Solar power

Solar power

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happiness is a Choice!

What is one of the most important words known to Humanity? The Magical word is Choice. From this word will be everything that you do in your life. Through this word choice you will understand happiness, Health, Fitness, Love, Nutrition and everything else that touches your life. Choice is knowing that your life, what you want, what you don't want happens because of the choices you make. Your life is the sum total of all your choices. Nothing more and nothing less. Choice, Consequence and Responsibility make up your life whether you understand this or not. Every Choice has a consequence, whether it is mental, physical or Spiritual, and you are responsible for the consequence of all of your Choices. So knowing this you can see that Happiness is not a thing to touch but rather something to know! Happiness is intangible. To be Happy one needs to make a Choice to be Happy. Happiness from Birth to Death is the pleasure we get from experiences and from knowledge acquired along the journey of life. To see that waking up today or on any day, is the real gift of life, and to enjoy this gift to the fullest one needs to be Healthy. To be Healthy one needs to understand Nutrition, Fitness, and knowledge of all that has come before us today and apply it to your own life. Love is the ability not to own another, but instead as they say, "To set one free". Nobody owns you, and you own nobody. Love is the freedom never to be jealous, because you do not own that man or that women anyway. Love is about caring for others, pets, and the environment that supports you with everything you need to survive on Planet Earth. From this moment on your life is what you choose! Choose very wisely, and unselfishly my friends.

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