Solar power

Solar power

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Democrats, just like herding cats!

It is so amazing to watch politics play out now everyday. Just when you think that they could not be any more corruptible, politicians take the next step into the Valley of greed to put the country on a road map straight  into  the local quicksand pit.
The Democrats, with majorities in both the Senate, and Congress and the White House are caught in the dilemma of taking a long time of doing nothing again, and getting nothing accomplished for the American citizens that voted them into office.
You have to consider that both Parties are teams, and each team wants to win, to get their platform voted in on, but when you see that the Democrats are so splintered that they really are not a true team after all. The Democrats are like  many small teams disguised as one big team. You got the environmental, the pro-choice, clean energy, health reform, stop both wars, middle class reform, trade reform, immigration reform, AFL-CIO, save the whales, save the planet, save the icebergs, save the sand, save the air, save your breathe, and then save the Gays.
 Wow, now that is allot to focus on.
Whereas the Republican platform is simply Greed at any cost, justified with racism, intolerance, bigotry, fear and hate in the name of a unemployed Jewish, Rabbi, rebel, mortal, never a convert,  modern fictional Christian God, Our father, the long haired, unshaven, Hippie looking dude in a toga robe who lives in the clouds by himself, who makes decisions for trillions, and trillions and trillions of things on Earth alone each and every nano-second. This guy must have some very pent up sexual repression going on? Living on a cloud by yourself for eternity. How does he release this sexual tension? Like mortal men? YIKES!!!
So back to the feebleness of the Democrats today. With the Democratic Party splintered into so many different directions how are they ever going to come together to get anything accomplished? It looks like they are not going to really accomplish much after all.
It is all for show.
Make it look like you are doing something when your not, and then take credit for doing it!
I can hear it now. The Democratic leadership saying " We tried our best, but our best was just not good enough to win", even though we outnumbered the opposing side, and should have been able to ramrod anything we want to do down their conservative, Klansman's throats, we lost. We even just wanted a tie, but our emotions got the better of us and we did not want to hurt the Republicans feelings, so instead we let them do whatever they wanted!
Here we are today, Health care reform? War in Afghanistan? Wall ST. and Banks too big to fail? Immigration? Trade? Middle Class? Energy? Criminal punishment for the Bush regime? Corruption in Washington?
How much have the Democrats accomplished so far?  Zilch!
The President's capital is now a deficit, the Democratic power since January 21, 2009 has all been squandered, and there are no true lasting significant victories to justify any celebrating.
Health care looks like it too will go down in defeat.
The President is talking about sending more troops to Afghanistan, just what the Republicans want!
What about the people who voted President Obama into office, what do we get?
More broken promises.
Wow, what the hell happened?

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