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Solar power

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Racism in America 2009

Everybody knows that there is racism everywhere you go, in every Country. No Country gets to escape this badge of self degradation from Humanity. It just exists because we are different, we look different, we speak different, we eat different, our cultures are inherently different. So it should really be of no surprise that racism exists everywhere, and it does.
Here today in America the racism issue has surfaced like never before because of one thing, America for the first time has an African American President.
The frightened Confederate Euro-White transplanted, religious ignorant Christians see that their numbers are dwindling and that the dark skinned people have overtaken them, and to them it is a threat to their sense of survival, because it is only going to get worse for them, and they know  Whites will be a minority in the future, and the power of election is ruled by numbers.
That means Black Presidents, Hispanic Presidents, Asian Presidents, Arab Presidents for heavens sake!
Oh my gosh the sky is falling Chicken Little, run for your life, because everyone who is not White must be a Communist by that definition alone - color.
Except of course for a few token republican people of color like Asian Michelle Malkin, and African American, Michael Steele, Chairman  of the RNC - I guess that they did not get the memo about the upcoming cross burnings in Geogia with Govenor Sanford, and Joe (the Brown noser) Wilson ?
And to think that Sanford cheated on his wife and family to be with a dark skinned women of South America!
Heaven forbid.
When I see the birthers, the tea baggers, the hate signs, the degraded posters of President Obama I find it stunning that these same bigots, racist and intolerants hide behind fictional Christian religion as though Jesus Christ was ever a bigot, a racist, and intolerant?
What little there is even known of this person Jesus, if he ever even existed at all is that he was color blind, very tolerant, unemployed, long haired, long bearded, Jewish, Rabbi, Philosopher wandering bum, who mumbled to the sky about his father floating on a cloud!
A true rebel and all around pain in the ass for the Romans and the Jewish elite.
The modern far right religious republican is white, older than 30, ignorant, believes the Earth is 7,000 years old, that Dinosaurs lived with Humans, that the Earth is flat, that the Sun revolves around the Earth, that Adam and Eve started the Human race, (Don't tell anyone that both of these folks were actually Black skinned!) that the Ten Commandments were written by  the floating guy in the clouds, that they are  frightened, cannot adjust to change well, wants to believe that Santa Clause and the Easter bunny are real, that Christmas trees were meant to end up in the garbage can after two weeks of use, that they have a right to waste  anything because they are Americans, that they have a right to invade other countries if it is good for them no matter what the cost, that wars are no different than football games to be won, and then head to the pizza parlor for beer and pizza afterwards.
These are the same White people, and their ancestors  that massacred the Native American Indian almost to the point of extinction, but have completely forgotten, that brought slaves to the New World to exploit with the blessing of a fictional God !
These people have to  re-write every part of their own History because it is so dysfunctional, and diabolical and insidious, that it is embarrassing just to say the truth, starting all the way back to the first settlers in the North East, 600 years ago, and what a bunch of chumps they were to the Indians who actually kept them alive throughout the harsh winters.
They are the same today. Ungrateful, greedy, selfish, intolerant, and still using religion as their trademark to justify inhumane behavior.
These are the same white bigots that do not want any reproductive choice for all females, but instead want women kept in permanent bondage under the cloak of the fictional and hypocritical Church, mainly the Catholic Church and the Pope.
Sure racism exist in America and it always will to some degree, but their numbers are dwindling. They may be very vocal now, but that is because they see that their power is coming to an ending and they are panicked by it. This is the last hurrah!
It's now or never for these folks, because soon there will be a family of color coming to their block to live, and whoa will the shit hit the fan then!
Don't these people know that they lost the "Civil War" over 140 years ago?
That the "South" lost!
Bigots like Congressman/ Klansman Joe Wilson, just show their true anger at change, at color, at difference, at reality by trying to deny it. Joe you are a limp, old man.
Get over it low self esteemed White people,  you had a good, long run at domination, but your time is over, just enjoy the fresh air, running water, toilets, steak and potato dinners that you have coming your way. Life is good anyway, why screw it up anymore than it has to be?

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