

Today on TV you can turn to many channels where you can watch and learn just about anything that has ever been known to Humankind, and of course the Internet blows this away by  a light-year. But how the hell does a TV station like FOX TV be allowed to just make up facts as they go, with no regard to the truth or facts. It is stunning to hear  a commentator on FOX TV say the most libelous things about anyone at anytime with no regard for any journalistic integrity. With the likes of ( F-it, we''ll do it live, we'll do it live!!!) O'Reilly, and  jello backs Hannity, and Beck ( Nature was cruel and left these two men with no spines, otherwise known as cowardly), , guest clowns, the Pretty Miss Michelle Malkin ( Doesn't she know that she is Dark skinned and Asian, in an all White racist, bigoted men's club?)  and Ann Colture, the Champion of the Heartless, the promoter of Greed and intolerance, the Princess  of modern Witches or wenches and the co-founder of the Klan in your home town with the look of white Death.  As well as Mr. Limp slouch himself, Cavuto. With all these talking heads going on and on about everything and anything still not a word of fact even mixed into the conversation just to startle their base of viewers..
After months of the Birthers and then the teabaggers and then the Country is now Communist, and then they are taking your guns away, and then the illegal aliens ( undocumented immigrants to regular folks) are ruining the country and have destroyed our way of live movement. I wonder what the hell they say that is actually true on this station.
If FOX TV and it's commentators simply came out and said, look we hate Black people, we hate Hispanics, we marginally hate Jews until we can make money off of them, we hate Asians because they are all  rice eating  non-Christian  Communist Atheists, we hate Arabs because they all have too much hair on their backs, we hate the poor,  the homeless, the unfortunate, the tolerant, the less selfish, the kind, the compassionate, the loving. If they just came out and said this then I would know that they are telling the truth for once and I could agree with them. But no, they have to pretend that they sympathize "almost" with everybody not like them, but hate creeps into every conversation, and rears it's ugly head again and again until each of these commentators is foaming at the mouth.
If the FOX TV logo just said, "If you are not like us we Hate all of you". Than it would be more believable.
In my entire life I have never heard so much bellyaching, whining, slobbering, crying, drooling of worthless nouns, verbs, and prepositions about a President in my short comfortable life.
Here is a man, our President Obama, a person of conviction, a person for the people, a person that grew up having less things than the more fortunate, but was guided with love,  and affection, because of a strong Mother and Grandma. A man that will go down in History, because he was elected to the office of the Presidency of the United States on the coattails of the "Worst, most Corrupt, and Greedy" administration in America's short History, the Bush/ Cheney criminal regime. That President Obama  inherited a dung-heap of problems because of the laziness, ( 900 days on vacation Bush) and selfishness ( Dick, the I got mine Cheney, so F-you) of the Bush regime that almost took this Great Country of ours into  the Cat Litter box of final endings.
That not one of the FOX commentators can speak even one kind, appropriate word for this President is outrageous, sickening, disturbing and down right un-Patriotic.
Since I have some educational background and much more class than to give FOX TV the middle finger, I will just let them kiss my lilly white ass instead, and that's the truth!

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